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DSN: Place In India Where Women Come On Streets To Buy Men

asked Jul 13, 2017 in Articles by longhands1 (77,000 points)

Place In India Where Women Come On Streets To Buy Men For One Night Stand

Prostitution or sex trade is often considered as women’s business. In every corner of the world, women are involved in prostitution to make a living. But it’s just not the women who choose this demeaning profession to fulfil their needs, men do it too. You all may have heard about the infamous GB Road in Delhi where people avoid going in the broad daylight. But when the clock hits ten, the area gets overcrowded as people come in search of someone who can satisfy their physical needs.

But will not just find woken dressed in skimpy clothes, picking up by men in luxury cars. You will also spot plain-clothed men, who look just like women bystander on the road, await their clients. They get picked up by women who drive luxury cars. They are known as the gigolos.

From Sarojini Nagar to Lajpat Nagar and from Palika Bazaar to Kamla Nagar Market, there are many posh areas in Delhi that host ‘Gigolo market’ after it gets dark.  Women belonging to the rich class of society come in their luxury cars and pick the men they like to spend the night with.

The majority of men, who come into the gigolo market to get picked by women, are students. It was found that boys who come here for the preparation of engineering and medical entrance exams. While some choose to become gigolos to fulfil their financial needs, some do it for fun.

The process of dealing is done in a proper systematic way. 20% of the money that male escorts get from the women has to be given to the organisation with which they are associated. This is similar to the business of prostitution where women are involved.

For the booking of gigolos, women bargain a lot. First, they pick the guy they want to have sex with and then they bargain for their charges. For spending some hours with the men, women spend Rs 1800 to 3000. If any woman wishes to spend the whole night with the man, she has to pay him Rs 8000.

The gigolos can be identified with their dressing sense. You can spot them on the GB Road and other areas, where Gigolo market is held, in black trousers and white shirt. They also put a scarf around their neck so that women can easily pick them.

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