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Is my younger brother trying to seduce me?

asked Jul 12, 2017 in Questions by suchethareddy (165 points)
edited Jul 13, 2017 by longhands1

Hi Everyone,

I came to know about this site from one of my friends. My question is: Many Members are thinking of having sex with their sisters, bhabi or someother relations. Does this really happen?

Why are you guys thinking of having sex with relations? Well my question for asking this is that I am married and My hubby and I stay in our own Appartment. Recently my hubby got promotion and was sent to Malaysia for a year and after that he can return, He will come here once in two months, so my parents stay here with me for some days after that they will leave. My parents sent my younger brother to stay with me.

Actually, my parents thought of sending him to Bangalore because of me, as I was staying alone. Everything was fine and we stayed together and hangout together and we became like friends. Few days back, I got mail saying that I had subscribed for incest stories. Actually, I had not done any such thing.

The only one who had access to my mobile was my brother, and for some days my brother's behaviour has changed. He is trying to spend more time with me and taking extra care about me.

Sometimes he stares at me and is trying to touch me more. Earlier, also he used to touch me but at that time I did not have any incest intensions. Now, after reading those stories, I too am getting sexual feelings.

Is he really trying to seduce me?

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commented Jul 12, 2017 by Jeevansree (180 points)
I think 99% if u like gohead.

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9 Answers

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Best answer

Yes, he is trying to seduce you to test your vagina in absence of your husband and the good thing for him is that you also have sexual feelings for him so what is holding you both back to go ahead. Someone needs to break the ice so you can take initiate by showing your willingness to have sex with him but do it indirect and I am sure he will grab such opportunity.

Make sure that you both use protection otherwise you will end up getting yourself pregnant and that would ruin your marriage life so have fun until your husband comes to serve you with his penis.

Why people incline towards incest no one can tell you but these days with a lot of technology and easy access to all the information make such thing happen as people become aware that this is happening in the world and medical science help you too by providing birth control methods so one can easily hide such relations. 

answered Jul 14, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (28,520 points)
selected Jul 15, 2017 by suchethareddy
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You are 27. How old is your brother? What he is doing? Remains idle for the whole day - means ghost has gone inside. Brother Sister relations are God given relations. It is honoured 99.7% of the time - three sigma limit. There are some exceptions and that is why they are asking Anjali. If it is normal these questions will not arise.

Malaysia is not far away - 5 hours only. If you brother, has other intentions then make him think about his career instead of sitting idle. I hope you understand my answer.
answered Jul 12, 2017 by solliadi (4,200 points)
commented Jul 13, 2017 by suchethareddy (165 points)
my brother is 24, only 3_4 hours he will go to institute, remaining time he will be with me only
commented Jul 15, 2017 by solliadi (4,200 points)
Let him concentrate on his studies and you also advise him about his future career.
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The real question is even if he is trying, are you interested ? Do you have what it takes to be loyal to your husband who works hard so that you can lead a comfortable life ? It's just a matter of 1 year and according to you he will come 6 times in that 1 year, so is this sacrifice too big to ask for ?

Incest is not in fashion nor it is the future just because some dead weights are too lazy to hunt and therefore looks to bed their own blood to quench their bodily thirst. Just because others are jumping into the well doesn't mean you too have to jump.

But as I said it all depends on how much you love and respect your husband and how much you yearn for your brother's lust.
answered Jul 12, 2017 by gr8gaur (3,085 points)
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The main reason is that u too want sexual pleasure in absence of ur husband....
So if u want to get fuck in home only u too can try it with ur bro...
N he ll happy to fuck u hard
U both can help eachother in that way...
Enjoy fucking
answered Jul 12, 2017 by Jonika (265 points)
commented Jul 13, 2017 by suchethareddy (165 points)


Yes, I need sexual pleasure, but not only sexual pleasure. We need more than that. You guys will not understand that. What I am asking is: Does my brother really think of having sex with me, and did he subscribe in my email to that site?

Why was he doing that?

commented Jul 14, 2017 by gr8gaur (3,085 points)
You expect us to get inside the head of your brother from our respective laptops/mobiles ? Of course we won't understand cause neither we know you nor your brother. The only thing we have is 200-300 character question here and we provide solution according to the limited knowledge we have.
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You both have sexual urge for each other so this question has arrived over here, he being a boy who wants to have sex which is not big deal according to his age and you being married lady, whose husband is in other country for official work and you too want someone to spread your legs.

You both being brother and sister wont have problem from society for having sexual affairs
Its upto you now that wheather you wanna spread your legs for your brother and brother won't leave you so easily.

answered Jul 13, 2017 by pavan350 (1,645 points)
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Hello suchetha

Some of the post about relationship with family members are true, while some are just for time pass. In internet there are many stories, people might think those are true and get aroused to try something like that.

I am assuming your brother is at least three years younger to you. If you did not like his act, straight away ask him about his behavior when you feel some weird thing if he tries again. If he says he loves you in a sexual manner, then think about it.

If you like the idea or you are longing for sex, then it's up to you. Since i feel you also like this so you are enquiring about the issue which is not common in india. But think of your future and the society.

If you did not like, make him to realise these are just stories and make him to concentrate on his studies.

answered Jul 13, 2017 by deepu1996 (390 points)
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I dislike the decision of your parents,to make an arrangement of live together of brother and sister.In a lonely house they may take chance of doing sex.Your brother is accessing your mobile,another blunder of you.He has taken this opportunity and subscribed incest stories in your mobile.He has laid a trap on will result in spreading your legs and he will ride on you.
answered Jul 13, 2017 by Motilal (9,330 points)
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Hi suchetha.few days ago I helped a women with similar name and similar story.hope you are different.i would say analyse his activity for few more days.and then you still think that he is seducing you then only you should take steps.i can help you in taking those steps.but you should be sure that you want to get intimate with him.thank you.
answered Jul 13, 2017 by IGNACIO (490 points)
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Yes he is trying and now ball is in your court well these things do happen but with step brother, dad and mom. But never actually met someone who admits clearly having sexual relationship with thier pure bloodline.

So its up to u know wheater you want to go ahead or not. :)
answered Jul 14, 2017 by myselfarun (1,940 points)

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