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Sharing my experience of Sex with my elder sister (akka).

asked Jul 10, 2017 in Questions by santoshreddy.hyd25 (175 points)
edited Jul 14, 2017 by longhands1

Hi Guys,

Thanks to you all for your suggestions and comments to my previous Questions.

Last night, I had intercourse with my sister, after my brother-in-law left for duty. I want to share my experience with you all. Moderator of this Site, keeps telling that we should give feedback to suggestions received, so here I am.

Last night after dropping my Brother-in-law to work, I came back home. When I came back my sister was wearing a saree, Usually she wears nighty but yesterday she wore saree without inners.

I was getting hardon by seeing her side view of her boobs. She saw me looking and started laughing. I asked her the reason why she was laughing. She told me that if you want, you can have them, no need to stare at them like that. I lost my control and said: Yes. I want them. She told me to wait till night 11.

I was getting nervous as I was unable to ask her directly. She also was not offering even after baby slept. At last, I told her: You said that you will show now. She asked me what you want to see? I just pointed to her boobs. She removed her pallu and told me that I should not say a single word to anyone about this. When I promised, she opend her blouse and took how her Boobs.

I started sucking her juicy Boobs, hungrily. She told me to slow down, saying my boobs are not running away. But I did not want to hear anything. I quickly made her nude, by removing her saree. Since she was not wearing bra and panties, she became completely naked. Then I too got nude.

I fumbled and started searching for her her hole, but I was so nervous and excited that I could not penetrate my cock in her pussy. Seeing my condition, she guided my cock into her pussy, but the worst thing was I came in her only in 5 seconds. I felt ashamed and upset but she told not to bother it happens as its my first time, not to worry.

We slept today morning also but by the time I got up she was in kitchen. I went and held her and and asked her for another round. She rejected me. After begging her for long time she accepted. In order to satisify her, we had foreplay for long time and started having intercourse. This time, I spurted my juice in less than a minute.

I asked her, if she had cum? She said yes, but I know it was not so and she only said yes, to please me.

Why am I discharging my semen so quickly? How much time do women take to get her orgasms?

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commented Aug 20, 2017 by Ram279 (215 points)
First if congrats.. u finally made it..
No problem in initial stages I too felt same with my aunt. She taught me how to be a man. Ask ur akka some technique's definitely she Will teach you. Maintain relation secretly ..  In females orgasm can happen number of times. But for males it takes again some time to be erected and be ready for intercourse. If possible give her oral sex it satisfys a lot for females. Learn the art of sex from ur akka. Have a bath combined after ur sex for personal health. Better than pills use a condom. It's safe..

All the best.

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5 Answers

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Best answer
The reason for why you are discharging your semen quickly might be due to your excitement. Try to masturbate once before having an intercourse with your elder sister. I hope you can stand for some time. There is not a time for having an orgasm. It totally depends on the other person sensitivity. Some may get orgasm even when you are sucking their boobs. And you said, you came in her in just few seconds. Did she had any pills ?
answered Jul 10, 2017 by deepu1996 (300 points)
selected Jul 26, 2017 by santoshreddy.hyd25
commented Jul 11, 2017 by santoshreddy.hyd25 (175 points)
yes she was on pills, my brother-in-law brought those pills ....
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Slow and steady wins the race, whenever you feel like cumming just take it out and try to control and then penetrate again. Take viagra if you want but the key is to not get too excited and panic.
answered Jul 10, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,945 points)
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Your premature ejaculation is due to over excitement and lack of sex knowledge.Proceed slowly,do nothing in a hurry.Divert your attention from the main target.Stop and Start technique and Kegal Exercise may be useful to overcome this crisis.Don't worry,it is a momentary phase.
answered Jul 11, 2017 by Motilal (7,000 points)
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Great news santosh because you have achieved what you wanted your dream has come true
Reason behind your discharging is that you being a virgin and new comer so its common think that every new comer faces it
Your sister being experienced lady may not orgasms too quickly try to suck her boobs she will respond even better then expected
answered Jul 11, 2017 by pavan350 (1,140 points)
commented Jul 11, 2017 by santoshreddy.hyd25 (175 points)
guys had a wonderful session guys, really very much satisified , she has taken full control and gave me a nice experience, and had a wonderful session , this time i made it , we had nearly 12-15 min of  intercourse, even she reached her orgasm before me... very much satisified frnds
commented Jul 12, 2017 by suchethareddy (165 points)
do u have daily with her?
commented Jul 12, 2017 by santoshreddy.hyd25 (175 points)
not daily, only when my brother-in-law was on duty, and that day to if she agrees.
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The reason was you got, what you had not seen in your entire life till now, so you are very excited that you cant even listen to her words.

The only thing running in your mind was to enter her, thats the reason for your quick release of your semen, and second one was no one can say that women reaches her climax in particular time.

It cannot be predicted, it varies from woman to woman and mainly depends on her mood.

answered Jul 12, 2017 by suchethareddy (165 points)

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