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My married divorced Sister is living with me. I cant make up my mind, what to do?

asked Jul 9, 2017 in Questions by Jemsbond (130 points)
edited Jul 14, 2017 by longhands1

I am a 26 yeays unmarried man working in a Dubai for a year. My elder sister is 3 years older than me and working here in the same company since last 5 months. 

She has divorced her husband because he is a drunkard and due to his bad behaviour. She has a 6 year older daughter who now lives with my parents. I invited her here. We live here in the same Quarters to save on expenses. The Company has allowed us to stay together as we are blood siblings.

At the beginning everything was normal. Sister used to aske me to leave the room while changing her clothes as we have only a big bed room with 2 double beds and an attached bathroom. She used to carry her dress to the bathroom while going for bath.

But nowdays, I noticed she has completely changed. She has become intensionally careless. She changes her clothes in the same room telling me turn to other side. She keeps her bra and panties lying in the room. I dont know why she does this.

I clearly remember one incident. She came out from the bathroom while I was watching football on TV. She had worn only a towel on her body. Her upper body could be seen and I could even see her tits. While my eyes were upon her, she asked  me laughingly what I was looking at. I felt shy and left the room.

Some times she asks me to hook her bra. I know these things are not normal between siblings. Is she trying to seduce me? Nowdays I also am thinking about her. She is very good woman to get pleasure. Perfectly big tits she has.

When I think about her lying naked in bed, below me, all my blood comes rushing to my penis. I also masturbate saveral times thinking about her. She is 29 year old woman and I am 25.

I understand her sex desire, but she is my Sis. In my view she wants me penerate into her. But if I make relation with her it might ruin my married life in the future and if I deny her she will be frustrated and I will feel guilty. What should I do?

To be honest, I also want to spread her legs but my fear doesn't allow me. Lots of questions arise in my mind.

I am new here. Please suggest me what should I do.


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commented Jul 27, 2017 by Jemsbond (130 points)
Thank you for your views friends, she has favolious proporties more than i aspected now we are in relationship.
commented Aug 4, 2017 by solliadi (2,230 points)
Happy Ending.

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7 Answers

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Best answer

You should overcome your fear if you want to experience her vagina and that too of your own sister. Normally I would say one should not have sex with his own sister but in your case circumstances telling you go ahead and make her vagina wet with your semen. Moreover, she is giving you clear signals that she is ready to please you and being a woman she has done her part of the job to seduce you that she is ready to take your penis inside her vagina so now being a man it is your duty to done rest of the incomplete work by showing some courage.

However, before having sex with her I would say set boundaries and ask her that you both need to respect it. You should make it clear to her at the same time that you are only temporary available as one day you are going to get married and you need to stop having sex with her but as long as you both are living in the same place you are ready to have sex with her and I am sure she will happily agreed to it. Don’t forget to update us. 

answered Jul 10, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
selected Jul 11, 2017 by Jemsbond
commented Jul 11, 2017 by Jemsbond (130 points)
Thank you all friends for your valuable answer. After  concerning all your answers now I have decided to break my resistance. I will inform you whenever I'll be succed.
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Both of you are adult,seems to be interested in each other.You want to spread her legs,go ahead you will find no resistance from her side.How you didn't go mad after her when you strapped her bra...that was the golden opportunity.She is already seducing you.Don't hesitate be bolder.There should be no inhibition.Take everything in secrecy in absence of her daughter.
answered Jul 10, 2017 by Motilal (7,000 points)
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Enjoy ur sis as long as you don't get married. Also confront on her that you have end this relationship if u get married. If she agree then go ahead n fuck the HELL out of her, but if she disagrees ask her to find a suitable match
answered Jul 10, 2017 by letschat0921 (860 points)
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Your very near of getting your sister vagina because you both are attracted towards each other both want to share same bed and both want to enjoy
Your sister is giving open invitation to you to fuck her and you should take some courage to touch and seduce her
You both are hungry for sex dont waste your time go and jump on her spread her legs play with her vagina enjoy a lot
great days are waiting for you dont let it go
answered Jul 10, 2017 by pavan350 (1,140 points)
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It's wat brother comes 1st for her sister...
If she wants to have sex with u than go n fuck n satisfy her sexual needs...
answered Jul 10, 2017 by Jonika (265 points)
commented Jul 12, 2017 by solliadi (2,230 points)
If both of you are interested, you can enjoy her. In a new setting always offer new opportunities.
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Think about present man hot sexy babe with you alone and she is already sex starved, so think like man not as brother, she is already seducing you now its your turn to give what she wants, after having strong relationship you can tell this things to keep secrets, and after your marriage you can also continue with her, parallel you give give happiness to both, so my advice for you now enjoy her, give her pleasure and don't bother about future very much.
All the best.
answered Aug 6, 2017 by Lustyraj69 (390 points)
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You both have got extreme sex desire.. To have such a wonderful situation is very fortunate.. Don't be in dilemma... Sooner or later u both going to hook up.. So better be prepared to enjoy it.. There's nothing to be guilty off.. In some ancient civilization siblings used to get married so.. If both of you are happy nothing to be guilty about.. It won't effect your married life if you could manage it with calm nature
answered Aug 6, 2017 by freak_man (160 points)

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