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Why does my Neighbour girl stare at me?

asked Jul 8, 2017 in Questions by Andes001 (145 points)
I am a Scholar and part time programmer. Few days back when I was on the terrace, I noticed my neighbour girl looking at me continuously for over 5-6 minutes.

She is an average looking girl and so am I. Whenever she sees me on the terrace, she somehow manages to be there too. Not only on the terrace, but even if she notices me outside, she definitely tries to have a glance at me. Is there something going in her mind which is related to me or am I just having a misconception regarding her thoughts?

Kindly drop me an answer.
commented Jul 10, 2017 by Motilal (6,700 points)
God has given her two eyes.She may look anything before her eyes.Have you closed your eyes when you saw her.....starring is normal affair.

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2 Answers

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Dear Andees001,

If you are staring at anyone continuously without blinking your eye, your thoughts will cease. If that lady stares at you whenever  she sees you, there is nothing in her mind. She is thoughtless.

If you like her, you also look at her eyes. You start being friendly with her. You start talking to her. You start helping her. Who knows it may be the beginning of another love story.

answered Jul 13, 2017 by solliadi (1,965 points)
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Stare back, wave your hands and say Hi !!! See what happens.
answered Jul 13, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,910 points)

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