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Is my mom giving me Hints?

asked Jul 2, 2017 in Questions by Jprajot singh (120 points)
edited Jul 16, 2017 by longhands1

Hi Anjali,

I'm a boy aged 24 years old from Pune and currently working in a German Company for the past 20months. My family consists of four members dad,mom and my elder who sister recently got married and is staying in Australia with her husband. My Dad was was drinking too much and due to his drinking habits he passed away. My mom is 48 years old. She is a tailor by profession and stitches at home only.

After 1 year of my dad's death, I took my Mom to Germany on holiday for 4 months as she was alone. She was very fond of me and was like a friend to me. I would share all my doubts with her, even the affairs of my girl-friends. After few days, she told me that she needs to go shopping so I took her for shopping and we came back. I really didn't notice what she was buying because she went to the Ladie's section.

We had our dinner and sat for chat she showed me what she had bought. I was surprised. She bought two thin transparent nighties. I said mom it's too transparent. She said don't worry, I will wear it and not you. So I had to be quiet. She asked me if I had found any girlfriend in Germany. I said, No. She said you should only marry Indian girl.

Next day, I come home very late from work. I was shocked to see my mom in nightie. I was ashamed but I said mom it's not good, it's too transparent and I could see everything that you wore inside like your bra and panty too. Sshe turned around and said beta, you don't look even if you see.

Later we sat for dinner and then sat to watch TV. I switched on TV, as I was scrolling channels she said let's watch Hindi channels. I laughed and told mom you don't get Hindi channels most are German channels and very few English. So she started scrolling channels and stopped at German X's  channel.

I said Mom, we will watch some other channel. This is adult channel. She said yeah and within few minutes porn started in the channel. I was quiet and tried to grab the remote. She held tight and said," try if you are strong". By mistake, I grabbed her breast and said sorry and sat quietly. Then I left to my room to sleep .

Next day in  evening after dinner again she sat to watch movie from the adult channel. She started to tickle me and I could not control. I was trying to push her and by mistake her nightie tore and her bra could be seen.

I said sorry. She suddenly said, I know you purposely  did it.

I am puzzled and shocked. Where is all this leading? Is my Mom giving me Hints?

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7 Answers

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I would say it too early to judge your her activity for few more days..observe it then if it still feels you that she is seducing then I have a lot of experience that I can share with you to fuck her..but i will not suggest you to think any of it in hurry..may be she is just enjoying a new country..and trying out new thing that include transparent night ,watching porn with son..but observe her activity for few more days then only you can come to certain conclusion that she is seducing you or not..based on that conclusion we can help you..till then just watch her and observe her..thanks
answered Jul 2, 2017 by IGNACIO (385 points)
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by all means she is openly seducing you.
i won't blame her, she has lost her husband, she must have been desperate for sex.. obviously.
if whatever she was doing had been since you were a kid you wouldn't have found it shocking/ embarrassing/ intriguing.
but the new country has loosened up her and probably planted an idea that you can be seduced and probably even become her fuck partner.
although this is a sensitive relationship, i advice you to with the flow and let her make the move, you can probably try to watch movie and act sleeping in her arms or something and then see what's her move.
a loose boxer should do the trick and definitely she ought to make her move.
but again all this is advisable only if you intend to proceed with a sexual relationship with her.
I'm case your interest doesn't lie in it then just back off, probably act disinterested.
she should get the message and stay away from you i believe.
I'm sure of one thing though, if you push her away she shall hunt for another partner outside soon.
answered Jul 3, 2017 by wick007 (460 points)
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Your mother seems to be interested in you.Seeing adult channels and purchased semi transparent dresses to show her assets.Obviously you will get aroused.During snatching remote from your mother you grabbed her breast...(how you felt?).She tickled you (where?),you could not control and perhaps removed or tore her nightie.If you wish you may take the chance to satisfy her.No more hints from your mom is necessary.
answered Jul 3, 2017 by Motilal (7,130 points)
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I am sure that her vagina is wet so just took your penis out and penetrate her vagina as there is no doubt, she wants to have sex with you so if you want the same then go for it and ended up having sex with a mature woman. If you do not want to have sex with her then suggest her where she can go and buy sexual toys to satisfy her urge or you can even suggest to find a partner so she can have sex with him but here it sounds that you also want to get into her pants so go ahead. Do not feel bad because she is showing adult signs as she is a woman besides your mom and every human needs sex so she is just following the natural urge and here you are in a position to help her so decide what you want. 

answered Jul 3, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (24,335 points)
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Your Mom wants to play with you with safer side She knows how to seduce a young men she is trying to open you up she knows you will be attracted towards her by seeing her transparent clothes her inner which  is clearly visible in those clothes

Your Mom is widow so she  may be starving for sex but don't do anything silly she may not do what your trying to say here because every flirt doesn't lead into sex
Becarefull she is your mother think twice before doing any thing
answered Jul 3, 2017 by pavan350 (1,150 points)
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Why not talk to her directly ? If she's hot enough then go ahead if not then send her back to India.

But first decide whether you're 24 or 26 ?
answered Jul 3, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,975 points)
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Hi jprajot it sounds that you are luckey to be in situation as it should be win and win for both of you.

Now from all the answers above it clearly can be seen you to take further steps.but you haven't mentioned  what happened next..??

So let us know the updates first and then will love to elaborate the issue with you..enjoy your self Bro. And GIVE THE  UPDATES TILL NOW...
answered Jul 23, 2017 by rohan_incestspark (115 points)

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