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My Sister showed me her Boobs. Will she agree to share her love hole with me?

asked Jul 2, 2017 in Questions by Lustyraj69 (390 points)
Hello Anjali ji,

This is my third question. Those who are reading for the first time, I will suggest they refer to my pervious questions to know my situation better.

I am 32 years, married and having great lust for my elder married sister.

Last Sunday, my sister visited my home. My wife was not home. After reading so many incest stories, my lust for elder sister is getting stronger and I have become hornier. I chatted with her and said nobody is at home. Then due to lust, I gathered some courage and started talking with her about my fantasy about her. She was shocked and there was anger in her eyes. I cooled her down and explained to her, how desperate I was to see her boobs. I told her my wife's boobs are not like hers.

I told her before her marriage, how I used to touch her Boobs and panty. She replied that, she was also knowing that, but due to her excitement she didn't say anything to me. After listening to her reply, I begged her to please help me and fulfill my desires for fondling of her breasts. Initially she denied but after continuius request and emotional pressure she accepted for showing her breast to me only for once.

After seeing her breast, I kissed them and played with her breasts for 10 minutes. Than she wore her Top and said, Are you happy now? I smiled and a great pleasure can be seen on my face. She said, I should never tell anyone and never ask for this again.

Now my question is: How I can ask her to make love with her, at least once? I want her to share her Love Hole with me? How to convince her?

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3 Answers

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Hi's confirm now that your sister  have excitement when you touch her before her marriage.she also secretly wanted to be touched by you.but due to societal brought up she suppress her feelings but you somehow opened convince her that her boobs are bigger and sexier than your this way you seduce her technically.then you also convince her to show her nude boobs to you just not only see them but get chance to squeeze them,lick them and kiss them..and that to for 10 sister on this planet can let her brother to lick and squeeze her boobs for a single minute but she let you do it for 10 simply implies that she enjoyed it when she let you see her boobs,when she let you sqeeze and lick your boobs..she was 100% wet.and yes for formality she said you to don't ask it for again.but internally she want it now the ball is in your's all depend on you that you want to play it or not..and yes using your wife boobs comparasion was the best technique to arouse her..what I will suggest you is that don't let this your lifetime opportunity go away..seduce her again and again with her about your wife figure and dis uss your sex life with her sex life..ask her to be more your views on sex that what her husband do to her..what she like in sex and what your wife like in sex and always make her feel that she is more sexy than your wife..that she is more hot in bed than your, her that those 10 minutes was heaven for you..seduce her again and fuck her..if you really want to fuck your sister this is your golden chance..but be sure that no one knows about it except you both at any cost.dont make her pregnent..and don't flirt in front of any body.yes you can do her about her nipples that how it was so good sucking it and the colour of it was mind blowing.i had help many incest lover on this platform on fucking..if you want further discussion on this private message me..thanks
answered Jul 2, 2017 by IGNACIO (365 points)
selected Jul 10, 2017 by Lustyraj69
commented Jul 3, 2017 by Lustyraj69 (390 points)
Thanks Ignacio....for showing interest in my problem, definitely I will try what you suggested. Surely I will contact through private message.
Thanks once again.
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Request her and emotionally make her ready as you did her to show her boobs at least once so exactly the same way ask her to share her love hole once and then ask her to do it daily but right your target should to get into her pants for once then you can take this from there. I am sure you will be able to make her ready for that. 

answered Jul 3, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (22,910 points)
commented Jul 3, 2017 by Lustyraj69 (390 points)
Thanks alpesh ji, surely I will try to follows path shown by you. I am waiting for right time for spreading her legs for me. And once I get success than I will explore her for lifetime.
Thanks once again
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Your Half Work is done she has shown her boobs and You have enjoyed it by playing with it You forced her to let you see her boobs and you succeed in it

Now its Time to play with her vagina and Your going to play with it in few days thats sure Now you have to force her to spread her legs to see her magical hole to play magic with it
 Try as early as possible because you have a golden chance to fuck your sister Simple theory you gonna suceed to get VAGINA
answered Jul 3, 2017 by pavan350 (1,050 points)

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