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Is my elder sister (akka) trying to seduce me?

asked Jun 21, 2017 in Questions by santoshreddy.hyd25 (175 points)
edited Jun 23, 2017 by longhands1

Hi guys,

Nice to meet you all. Am new here. So let me introduce myself first.

I am Santosh Reddy, completed my BTech and came to hyderabad in search of job. My elder sister (akka) and brother-in-law live here in Hyderabad, so my sister suggested that I stay with them instead of staying in hostel.

My sister has a 1 year old child and brother-in-law works as a ticket collector in the Railways. My brother-in-law will be out of station for 3-4 days in a week. I accepted their offer and started staying with them.

I got attracted towards my sister. She is bit careless in dressing infront of me. She wears nighty without bras at home and whenever the child cries she pulls both her boobs out and starts feeding her child infront of me. Since past 4 months she is asking me to sleep with her in their bedroom when my brother-in-law is on duty. When my brother-in-law is at home her behaviour is different - she wears bra and covers her boobs with duppata while feeding the child.

Currently I got a job and am in a training period. I thought I should leave their home but my brother-in-law asked me to stay in their home only as it will be difficult for my sister to manage. I agreed. I too do not want to leave my sister. Now-a-days she started exposing more. On the pretext of giving milk to the child in night times she started removing both her boobs fully out of her nighty.

Why she was behaving like that? Is she trying to seduce me?

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8 Answers

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Best answer
she is definitely not acting normal.
when my wifey was lactating she used to feed covering her breasts, not that she was too careful but she used to still try covering as much as possible, and that's what i have seen for most i know including my sisters. and existing both breasts isn't required.
although again it might be that she is alright exposing in front of you being a sister but the biggest giveaway is her asking to sleep with her.
there's no need unless she is not harboring thoughts to seduce you more.
it might be that she misses her husband and has carnal desires to be fulfilled.

now coming to you, you yourself admitted you find yourself attracted, it shows you are already seduced and lusting for her.
my advice is if you really intend to have sex with her please go ahead as she seems more than willing and if you value some sanctity of the relationship excuse yourself from staying there.
answered Jun 23, 2017 by wick007 (460 points)
selected Jun 25, 2017 by santoshreddy.hyd25
commented Jun 23, 2017 by santoshreddy.hyd25 (175 points)
sleep with me in the sense that she is asking me to sleep in their bed room, on their bed, not  on her, am in a dilama that she really trying to seduce me or am thinking like that?
commented Jun 23, 2017 by wick007 (460 points)
that still isn't required if you can sleep in a different room.
mebbe your sister is shy and only giving signals to you as she can't directly communicate.
there are some people who want sex but don't want to be caught in the guilt trap of initiating it.. but shall go all the way..

my suggestion is to ahead as per her wishes and let her give more signals.. if you sleep in the same room she automatically shall give more signals.. like mebbe sleep with her breasts bare or something.. you shall know she is just playing and wants you to initiate action..
if she takes all precautions so that you can't initiate sex with her then it's different..
just back off then as it shall have been a misunderstanding
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A mother can't feed breast milk to her child with covered breasts.She is doing nothing wrong.It is you whose mental set up has changed.You are watching her with lustful eyes.You may go to other room when she is feeding milk.In front of your brother-in-law she should not feel shy.He has seen everything of her body.Never think of seducing her.Let her seduce you....then act as she wants.
answered Jun 21, 2017 by Motilal (9,330 points)
commented Jun 22, 2017 by santoshreddy.hyd25 (175 points)
is those things(romance and sex) really happen between brother and sister?
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Dont waste time. Enjoy bro.. U r lucky person. I will try last 5 yrs. I did not get chance for this. Enjoy
answered Jun 23, 2017 by Jeevansree (180 points)
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Yes, she is trying to seduce you and even invited you to fuck her as she asked you to sleep in her bed when her husband is not in the home so it is direct invitation for you to have sex with her. Therefore, if you want to have sex with her then you have a great opportunity to have sex with her. Being a woman she did everything to seduce you, now it is your turn to take a step ahead to fill her vagina with your penis. 

answered Jun 23, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (28,520 points)
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she is trying to seduce you because a women never open her both boobs while breastfeeding she is playing with you and she knows you have been attracted towards her body so she is ready to share her body with you
She is giving you open signal that she wants you she  has asked you to sleep with her
Her husband doesn't satisfy her so she has found her second husband in you
 So its upto you now wheather you want spread her legs and feel her vagina or Just ask questions and your time
answered Jun 23, 2017 by pavan350 (1,645 points)
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Yes bro. She is really trying yo seduce you because when your brother in law is at home her behaviour is different. If she does not have any sexual intention towards you then she should behave same all the time. She also asking you to sleep in her bed whicj is an another sign. So, please wait for some days and take a move.
answered Jun 23, 2017 by naveen143 (215 points)
commented Jun 23, 2017 by santoshreddy.hyd25 (175 points)
hi gud evening everyone , guys here am seeing so many questions regarding incest relation , are they are really true?  how it could happen between close family relations?
commented Jun 24, 2017 by santoshreddy.hyd25 (175 points)
from mrng my brotherin-law is in home , my sister was in saree today, my brother-in-law asked me to drop him ,so i went out to drop him , his duty starts now and he will return on tuesday night to home , when i returned back my sister was in nighty of full length with sleeveless, her armpits will visible in that particular nighty, and i could sense that she didnot wore bra under it.  for some work i went into their bedroom , i saw her used saree which she wore in the morning lying in their bedroom floor along with her inners,.. what she is trying to tell me? or am over thinking of this situation?
commented Jun 25, 2017 by naveen143 (215 points)
Now she has decided to have sex with you at any cost. She is giving more and more signals to you by wearing a sleeveless nighty. You said your BIL will return home on Tuesday night, so you have two nights to stay with her.

Have you already started to sleep with her in nights?

Is she still asking you to sleep in her bedroom?

If she asks you to sleeep with her today, then do not miss this chance. Once you get onto her bed she will definitely seduce you more and you can easily go ahead and have a great pleasure. Do not miss the grea opportunity bro. There is agreat sexual life for both of you. All the best.
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Hi, well having read your question & your responses to the answer below. Yes, unless there is a real confusion or you are exaggerating what your elder sis is doing, it is clear as daylight that she is trying to seduce you. No woman would keep her used inner wear or her dress lying in the open for you to "discover" it & then use it to do, you know what I am hinting at.

She as a elder sister has dropped more than enough hints that she wants you in her bed & she is keen on sharing her bed with you along with her husband of course without the knowledge of your BIL. You need to be quite careful & don't get overboard when things move along between the both of you because married with a kid she has a reputation to protect as well. So take one step at a time, have a heart to heart talk with her. Tell her bluntly that you find her really beautiful & attractive & you feel extremely attracted to her. Whatever signs she has indicated she will show you the remaining way to get inside her pants.

Whatever happens, please keep in mind that incest is not wrong only when both adult partners are 100% in consent & should at a later stage either of you want to discontinue for any reason-she because of family or you because of your marriage, the other person must respect & withdraw no matter how eager or keen one may be. Also make sure that this remains top secret & neither your bro-in-law nor anybody else gets even a whiff of whatever happens between you both behind closed doors. She will be smart enough I guess but you also make sure that this goes go the grave with you both. Hope this helps.
answered Jun 25, 2017 by nehasona (660 points)
commented Jun 28, 2017 by santoshreddy.hyd25 (175 points)
thankyou for ur valuable comment. at last i have decided to talk with my sister about this matter.
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What the hell are you waiting for? Fucking the sister is one of the great experience and you are getting clear signal from her side. Sleep with her and let she feel your erection on her ass. I asked my own sister for sex many times but she refused all the time. We are friendly so I don't stop asking and have masterbated in front of her. Go and get one of best sexual experience in the world
answered Sep 30, 2017 by vikami (225 points)

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