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My Mom gives me hot and cold signals. How to know what is in her Mind?

asked Jun 16, 2017 in Questions by Simpan (120 points)
Hello everyone,  

I am Simpan. I've been in a trouble about the matter of sex with my Mom in my mind. I've been reading stories of mom-son sex a lot and that has made my mind to have sex with my Mom by any means.

While I have been trying, my mom's behaviour has been uncertain. Sometimes she is co-operative, like when I am sitting on sofa, she bends infront of me wearing a deep neck nighty so that I can see her Boobs. Sometimes she touches near my upper thigh region (almost near my penis) for waking me up, Sometimes she asks me...Do you know how to hook / unhook bra/blouse when she is wearing it after bath.

This makes me horny. But when I try to move further in the ACT she stops me. Why does she do this? How to either Get her for  Act or to stop her from those Actions.

Please advice.

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6 Answers

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Immediately stop reading sex and incest stories. It is polluting your mind. You are 19,must be a student.In your profile and resume of the question....English seems to be very poor.You require coaching in English to improve this.Never investigate about your mother and let her live.Divert your mind to studies.
answered Jun 16, 2017 by Motilal (6,465 points)
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Ignore her for a while and just act like a normal son to test the waters, let her take the bait. If she does something on her own then you do the same and not act desperate. Next time she bends to show the valley then keep staring until she objects to it and tell her to cover up the assets in a firm tone.
answered Jun 16, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,830 points)
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It seems that she is not sure what she wants so she is acting like a confuse woman around you or it might be possible that she wants to take things slowly with you unless she feels that she is ready to offer her vagina for you. If your observations are right regarding her behavior then it clearly suggests that she wants an intimate relation with you but there are many factors which may holding her back to take a bold step towards that.

She might be thinking that it is wrong to have sex with her own son, she has a guilt nature, she is afraid of being caught, she might not want to cheat on her husband, her ethics may not allow her to go ahead.

Therefore, what you need to do is keep doing what you are doing to approach her but do not force in anything otherwise you would lose every hope you have in your mind to make her spread her legs for you. I am sure with time she will surrender her body to you. I am not giving you any moral advice here as that thing I would like to leave for others to do. 

answered Jun 17, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (22,870 points)
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You are facing a program which you  yourself have created by reading porn stories of a son having sex with his mom Your just thinking about  how to seduce her all the time its just you who wants to taste your mom stop reading those stories right now

Your Mom is just frank at home Showing boobs doesn't mean that she is interested in you She being a lady staying at home gets loose on her wearing sense it not big matter it happens

 if your words are really true then you will publish your story as early as possible because if a lady has sexual desire she cannot be controlled at all she will trap a men at any cost
answered Jun 17, 2017 by pavan350 (1,045 points)
commented Jul 23, 2017 by Rhajsingh (130 points)
Best answer so far.
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I feel you really want to know what your mom is thinking you need to see how she reacts in certain scenarios, for instance let her catch you jerking off with her panties or every now and then brush her ass with your hand as you walk past her, subtly let her know you are interested in her and hopefully she will do the same...
Good luck
answered Jun 20, 2017 by Sam_123 (220 points)
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Dear simpan, you have gone in to deep ocean of thoughts about mom-son sex. Come back as soon as possible. As you said she touches your near penis area to wake up & ask u to hook her bra. Its normal. She has not want u on bed. U made urself horny by reading all that stories. Don't see your mom in bad intention. Come out from deep sleep. My suggestion to u have sex with your partner if u have. Otherwise do masturbate when u feel horny.
answered Aug 20, 2017 by dashing prava (420 points)

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