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Will it be safe for me to travel to Delhi and meet my Boyfriend for sex in Hotel?

asked Jun 13, 2017 in Questions by Nishitiwari (155 points)
I'm a 20 year girl from MP (Rewa). My boyfriend is from Jammu. We both plan to meet in Dehli on 20 June. He would arrive in the morning and I would also reach there in the morning by Train.

I am traveling alone for the first time. Is it safe for me to do so? Please suggest some security rules to safe guard myself.

We will stay in Dehli only one day from morning 7 to night 9. We plan to have sex. Is there any hotel available near New Dehli railway Station? We have a small budget. Please suggest some hotels for one day under Rs 700 which is safe for us?

What should we tell at the Hotel Check In, when we take the room? Please tell me whether the Police will put us in jail, if they know we are not married? Please reply fast as I have less time. Your Answers will be uesful for me.
commented Jun 14, 2017 by Nishitiwari (155 points)
edited Jun 14, 2017 by longhands1

Thanks every one.

I know my bf would not cheat me. So don't worry all of you.

You just tell me how to find hidden camera in hotel? Is there any sign of hidden camera? Can we hide ourselves from hidden camera or cover the hidden camera by a sheet of paper or cloth.

And today my bf tells me: He shave his private part and some cuts are there. I want to know we are meeting after a week. Will his cuts heal after a week?

Is there any chance that he gets HIV positive by those cuts? He also wants me to shave my vagina. I feel that if I shave my vagina and cuts are there, it may create more problems.

Can I apply Veet cream on my vagina? Will there be any side effect or is shaving a safe option?

commented Jun 14, 2017 by Nishitiwari (155 points)

Should we decide to stay in the hotel only in the daytime and not at night as we think that staying in day is easy than staying in night. Am I right?

And we will have great sex in day because we both are virgins.

Hey my dear friends.

Actually we are total three members. Me and my bf and his friend. Actually I am 19, he and his friend are also 19, but by a mistake his date of birth on ceritificate is 2001. So now what do we do? As per Certificate he is under 18.

Please tell me what we should tell when we take the room?

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8 Answers

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Best answer

If you have not met him in person before and if it is your first meeting then I do not think that you both should have sex in the first meeting. Tell your friends about your meeting to your boyfriend so they can inform someone if they come to know about something suspicious and be in contract with them all the time. I find it risky to go to Delhi to have sex with him but you can ask him to visit your city or come near to your city so you can easily manage everything. The most dangerous thing is the distance.

Do not worry about the police they cannot arrest you if you both are adult as it is not police’s business that you can only have sex after marriage. You can have sex with whomever you want as long as you both are not under 18. Most of the hotels are safe if you select reputed hotel.

However, your description suggests that you both should not meet to have sex as you both are tight with the money so you both need to end up selecting a cheap hotel which is risky, you both need to travel long distance to meet each other, you are not familiar with the metro city like Delhi so better to avoid meeting unless you feel that you both are safe and you can take the risk of having sex with him in the Delhi. 

answered Jun 14, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (22,895 points)
selected Jun 22, 2017 by Nishitiwari
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Not safe.
700 rs ? Not enough.
Book a decent hotel. It may cost minimum 2500 rs. And u can enjoy with ur boyfriend.
U need a identity card like driving licence or voter I'd to book a room.

 Best of luck
answered Jun 13, 2017 by vrslvrslvrs (230 points)
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Nishi , You are taking a bold step with this decision of yours to have sex with your b/f in a hotel . Having sex is not the bold step i am talking about. Being a 20 years old you are an adult and you have every right to decide with whom you going to  have sex! 

You say you are from M P while your b/f belongs to Kashmir. How did you meet? How much you know him? If its through internet then how you know that he is a genuine person and not some fake? 

    As you are proceeding to Delhi you must have lied to your family about the reason for going there . But always tell someone you trust about the real reason you are going so  in any eventuality someone can provide information about you. 

  For a girl moving to Delhi alone to have sex with a distant b/f whats travelling alone in railway? But take general precautions like do not stand in the doors in a moving train and do not eat anything offered by  strangers. 

 Remember always avoid cheap lodges and guest houses near rail stations and bus stands. They are primerily watched by cops and their' khabris' for any suspious people and movements.

   Also remember you both will have to provide your ids in original to get accomodation in decent hotel . And even then if you get caught in a police raid they will treat it as a prostitution because if  any person  is  found in isolated hotel room with any woman who is not his mother, sister, wife or daughter is termed as prostitution.  I am not that much sure about this . But i think its fairly correct also. So take an informed decision. Most important is the background checking of yours this so called b/f! Its always better to  make it sure he being genuine!Remember our disclaimer Only you would be responsible for the consequenses of your actions 

 Last but not least i really hope this Rs.700/-tab of hotel rent is at least  borne by this lucky b/f of yours! 

answered Jun 13, 2017 by prashant69 (6,990 points)
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You're taking too much risk just for few hours of sex. Carry pepper spray along with you and don't sleep at all in the train since you're alone. Ask your BF to pick you up from the station itself and don't travel alone in Delhi. Is the arriving station in Delhi same for both of you? There are 3-4 different railway stations in Delhi.

As for sex in hotel room is concerned. well your mms might be recorded by a hidden camera in such a cheap room and you'll be blackmailed or maybe not but your mms will be uploaded online. Even in the high profile malls they have these cameras that records a woman changing in trial room so this is just a cheap motel you're talking about. Don't look out for cheap room but rather ask some friends or spend some more money, maybe 5000-8000 to book a decent room.
answered Jun 13, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,830 points)
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Hi Nishi,

I understand you are in hurry, but to respond with incomplete details is always difficult, I am assuming two cases here and giving you advice, trust me I have went through same situations and financial conditions and responding on the basis of same.

Case #1: You have met him(your bf) before a quite number of time and you both know each other genuinely.

It's great that you have decided to take your relationship to the next step and I congratulate you both for that. But safety is the utmost priority, you both are ignoring it. To be honest, there may be a case a couple have sex on road in Delhi and nothing will happen or same couple went to Himalayas to do same deed and get caught. No one can ever guarantee you. I have had multiple relationship till date in my life and faced same dilemma, multiple times it happened that I managed 600 or 700 bucks for hotel which were distant enough from my residential area convinced my gf to just spent time(foreplay or may be more) but my gut always denied that. Always listen to your gut feeling, Delhi is not a safe place and many hotels earn a huge amount by providing cheap rooms to young couples. You can get filmed, caught by members of any political group or raided by police. Will they Jail  you both ? No, world is more cruel than you think. imprisonment would be easier punishment. I know you will mind me saying this, but the actual punishment will be black mailing, not once not twice, in fact every time whenever those people find themselves short of money, they will harass you, may be physically but definitely mentally and god know what worse can happen, they can even ask you to do same what you are planning to do with your bf.

Now as I assumed, you and your bf have met before and you both are in mature and healthy relationship, here your bf will definitely understand these risks and will not bother to let this opportunity to have sex go. I would suggest to roam Delhi together, spent time in park and movies, tease him a bit but not much and cherish these memories, make promises or give fantasies of sex to each other which you both will fulfill whenever the time and place will be ideal and safe. Good Luck!

Case #2: You haven't met him yet or you might have met him just once or twice, your relationship is based on chats happened over social media.

A BIG NO!, I don't know if it is you or him or you both who is/are craving for sex this much but with personal experience I am saying this. Relationships are hell different from how you chat or how you live with a person. You need to know each other, spent time and when the fruit is ripe pluck it then only. Like other said, there are numerous risk involves, he might be an impostor, fake or may be genuine but the last thing a genuine lover will do on first date is sex. I am not considering a fling, casual affair or one night stand cases as you mentioned him as your Boyfriend, it means you intend to have a relationship with this guy in future. As a lover, he will meet you, understand you and will do number of romantic things which may or may not lead for sex on same day, but definitely will not meet with a plan where he will  search for cheap hotels along with you near to Nizamuddin or New Delhi station to have sex with you only.

I know when someone post his/her problem here in AA forum expects that  people will get the circumstances and situation you are going through and will respond accordingly but reality hits when you receive responses. Agree or not, you may feel you are going to do right thing by having sex with your BF but people who are responding you here have seen/experienced enough and only then responding.

Good Luck for your future!
answered Jun 13, 2017 by HidingMyName (335 points)
edited Jun 13, 2017 by HidingMyName
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Oh... Sister dont take risk...
answered Jun 13, 2017 by Jeevansree (150 points)
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Cancel the ticket for going to Delhi for sex.Never trust your boy friend and stay with him in a hotel.The matter is very risky.He will make you pregnant and he will run away.Not is a single hotel is safe for you.What ever you do,do it at home.At this tender age don't go mad for sex.Rely on foreplay and masturbation.Search a bf in your surrounding.It will save your hotel expanses.
answered Jun 14, 2017 by Motilal (6,475 points)
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Dear  NT

At the early age of adulthood one person dreaming to achieve any target and anywhere. It's practically not feasible many a times.

 The same type of situation happened to me few years back when I was in masters.i talk to a queen like girl on phone and never expected the outcome of the meeting. We planned for a meet in a hotel and I was expecting to have lunch and then proceed for romance. She didn't come and send her friend to meet me ...You couldn't believe that i met another women called to their sister was a pimp who provided girls to thirsty adult like me or u or many more. She shown me number of photos to select and pay for that.
The experience was terrible. At that time luckily I escaped else anything can happen.

It's upon to you what to do. The person dealing  hotel are professional and can guess about the relationship. You may be blackmailed by them by mms or she may force to take share with the prey because you are in your teenage. It's easy to say nothing will happen but you wouldn't have any control over these situations. As you are not married and you have number​ of weakness. Sometimes you might be enter into the brothel without your knowledge.

It is suggested to fall in love with another one in your neighborhood where you can have your stand.
answered Jun 15, 2017 by bubu_002 (2,735 points)

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