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I had unplanned sex with a guy. Am I gay now?

asked Jun 12, 2017 in Questions by RajS9015 (155 points)
edited Jun 12, 2017 by longhands1

Dear readers,

Thank u for answering my last question it was really helpful for me that's why I decided to ask your help for one of my problems.

3-4 days back, I was watching porn on my laptop. Suddenly, my neighbour entered my room. He is quite younger than me. As soon as he entered, I closed the porn window but he insisted that I show him what I was trying to hide.

When he saw porn on my desktop he pulled out his dick and started masturbating. Till that time, I was just an audience but then he grabbed my hand and insisted that I hold his dick. Simultaneously he inserted his hand in my pant and pulled out my dick. As it was quite enjoyable I could not resist him much.

Later on he sucked my dick and forced me to fuck his anus. It was an awkward feeling to fuck a guy. I too enjoyed this encounter.

Does this incident makes me gay? I'm really worried about it.

Please answer.

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4 Answers

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It is believed that no one is born gay or straight. Everyone is born bisexual. Certain patterns in your life may feed one of those sides.

Now, what happened with you, may just be a one off incident or it could fuel your passion for sex with other males. Sexual orientation is a complex phenomenon. Some people are exclusively gay, some are exclusively heterosexual and a lot of us fall somewhere in between.

Surprisingly, men are more worried about being gay then women. It is fairly acceptable for a female to go through a phase in which she fancies other attractive women. There also appears to be a growing feeling among many younger people of both genders that sex is there to be enjoyed in various forms, and that they do not really want to be categorised as being heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian or gay.

You are 23 and said that your friend is much younger than you. He may have the same doubts as you. Would you know if this was his first time? You penetrated his anus with your penis. Was it not painful for both of you? Or did he take the pain easily? You are one of a large number of men who have been brought up believing that there is a stigma attached to being homosexual and fell very distressed about your doubts about your sexuality. This is natural.

Have you had gay fantasies before this incident? Are you comfortable in the presence of girls. Your Profile says that you would like to have sex? With whom?

A psychologist says that masturbation is a useful test for determining sexual orientation. He said gay people fantasize about their own gender when they masturbate whereas heterosexual people do not. So, what is it with you?

Have you fucked a girl before? If not, this act of sex with another male, is just an indication that you want to have sex at any cost – either with a male or female. The point is whether you are looking forward to another gay encounter?

My really worry is that such unplanned episodes can lead to real trouble in the form of HIV and STDs. I am sure you must have not used a condom.

It is not a shame to accept that you could be a homosexual. No point in getting stressed about it. 

answered Jun 12, 2017 by longhands1 (82,610 points)
edited Jun 12, 2017 by longhands1
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Whatever I wanted to point out has already been said in the blue-ish text.

1. What do you find more attractive a woman's cleavage or bare clean shaved/hairy chest of a man ?
2. What do you like more when you close your eyes or what do you dream about, being with a hot woman or with a guy ? That should answer your question.
answered Jun 12, 2017 by gr8gaur (2,065 points)
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I find no last question as referred by you. You are not gay from the beginning.But situation compelled you to adjust yourself according to his wills.You responded as dominant partner and enjoyed the anal encounter.Could you enter fully without lubricant? Did you use condom... Your passive partner is gay.
answered Jun 12, 2017 by Motilal (7,550 points)
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No, it does not indicate that you are a gay but it shows that you are a bisexual like many other men.  However, there are even chances that you are not a bisexual because you enjoyed something in the heat of the moment so it does not point out anything but your future actions may indicate your sexual orientation.

If you want to continue with him then it shows you might be a gay. Right now we can only say that you enjoyed the other human touch which is very natural and you surrendered yourself to him because you do not have any other option to get the pleasure. Do not worry about it too much and see how things start unfolding for you in coming days. If you feel to have sex with him more and more then you may be a gay but if you get attracted to women at the same time then it shows that you are a bisexual. 

answered Jun 13, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (25,550 points)

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