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How to seduce my unmarried maid?

asked Jun 9, 2017 in Questions by friedsam (120 points)
edited Jun 12, 2017 by longhands1

I am a 25 years old boy. In my home, there is a new maid who just started coming 3 weeks ago.
She's unmarried, not so good looking, but her boobs are really straight and super and that made me feel like to have sex with her.

My room is on the first floor and everyday she used to come to my room for cleaning. Normally, I will be sleeping at that time. She opens the door and after cleaning, she closes the door. This is the daily routine.

One day, I tried to seduce her by inserting my hands inside my pants and act like I am sleeping, and I kept my eyes a little bit open, but she didn't look at me. She's uneducated too. Kindly give me some tips or ways to seduce her and to have sex with her.

I am ready to ask her directly, but I am afraid of the thing that she will inform my parents if she didn't like it. That's why I have decided to know her mind.

How can I know whether she is interested or not.

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commented Jul 21, 2017 by longhands1 (80,370 points)


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7 Answers

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Bro... U r 25 Year Old, I am 26 year old. I can understand the level of sexual urges in this age. But this is the age where we have to understand the responsibilities too.

Brother, I dnt wan to give you a speech/essay on morality grounds. But at a practical point of view I wanna say Dn't, Never-Ever waste ur time behind that sexual lusts for her.

Your Maid is uneducated that does not mean she is dumb. Every women & Girls know the eye reading and body language. U said u tried to seduce her by inserting hands inside pants and act like sleeping, and kept  eyes a little bit open, but she didn't look at U. She must have loom at you and ur gestures but ignored. If u wanna try it another time. She will do the same. U will get ur answers, She understands everything.

Think of her, Masturbate, forget. Do not go further. .

This is the age where you have to work hard on career and find the best suitable life partner. Have a best earning, have official G.F. get engaged, married and enjoy life officially. This is the best age to find a partner for life not this kinda encounters.

This kind of one time enjoyment or Sex Only friendship is very difficult specially with UNMARRIED MAIDS. She may be looking for life partner too. Most of the girls attaches sex with emotions and heart. They dn't believe in just for fun. U can understand what I wants to say. If u try anything you can get in trouble.

This is just my personal opinion. and share ur positive/negative, any views too...

Have a Good Life Ahead...
answered Jun 9, 2017 by SHREYASH PATEL (320 points)
commented Jun 9, 2017 by longhands1 (80,370 points)


You write very well and you Answers are meaningful.

It would be nice if you used complete words in your Answer. This would make it easier to read and look presentable. We have no problems about space.

We also do not have the ti e to keep Editing stuff here.

Thanks for understanding.


commented Jun 10, 2017 by SHREYASH PATEL (320 points)
Thank You... I will try to take care of it.
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please note that if you are waiting for any signal from her you won't get any, as maids would never want any chance with a wrong name against them.
you don't find her beautiful or really attractive but are turned on by her breasts, it means you are quiet turned on by any woman.. for that matter.. not that it's wrong, it's just your age.
now wrt the maid..well.. i suggest if you are really desperate for her, you ought to give her quiet open signals, that you are interested. mebbe it might turn in your favor.
you can try seducing her more, mebbe even show your dick or a porn playing in your phone and see how she reacts. if you see any kind of response from her mebbe a kiss or hug can initiate something.
the important thing is you should be alone in the house with her.. or preferably on the floor if possible.

but i really doubt a maid shall really get involved unless you really turn her on as getting caught shall be bad for her image.
answered Jun 9, 2017 by wick007 (460 points)
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Let her earn her bread and butter peacefully please, your lust will end her job for good.
answered Jun 9, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,945 points)
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What you have done one day is not a seduction of your unmarried maid.It is your formative period of your life.Never concentrate your mind on maid.Let her live a healthy life.You will get enough opportunity of doing sex.Masturbate to calm your fantasy.At this age everybody do so.
answered Jun 9, 2017 by Motilal (7,000 points)
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The best way around this to start a conversation with the girl. One day when she comes to the room help her with the cleaning. Or ask her to help you with the bed. During that time start asking her general stuff. Like where does she live, does she work else where. Each day make more and more conversation. Then start giving smiles and some gifts. Then one day say she is beautiful and see what's her reaction. If she smiles the  giver her one more gift.

Most likely you will get her. But be slow and do not jump the gun.

Best regards
answered Jun 10, 2017 by Tangent (445 points)
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Friedsam, I am going to fry you good and proper, these questions are getting really boring, they are the same old thing time and time again.  How do I get into someone's pants.

In fact your question is rather disgusting because once you have gotten into her pants your are going to dump her when the fun has worn off because she is a lowly housekeeper and she knows.  You think there is some magical spell or advice we are going to give you.  Well there's not.

If you have any self respect or control, which obviously you don't, you and all the others would be asking this question.

You need to treasure a relationship and the biggest problem being a westerner is that all you Indian Males are pretty much gifted a wife on a plate with an arrange marriage.  Let me explain, see in the west we don't have arrange marriages they are all based on love and we have to work on seducing the mind of a future partner, and that means we have to work.

1 Communication is essential,
2 Acts of chivalry and opening doors for women and not being so self focused, buying coffees and if she offers to pay hey you are getting closer to a relationship.
3 Having fun and making her feel as if she is a part of your life and hers yours that sometimes you have to go to the movies and watch a chick flick.

That's before we even get into bed, sometimes the chemistry is right and you both connect and you can skip most of the above steps, but it is rare.

Stop thinking Indian women are there for you pleasure alone.  They are human and deserve respect.  Try learning that before typing these stupid insulting questions.

I am sorry if I have offended anyone else but please understand these questions are the same time and time again.  We know he is going to dump here because she is a lower caste and he feels its his god damn right to do as you please.

This rapist mentality stems from this no respect, start learning to have respect for women and then women will start to feel safer.
answered Jun 12, 2017 by Idontknow. (800 points)
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Dear FS,

Your maid not giving attention indicates she don't have such type of interest for you. She is a maid that doesn't implies that she can compromise in every situation. You have to mature and release your stress rather to have live sex session.

The maid may require financial assistance. If she needs money then you can go for dealing to fulfill your dream. Before that you have to prepare yourself mentally and understand her so as to avoid various complicated issues. I you are expecting the innocence among maid then you are partly correct. She may exploit for money ​or other.

Talk to her in various issues so that she will develop attraction for you and you will get great opportunity to explore sexual desire.

It is suggested not to do anything forceful because it may put you in trouble.
answered Jun 17, 2017 by bubu_002 (2,760 points)

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