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Had sex with my Male Teacher and got addicted. Its ruining my life. Help me?

asked Jun 7, 2017 in Questions by cutesuhana (120 points)
edited Jun 12, 2017 by longhands1

Hi there!

I am a 19 year old girl from western UP. My parents always wanted me to study hard because of my poor family background. I used to top all of my classes. But due to financial instability parents got me admitted to a Govt. school. It was an a Girl’s school.

Being a nerd, I was the outlier in my class. The girls in my class talked about makeup, dresses, TV, actors, boys and sex. I was naive and didn't understand the sex part. For eg. my desk-mate would draw the sketches of penis and would ask me which  one I liked most. I would get disgusted by her question as in my mind I was thinking that why was she drawing the thing on her notebook from which the boys pee. As soon as I started to lecture her on how we should respect notebook and not draw such vulgar things, she would ignore me and ask the same question to girls sitting in front of us and to my surprise they would all giggle and discuss which one they liked. Hence I had no friends.

One day our Principal Madam announced that we are getting a new male Maths teacher. Next day everyone was waiting for him to arrive , anticipating in advance as to how would he look like. And all I was doing is thanking god for a new teacher because the last Maths teacher was horrible and she gets the strange pleasure in beating the shit out of students.

He introduced himself and asked us to give our introduction one by one. I just said my name and sat down. Most were expecting a pot-bellied ugly man in his 40s but what we got was a 29 year old very good looking hunk.

Next day he took a Maths Test. Most of the class failed. I got top marks. Teacher called me in front of class and praised my score. I strangely felt good. Later he called me in his cabin and asked me to sit down. He asked why such a brilliant girl like me was in a Govt. school. I told him about my financial background. He offered to help me out in Maths, by giving me extra time after school hours. I was so happy to hear that. He also said that he noticed me having lunch alone and not being interactive with other girls. He said let us be friends and held out his hand. I was smiling for having a friend for the first time in my life.

A few days later my desk-mate brought her brother's phone and told me that it has movie that we could watch during boring lectures. To my surprise it was not what I had thought. It was a porn movie. It started with a man kissing a girl. I rebuked her and said I  didn't want to watch it but she was insistent and asked me to at least give her cover so that teacher couldn't detect our activity.

I hesitatingly obliged but curiosity got the better of me and I started watching too. It had a girl in a school dress and a man who looked like he was a teacher. Girl didn't do the homework and guy was telling her of the punishment. Then he grabbed her and they started kissing. I was hooked from this first scene. As he was taking off his student's clothes I felt strange feeling boiling in my mind. Those 25 minutes were intense and I couldn't comprehend of what I saw. I asked her what they were doing? She giggled and said: they were having sex. I asked if that was called sex. She was surprised at my naivety and said she would explain everything in the evening and asked me to come to her house.

That day I couldn't concentrate on studies as all I could think of was of that sex scenes. In the evening my friend took me to her room and said she had stolen a DVD from her brother. Movie started, she explained me about kissing first and said it feels good and asked me to try it with her. I refused, she got angry so I obliged. Kissing felt great. Then we enacted the subsequent scenes. Tit sucking was awesome and when she put her tongue on my untouched pussy it felt exciting and strange.

In the heat of the moment, I ate her vagina as well. Soon I felt an urge to pee. She said it's not pee just let it be and I let myself go and it was stars and moon in the day light. I thanked her for the pleasure and she said we are friends now. I was so happy to get one more friend. She asked me about our teacher to which I said he is my friend too. Her eyes lit up and she said that I should seduce him. She told me he was a perfect man for me to have sex with and how if I missed that chance then someone else would get it and god knows if I get married early to some random guy I would curse myself.

I came home and all I could think was her words and that porn clip. Next day I told my teacher that I didn't want to study then and I wanted to talk .He smiled and asked me to come to his house to talk and eat. He lived alone in his rented house which was far from main village. We chatted and ate then he asked me what I wanted to talk. I was blushing. I blurted out "Have sex with me please!” His smile faded and with seriousness he held my hand and asked me if I knew what I was asking for. I nodded.

I said he was the only guy I liked so much and I need to have sex with him. He felt my urges and sat near me. He then played with my hair and I loved it. A few moment later, we were kissing. That day we just kissed and smooched. I didn't want him to stop sucking my tongue. When he took his lips away from mine I got upset but he said we should go slow. Next day, we met again and I offered my tits for him to play and he loved them very erotically.

Next day, I was seeing for the first time the thing which makes all women go numb, the penis. It was big and swollen and veiny and dark. He guided my mouth over it's tip and I kept my lips over it's head. It didn't taste like jam like I was imagining but I guess it tasted like dick so I kept on sucking. Sucked, licked even bit a lit until he exploded and shot out streams of white hot lava all over me. That day he also explored my pussy and licked it till I orgasmed.

Two weeks later, my parents had to go out. I had complete freedom. I told that to my teacher cum bf and bunked school and went to his home. It took him 2 hours to prepare me for penetration. When the hymen broke I let out a cry of pain and he a cry of ecstasy. He went slow but didn't pay heed to my request of let me go because it was paining. He pushed half of his dick inside me then he laid over me and kept smooching me all the while his other hand on my tits playing with them. Soon pain got slow and pleasure took over. He started thrusting and I was getting fucked for the first time in my life. For those 3 days all we did was fuck.

Things were going great sex wise but I was losing my focus on study. Soon I could only think of sex. One year down the line I had become the average student. I also started responding to the flirting of some guys. I found myself attracted to one of them. Soon we had a physical relation, got bored of him in 6 months and dumped him. Made another one , got bored of him as well. I realised that I was not satisfied with one guy. I had also tried threesome a few times in last year. All the while I had continuous sexual relation with my teacher, I still have. He tried to tell me about my behaviour but I can't help it.

My grades have seriously fallen and I have lost focus on studies. I am failing to get out of this world of lust. I want a way out as I want to see myself becoming something and supporting my parents but however hard I try, I give in to my urges.

Please help me! Tell me how can I come out this abyss? I can't ask this to someone in real life as you can all understand hence I came here for help.

Please I want a way out, a solution to control my life, a cure to this disease.

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commented Jun 8, 2017 by Rati.Anil (335 points)
Nice Story...

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6 Answers

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hi Suhana

i feel sorry your teacher couldn't restrain himself from having sex with you when you are i assume still an underage.
sex feels powerful and once you got addicted to it, it's difficult to control the urge.
unfortunately me being a married guy, i still don't have control on it and having a wife who hates sex only makes my situation worse  and i end up thinking more about it than actually doing it so any advices which i shall give might still be fruitless.
but I'm already somewhere in life and i hope you reach some destination too but falling grades might not help you.
you can decide to not reflect on sex in your free time and not waste time thinking over it.. decide that you shall only do sex when you shall get it, not try to create opportunities and it shall save a lot of your time. in that time focus on your studies which you can achieve only by will power
try not to do anything with multiple partners
i already see you are beyond whatever my experiences are so my advice is please try to keep only one active partner in your life.
unless you know you can't be with one ever.
try to focus more on getting good grades and becoming a professional. in the end what you are is what you are in your career
answered Jun 7, 2017 by wick007 (460 points)
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Seems like copy paste erotic story from any other sites or telling ur fantasy
It is difficult to accept its ur personal experience ur story raise many doubtful question..
answered Jun 7, 2017 by Tanzeel (245 points)
commented Jun 11, 2017 by cutesuhana (120 points)
I am sorry if it looked like copy paste but it's not and I have no reason to explain why is it so.
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My God ! That was soooooooo.................... long. Now for a girl studying in western UP that too in govt school, your english is really good or maybe the moderator had a real hard work and he did a terrific job. First things first dear, GET YOURSELF TESTED. You mentioned that in past one year you've been involved with at least half a dozen guys and maybe more, needless to say most of the time unprotected.

Anyways, the point is some urges and curiosities are hard to resist. The guy (your teacher) didn't stop you from doing what you wanted to do, and how could he. Lucky are the guys who get invitations such as this upfront (excuse me if you feel offended).

Now there is no magic potion or a crash course to get rid of this lust, its up to an individual. Any kind of addiction is real bad and only solution is self control and a focused mind. Be it getting rid of fat, porn movies addiction etc. it requires some effort. A bit costly option is to see a psychologist (don't know if it happens in India specially in U.P, less effective methods is to look for help from internet, get yourself so much busy in studies and other things that you don't have time for this thing.

 Finally, having regular sex is not bad, but getting addicted to it and letting it affect you surely is. You might think that me telling you about self control is just an 'easy to preach' pill, but sometimes we don't have much options. Take control before this lust controls you.
answered Jun 7, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,940 points)
commented Jun 11, 2017 by cutesuhana (120 points)
I knew that questions would be raised about my command over English language.First of all if a girl studies in govt school it doesn't mean she keeps her horizon limited to what is being taught in school. I have always had interest in English so I learned it myself over internet and from books.

I know how hard it is to control the urges and that's why I came here to know if people knew some of the tried and tested methods.

anyway thanks for replying honestly.Have a great day
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Dear Cutesuhana,

I don't think this is a genuine query. Looks more like a fantasy. Your background and your English don't match. I know people studying in Government colleges/school, their vocabulary and English is not as fluent as you have here.

Giving this the slightest chance of a genuine question, I don't see this as a disease, rather you are exploring and discovering the pleasures of sex. Everyone needs it, but get a control over it and focus on your career and future. Too much of anything in life is not good. Happy Fucking


Sadiq Khan
answered Jun 8, 2017 by sadiq_khan (1,025 points)
commented Jun 8, 2017 by Tuff (375 points)
Looks like a copy pasted sex story.
commented Jun 11, 2017 by cutesuhana (120 points)
Well I take you as an internet savvy person, then why don't you copy the text and put it in search engine to find any matches online.

I know everyone needs sex but I was asking for ways to control the lust. Thanks anyway.
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Don't spoil your career by indulging in illicit sex.You have a bright future ahead.I felt pity on the teacher who is utilizing you.It is unworthy of his profession.This sort of activities is beyond my thinking.Completely eliminate sex from your mind.In future never post such stories.
answered Jun 8, 2017 by Motilal (6,970 points)
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get married, have kids , and settle down.
answered Jun 18, 2017 by blore.guy (400 points)

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