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Should I tell my Uncle's wife about my lust for her?

asked Jun 1, 2017 in Questions by Suman Deb (120 points)
edited Jun 1, 2017 by longhands1
I am 26 and my Uncle's Wife is around 39 but still has got a perfect aunty like figure. I have been fantasizing about her since I was 18+ but never let her know about it.However she came to know.

We used to live in the same home she's my uncles wife. Sometimes she caught me when I was staring at her boobs or checking out her ass. I also touched her boobs and ass when she was sleeping. I don't know whether she knows about it or not.

I also got caught while masturbating but in this case I never got very much scolding from her. Now I moved away. I think she does not want what I want. I live in another place for my job purpose around 3 hrs distance from my home but I still think about having her.

Should I confess to her when no one is at home or just let it go. Actually our family is very reputed in our locality so I don't wanna be the spoiler just to fulfill my lust.

Please give me a little help.

Thank you for reading.

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5 Answers

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Risky move as you live as joint family.  There is a way to tell her your interest .firstly you need to maintain friendly relationship with her chat with her and share your secrets and ask her to keep it with her. Later make a little move by sending her soft porn text like jokes about cleavages & boobs and observe her response.  flirt with her often. I'm sure she will start liking you too . then you can confess her about your feeling .Dont expect that she allow you have physical relationship immediately.
answered Jun 1, 2017 by Swazsp (185 points)
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Your problem suggests that your aunt might not be interested in you despite knowing that you have lust for her and even getting caught.

You ppl didnt get involved when living in the same house. now that you have moved away from her for your job there is no point confessing your lust coz you wont be able to meet her anytime when she is alone. So you wont be able to get cozy with her whenever you want.

Further you are scared about spoiling your family's reputation.

So overall i would suggest you to forget your lust and start a new chapter in your new location and one in which there are no risks of loosing family reputation.
answered Jun 1, 2017 by Vikki G (220 points)
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Rich or poor,fair or dark,tall or short,all enjoy sex.There should be no inferiority or superiority complex as far as sex is concerned.Our body wants sex,take the chance at opportune moment.Never let it slip away from hand.Go ahead with soft hug and kiss.Observe her reaction....never forget to praise her beauty.
answered Jun 1, 2017 by Motilal (6,700 points)
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She is already knowing your intentions so just do normal seduction. If she too feels excitement then she will definitely give you hints. And only than you proceed further.
answered Jun 1, 2017 by rahulsngh (700 points)
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you have done your moves already bro
i feel either she isn't interested at all or it's a taboo for her
in either case, you look at her as a sex object but she might just look at you as a nephew.. hence ignoring you
now if you really intend to get closer and inside her panties, better break The ice.. give attention and make phone calls
try to be as personal as possible without making it too uncomfortable for her
talk to her about some random girlfriend and ask her suggestion
try to get more personal in your talks
you got to be a charmer to get inside somebody's panties
ask her what she would have done in your place or in her youth and if she had an affair before marriage
if you can get to that level you might try getting more personal in your talks and seduce her at the right opportunity
answered Jun 1, 2017 by wick007 (420 points)

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