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What really happens behind closed doors?

asked May 31, 2017 in Questions by maaliniagarl (120 points)

Hi every one,

I recently got married and these sex acts happened which were more than I had expected ( I expected only vaginal sex) but heard new words in my life like oral and anal sex.

Some acts I did because I was in extreme heaven, but some acts he foreced me to do. He forced me to do some acts for his pleasure. He was licking my vagina, all over the body and he was inserting his penis into my mouth.

Today he wanted to try anal sex. I said No, but he forcefully inserted his penis into my anus. My mother and sisters told me about only vaginal sex but my husband is trying to teach me oral and anal sex.

I don't know whether they are accepted in my culture or not but my husband said not to tell anything that happed between us because the acts I performed on you are unnatural and unlawful. I cried a lot that God will punish me for thse unlawful acts.

I can't ask my mother and sister and anyone of my friends regarding these sex acts as there is a chance that they will laugh at me, so I came here.

My questions are?

What really happens behind closed doors between couples?

Is oral and anal sex common behind closed doors ?

How do men insert their penis into the shitty anus orifice?

Do girls in India do these unlawful acts and act as they just had vaginal sex?

Do Foreign girls perform all sex types like vaginal, oral and anal?

I request you to elobarate your answer.


thanks in advance



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7 Answers

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Dear Maalini,

Dont loose heart.

Oral sex is normal and can be a part of foreplay (act of getting horny before actual sexual penetration).

Anal sex is also done by couples but has more negative impact as it may lead to pain / widening of anus hole / contains a lot of bacteria which may stick to penis and enter vagina during vag sex and mouth during oral sex. So it should be avoided.

These are not unnatural or unlawful but generally less prevalent in our indian culture compared to west. It still depends upon partners and their comfort / mutual understanding. So dont break your heart. YYou seem to be naive and innocent and Your hubby seems to be more aggressive and doesnt understand your needs. You may try to gently talk / firmly explain him what you like / dislike.

Hope this helps.
answered Jun 1, 2017 by Vikki G (220 points)
commented Jun 1, 2017 by M_ann16 (415 points)
Dear Malini

Congratulations on your wedding.. hope you had a great beginning to your married n sex life both.

What happens between 2 consenting adult is purely their private matter. So whether it is sex or something else.

What matters is whether you enjoy or not. Sex is for both male n female to enjoy n is not only one to enjoy.
Whether u enjoy Anal or oral sex is all up to u. But it very much happens n everyone enjoys it . For some female they do like their base to get fuck but boys like to fuck the base.

Suggestion: Would suggest at least try once n if u still do not enjoy u can stop in future. But I m sure u will enjoy .. it's great fun.

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Dear maaliniagarl, Your mind is full of questions I guess.
Let me answer u number wise
1. What happens behind closed doors is a vist to heavenly pleasure i.e. 'Sex' obviously.

2. In these days....oral and anal are a important part of foreplay and sex respectively.

3. The human anus has got a lot of nerve endings in it and is tighter than the vagina....making it a pleasurable experience for those who have it.
First time it might feel wierd to have sex in the "poop hole" but afterwards it would be a fun hole.

4. Yes....girls in India have a lot of such 'unlawful acts' (as said by you) as they had vaginal sex. It is a lot of fun for people who have such acts.

5. Yes....foreign girls have a lot of oral, vaginal and anal sex.
Now what remains is your consent to your husband to have such "acts" with you. He can just not force you to do such things for his pleasure.
Do one Vikki G to ur husband about your problems and your views on these acts and then....
Have fun.
answered Jun 1, 2017 by abhirsrk (165 points)
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Everything happens behind closed doors and when it comes to sex nothing is a sin except physical abuse between hubby-wife. Be a regular at this site and you'll know everything about sex, you need to learn a lot and your hubby is simply helping you.
answered Jun 1, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,905 points)
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hi Malini
the situation that you talk about quiet normal in marriage
oral sex is probably the most common act with if done without complete acceptance gives immense pleasure
anal sex again is more common than you think.. although i haven't tried it with my wifey yet and i won't without her permission
the bad part is your hubby did it forcibly which is why you never enjoyed it
my suggestion is try things with open mind and then see if you enjoy it, if you don't mind it or if you hate it
if you enjoy the act, do it frequently
if you don't really mind it then let your partner enjoy it as per his requirement
if you hate it tell it clearly to your partner that you can't do it again

but again you got to be more open minded about doing sexual acts
for instance, I had this ex who loved to spend time on sucking my cock then sucked my balls and then proceeded to prod my butthole with her tongue which i thoroughly enjoyed but initially I wasn't sure

so please enjoy with you hubby.. even if you find it kinky, you shall enjoy kinky later
clearly he is lot more experienced and shall guide you properly..
answered Jun 1, 2017 by wick007 (420 points)
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Indian girls do anal sex and they enjoy it but that does not mean that you have to do it for your husband just because others are doing it. You should never do anything in which you are uncomfortable and your husband has to understand this. If he forces you to have anal sex then that it is called marital rape which is offence and he could be prosecuted for this.

If you do not like to suck his penis then you should tell him no and never suck his penis as you are not obligated to obey all his wishes. Warn him that if he forces you anymore then you will tell this to your family members and it might a deal breaker for you. If he stills forces you then without further delay raise your voice and ask your parents to step in as there is no need to stay in the abusive relationship.

You have every right to do protest against something like this as no one gives him right to abuse you. One thing is clear that he is disrespecting you and abusing you so now it is up to you whether to stay in this marriage life if it continues or not. It might not be an easy thing to step out of the marriage life but sometime we need to take such kind of tough decision to save our dignity. It is time for you to first warn him and if he does not understand that then make him learn a lesson. Prepare yourself to fight for your dignity and you have to do no matter what may come. 

answered Jun 2, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,260 points)
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Dear Maalini,
As per your writing, we must guess that you have enough education to know that sex is an important part of married life. You also know that foreign girls perform all sex types like vaginal, oral and anal. So, why you act like these.

I think lacking of your knowledge you were created that type of situation. You made him crazy by protest him from all type of normal sex with his legal wife. That's why he was aggressive & forced you to do Anal sex.

You don't like the following behavior from your husband:
a. Licking your vagina
b. Licking all over the body
c. Penis into your mouth.
d. Anal sex

Then what do you want from your husband, he come to you with erect penis, folding your cloths, insert it in your vagina and unload his cum then he goes to sleep!!!!!!!!!!

Maalini, Licking vagina, Sucking Penis, Vaginal & Anal sex everything are common. But maximum man and woman didn't like to Anal sex as it may lead to pain, widening of anus hole, contains a lot of bacteria. Your both mutual understanding there is nothing unlawful acts between legal husband & wife. You are very much lucky that your husband like to licking you.

Everyone has sex urges and being a married couple you both should full fill your dreams. You must be aware that if you discourage your husband form normal sex then he must go to outside for sex and there are 1000 woman out there who's willing to fuck with him.

I am 28 yo married woman since 3 years. I had the opportunity to learn everything before my married life. First few days we both faced some problem like you. My husband wants everything but I have two objections about Anal sex and unload his cum in my mouth. We both understand & respect each other, so he never wants me for Anal sex.

Our sexual relation is developed day by day and we both know how to pleasure and satisfy to our partner. Now I love my husband's penis in to my mouth. I let him to fuck my mouth and unload all his cum into my mouth  whenever he wants. I also took his penis in to my mouth without asking him, because I know how much he enjoy it.

So, my personal opinion is you may enjoy everything except Anal sex. Don't be shy or heisted to shire with your husband what you like or what you not like. Go ahead, enjoy your married & sex life how could it's possible.

And if you are think that all sexual acts are bad except vaginal sex and protest your husband to do normal regular sex then I must say you might lose him.
answered Jul 2, 2017 by sadiajaman (200 points)
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Shed your inhibitions and come forward to  enjoy heavenly sex pleasure with your life partner.You may oppose anal penetration and swallowing of semen.Kissing,Sucking,Licking,Gentle biting,Pressing,Fondling,Hugging and Embracing is normal.Perform oral sex on each other or do 69.Insist on cleanliness of sex organs for performing oral sex.
answered Oct 23, 2017 by Motilal (6,690 points)

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