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How to get most of an incest relationship ?

asked May 30, 2017 in Questions by robotboy1 (695 points)
Hi, I read few articles earlier on incest and I am happy to help again. For a basic introduction, I am in an incest relationship with my mother and sister. So I am sharing my experiences so as to help you if you are in an incest relationship. I told you how to handle multiple partners in incest. Today I will try to tell how to get most in incest. This post is specifically for the people who are experiencing incest. Unlike my other post, this post contains some graphic descriptions too.


1. Get to know each other well:

I read this site daily and there are nearly 60% questions on the topic of incest. There are very few who are involved with mother or sister but aunty/mami/chachi/cousin cases are prevalent. Well first of all if you are in incest, you need not feel guilty about it. It is a natural relation as any other sex relation is if it is by consent. So if you are in incest, build a strong relationship with the person and try to understand him/her emotionally. While you are in bed you are always horny and always gets out of control. Anyway, you must communicate after that time too. This will enhance your emotional strength and also will make sex more pleasurable.

2. Discuss her/his sexual experiences:
In incest relations, you and your partners are usually having sex with others too. So you must ask about their experiences with others and also discuss yours with them. It will act as a catalyst in bed and you will also have a release valve for your frustrations. In my case, I love to discuss it with my mother and rub her pussy while she tells me about her affairs. It acts as instant fire burning and we fuck like bunnies after that.

3. Staying nude in the home:
I would say this is the best perk of incest. If you live with your partner inside the same house you can obviously try it. Stay naked with them inside the house. It will lead to instant turn-ons and amazing quick sessions. I personally like to stay naked in the house. Same is with my sister or mom when they are my place. My mom love to dry herself after coming from bath and she comes out naked and gets dressed after coming out only and she gets ample freedom in my presence too.

4. Act of Service

An act of service in incest has a totally different meaning. You are not eligible to do things which you could never have done or tried. Like washing their undergarment or shaving their pubes. It is a great feeling and while doing so you will be excited and your partner will also like it.

Here I covered some points which you can try to make most in your incest life. Thank you for reading it.

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3 Answers

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I have read your three postings in Ask Anjali.There is nothing new in this posting.You are always justifying your involvement with your mother and your own sister and encouraging three some.I am also  partially involved in incest.....shared bed with Mami and Mausi's daughter,did every thing on being seduced by them.Both happened after marriage.No such experience as a bachelor.I am deadly against sex between Mother-Son,Father-Daughter and Brother-Sister.None in the universe can convince me to do such illicit affairs. I have never done sex with my female students.Whom I have regarded as my daughter or sister.I have strictly maintained professional ethics.Sex is not everything in life.
answered May 31, 2017 by Motilal (7,030 points)
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Moral/ethical values change with time, age, situations, country, religion, and from man to man. Every actions have its own pros and cons

Consider the possible cases:

Case 1]     A son (16 or 18) comes to know about his mother's affairs (age 40 to 45). How will he feel? In most cases - Betrayed, becomes rude, violent behavior, addicted, disobedient and destroys his education and career (what I have seen in my family). Do people still think that this mother can control her son? Sorry to say she can't.

She has to have an open conversation with her son. If she loves her son truly, then she has to follow what he demands.
A] She has to stop her affair if son sticks to his point, (otherwise face the consequences.) Or
B] If he wants to bring his girlfriend home. (Win win situations for both mother and son, you live your life let him live his.) Or
C] Son may demand to participate in your Sex life ( which mom may not enjoy that idea, at least she can continue her affair, can control her son. Still win win situation).

Case 2] Where mom and son are very open minded or become open minded after her affair. Share every idea between them. Enjoy having sex or having sex in front of each other with their partners. And the family is happy, respects each other, no jealousy, no fighting... Achieving the goals of their life, then what is wrong with that?

Now we have to think what is the goal of a family. Now ball is in mother's/ parent's hand. Having sex with children and create a happy family or not having sex with children and create a dysfunctional family.
answered Nov 14, 2017 by Kitkatray (355 points)
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ALL your feelings are good I am a regular person in FFM relation my living partner 24 and her aunt who is 34

WE live naked at home its our compulsory rule 3 days a week ,my partner;s aunt is 36 and she never married we are all together for the past 6 years we are not facing any problems .

Living nude in home makes things more closer unwanted infatuations and fantasy that other women are having a great assets all vanish our talking about all man and women are common beings ..
answered Dec 8, 2017 by Lifewithfreedoms (545 points)
commented Dec 9, 2017 by robotboy1 (695 points)
Thanks for your valuable views :)

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