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I am interested in mature men. Am I gay?

asked May 27, 2017 in Questions by rajesh2904 (205 points)
recategorized May 28, 2017 by longhands1
I am more interested in mature man than women. I do not feel comfortable in the presence of women. I fee like getting fucked by mature men. Is this normal?

Am I gay?

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3 Answers

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It is very hard to say whether you are gay or not as there are possibilities that you are bisexual too. If you have sex with woman then it seems that you are not gay. I would say try with a man and see how it goes. Whether you like it or not. Gay men never like woman in a sexual way so if you had sex with women then you are not a gay but there are possibilities that you may be a gay so give yourself enough time to decide whether you are a gay or not. You can only know whether you are a gay or not when you have sex with a real man. However, whatever info you have provided is not enough to conclude about your sexuality. 

answered May 29, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (25,510 points)
selected Jun 3, 2017 by rajesh2904
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You are 37 now.How long you are interested in males and acting as passive partner is not clear from your narration.Have you ever taken dominant role with male partners?You dislike the presence of you dislike your mother and sister too.This sounds peculiar to me.You are a passive gay.If you don't change your attitude,never marry a girl in future.
answered May 28, 2017 by Motilal (7,520 points)
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As you said you are more interested in man than women there are chances of you being a gay. But sometimes due unfulfilled desire of sex from opposite gender one start feeling sex attraction from same gender which is quite normal that doesn't make you gay. One thing you must understand that being gay is not bad thing accept it if you are gay, don't argue with yourself just to prove yourself a straight guy. Being gay is normal as being straight.
comment if you like my answer.
answered May 29, 2017 by RajS9015 (155 points)

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