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How to seduce my maid and prevent her from complaining to my elders?

asked May 18 in Questions by randyracer4 (145 points)


I am 20 years. I am not a guy who loves a girl for physical relation but my body is asking for physical relation. so I got an idea to seduce my maid and fulfill my wish.

My maid is 27 years old. She is very thin with tiny tits. She is very obedient and unmarried. She is very obidient to my mother's order and meanwhile shes is very respectable to me.

I never had conversation with her but I want to seduce her. If I seduce her, I am afraid that she may complain to my parents, so how to handle this situation?

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1 Answer

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Best answer
Six months ago your age was 22,when you sought our permission to seduce and do sex with more than sixty year old women.Now you have become 20 year old and want to seduce 27 year old maidservant.Settle your mind actually what you want to do....In your house may find some good tits,don't lust for them.Concentrate on your future and save yourself from going to hell.
answered May 18 by Motilal (4,735 points)
selected May 18 by randyracer4
commented May 18 by randyracer4 (145 points)
It's better not commenting or giving a  better answer rather than correcting me...
The question may not be from the person whom the account belongs to it may be the different person ideology
And I'm not spoiling my career always thinking about this, and i don't have molesting feeling on woman,i think it may satisfy ur anguish @Motilal
commented May 18 by Motilal (4,735 points)
Thanks.You should have waited more,before selecting my answer best.At this age eliminate the idea of doing sex.

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