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How to manage my sex affair with hubby's 65 year old uncle?

asked May 14, 2017 in Questions by Sashinthana (120 points)
edited May 15, 2017 by longhands1

I am a 28 year old married lady. After 8 months of our marriage, my husband lost his job due to the sudden fire in his business place. Since he was not a permanent worker it was not possible to take any legal action and we were in a real hard times in our life. Finally, we decided to move to the house of a husband’s uncle who is having a freight forwarding company.

He is a widowed person and very kind hearted person. He has a one married son and now they are living in Australia. So he welcomed us and even gave my husband a job.

Within two - three weeks, he became a close friend and treated me like a daughter. Unfortunately my husband had a heart attack and was admitted to hospital. This uncle supported to me a lot. His behaviour was very lovable and sometimes he kissed my forehead like a daughter. One day, I had severe headache and I was feeling giddy. As there was no one at home,, I couldn’t take any medicine. When Uncle came home he scolded me for not calling him and he took me to a Doctor. When we came back, I actually fainted and I didn’t know what happened.

I realized I was on my bed and uncle was massaging my head. After few second I felt that my front button on the blouse are opened. My bra was removed. I covered my boobs soon and fasten the button. The uncle said it is necessary to relax the body when someone fainted and that’s is why he opened the blouse. I recovered in few days and my husband also recovered in one month.

After all these incidents the bond between uncle and me grew. He treated me like a daughter and a close friend. But one thing, I realized that he was trying to kiss me more. Sometimes he put his arm around my waist and dragged me close while he kissed me. On our Wedding anniversary, he arranged anice party at home. After the party uncle came near me while my hubby was in the bathroom and said you are looking so beutiful today. I said "Thanks" and asked him what I can give him for all these things he is doing for me. He smiled and said I want a very big kiss from my loving daughter. I didn’t take it seriously and told him okay, you take it. He told me not now, tomorrow I’ll take it. Since the party I have worn a saree below the navel.

He said now I want a small kiss from my daughter and pulled me towards him from my naked waist and kissed me two times on my lips. Further, he continued to touch my navel area and said you are very beautiful. I felt shy and moved back. He kissed my forehead again and said don’t worry I’m your uncle, but every man could see your beautiful figure at the party, so why do you feel shy?  However, my hubby finished his bath and we did not continue our chatting any more.

Next day early morning, I prepared tea and wnet with a cup of milk tea to his room. He said, "Are you ready with my gift." I said, okay take it fast, I don’t mind. He told me that he likes to kiss me when I wear the saree. So I told him it is not possible now, I’ll give a chance when I am wearing a saree.  After that uncle came home early and put his hand around my neck in a friendly manner and asked, can I have my gift now? Since he was pleading, I agreed and told him to wait till I wear the saree as he requested. I said that I am okay uncle take your big kiss from your loving daughter.

He dragged me and started kissing very hard and also start touching my boobs. He took one nipple out and started sucking forcefully. Not only that he pushed me on the floor and started licking my under part also. I was shocked, but I was in his full control due to the lick of my vaginal lips.

He was continuing this for a few minutes and start intercourse on the floor. I never believed that the old guy can do such a thing so hard and used me as he wished for nearly half and hour with every possible action.

Now, he wants me every day. He is lusting on my boobs and asked me not to wear anything for top when we are both in the house. Actually, I can't control myself because his foreplay is more powerful than my hubby. Sometime he licks my hole till my first orgasm and secondly start intercourse till my second orgasm. Honestly, this is the first experience in my life I feel to orgasm in a sex affair.

Even though I enjoy this life, I have many questions in my mind now. It will be really appreciated that any same experienced lady in this forum can share the thoughts / answers to my questions. Man or Women is not a matter. But it would be worth to have advice from the person who is in the same boat like me.

This Uncle is around 65+ but his looks and stamina is very high. We have been continuing this affair for nearly three weeks. Sometime we have sex two times in the same day. Can he make me pregnant at this age. I read some advice on the web that the age doesn't matter for male parson. In the past three weeks, I could see only three times that there was semen. Only few drops come out some time. So, my doubt is: Can he make me pregnant?

He loves my boobs and wants to suck my nipples. Now, I feel my nipples getting hard everytime very quickly. Actually, I can’t control it without a bra. Earlier, when nobody was at home, I did not wear a bra, but now even if I wear a night dress my nipples start getting hard. Is this a mental issue or serious change in my body due to hard sucking of my nipples.

Now, Uncle is saying he wants to see me when I am having sex with my husband. I felt shy but finally agreed. I told my hubby that Uncle hasn't come back yet and we can hace sex in the living room. Uncle was watching us through the window hole. Another time, he asked me undress and chat with him on the terrace. I enjoyed all these activities without any issue. But is there any risk that one day this wildness put my life in danger?

Will there be any bad effects, If we continue this affair without my hubby knowing about our affair?

Uncle also told me a big secret in his life. He had same kind of affair with his own daughter-in-law and she had milk in her breast before she became pregnant. I didn’t believe that and I asked him how could it happen. He said he doesn’t know, but she had and she fed him secretly. I said that’s funny and let me know how it could be happening.

He told me, lets try and sucked one nipple nearly for one hour. Nothing happened, but it was painful for some days. When I asked this question from one of my friends (I didn’t tell her the whole story) she told me that she also has a secret affair with a teen aged boy, though she is married. Still, she has some milk when he sucks hard continuously for three four minutes. However, she has a child 3 years old, but she don’t breastfeed.

Do you know of any drugs or method to have a small amount of milk in the breast without being pregnant?

featued question

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6 Answers

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ROFL! Uncle didn't spare his own daughter in law, friend too engaged with a teenage boy. Loyalty became extinct since dinosaurs left earth. Just one question out of curiosity, hubby as you said doesn't earn much and at present is indebted to his uncle. Also a heart patient too, his value is almost negligible. Why not divorce him ?
answered May 15, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,950 points)
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Hi Shashi,

Too many problems in your life. Good to see you are happy with your present life. Now come to your point your question, you may get pregnant if you perform open sex. Yes, there is hundred percent chance of you may pregnant, if you will not not take any precaution. So be careful next time.

Before birth or conceiving, it is not possible for milk to come out from your boobs in very rare cases some ladies milk come out from their boobs at the time of nine month pregnancy.

Now come to your last question: any bad effects will occurr? Yes bad effect will occur if your husband knows the secrets of you personal relation or any of one person have any medical issue otherwise everything will be fine just chill your life as you like.

One special suggestion you are already become your uncle slave so that I will advice to you for secure your future with your uncle money by secretly give him temptation and resolve your financial issue also.

Rest on you what you likes or dislikes.

answered May 15, 2017 by kingmyaqueen (1,855 points)
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Such a long story....I cant say it is real. At the age of 65, he may be using pills for erection. Is not your husband enough to satisfy you in bed? You said, he licked you on the floor.  Dont you wear underwear at that time?

Further more you did not resist his advances when he tried to have sex with you and you allowed him to press your boobs...

You may be in a big trouble when your husband finds out about this affair.
answered May 15, 2017 by Tanzeel (245 points)
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I find nothing substantial in this story here.Your now and then fainting creates more suspicion in my mind.The issue of breast milk is sheer fantasy.Don't share such imaginary things in this forum.Your uncle is a pervert, detach yourself from him and live happier.Did your uncle masturbated by seeing your sex with your have crossed the sense of decency by obliging his evil motive.
answered May 15, 2017 by Motilal (7,015 points)
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Your husband has already got a heart attack, I am sure you would give him the last and final one once he knows the truth.

Yes, You can get  pregnant but the child if born will carry abnormalities.

He may suck your nipples for hours and days together but there would no milk till you are pregnant and in the final days of delivery.

By using this site, I understand that you are educated, hence get a job for self, start working and move out of this Uncle's house and be happy with your family

answered May 16, 2017 by manmumbai41 (450 points)
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Dear S,

It's great that you are proceeding to a wonderful relationship with a older man who is stepping up his  affairs with you slowly starting from caring to intercourse to fantasy. You have a big heart to do all this thinks in the same room where your husband is staying.
You and your husband are continuously getting help from him and he wants to take the that advantage from your beautiful body and sexy boobs etc. You are doing it as you are you are accepting the relation is helping you for satisfaction as compared to your husband who is poor in foreplay.

Let's come to another point whether you will be pregnant or not? As per my knowledge is concerned one drop of semen is enough for the pregnancy so why you​are taking extra risk and expecting a disaster for you.

As like all other illegal relationship this may also hamper your primary living with your husband. There are cases seen in which the husband aware that his wife is being fucked by another male at night or other time but he couldn't protest due to his helplessness to overcome the financial burden.

Nothing good or bad. It's your decision to decide to continue for long term or short term .
answered May 16, 2017 by bubu_002 (2,760 points)
commented May 20, 2017 by arvindmiles0606182 (105 points)
Hi I really liked u r question

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