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My Masi's strange behaviour. How to respond?

asked May 13, 2017 in Questions by mikef143 (355 points)
Dear friends,

This summer days, I thought of visiting my Maasi's (Mother's sister) place for some days . My Maasi is hot and plump with a figure of 38-28-38. She can get any man turned on.

During the stay some incidences occurred which turned me on and changed my perspective of looking at her.

Her husband has his business and works from morning 9 and comes home after 10 pm. He travels to different​ state for business meetings. Maasi and her 4 yr old son weere left to my responsibility. While feeding her son she never covered her boobs. Few times she asked me to unhook her bra, etc.

One evening there was shot circuit and so there was no electricity for at least 12 hrs. I dont know what happened but suddenly I found my maasi completely naked. I was schocked. She hugged me and said so you have grown up now.

I am confused by my maasi's behaivour. What should I do next? I am now sexually turned on by my Maasi and can't resist. How to proceed?

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7 Answers

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Best answer
As per my observation it could be just that your Masi treats you like her son and hence she doesn't minds you seeing her private parts or it may be that she is horny and wants you to get turned on her and satisfy her needs .
If you weigh both are very dangerous steps for future .
If u trust my instincts what you must do is play safe , the reason to say this is because even my masi is very close to me and i too have lust on my masi , so what i simply do is use whatever opportunity i get to enjoy her like hugs kisses ...
You may start in similar way n go ahead her reactions will clear all your doubts ... Keep us posted
answered May 21, 2017 by pakkd17 (470 points)
selected May 31, 2017 by mikef143
commented May 28, 2017 by mikef143 (355 points)
Thank you so much for such a great suggestion ... I did as you advised , it resulted in best outcome . I started being close to my masi and enjoying her . I think soon we will be together .
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You seems to be a sex athlete.Your profile is interesting.Sex is the only objective of your lifeAt this age every member of opposite sex appears hot and sexy in your eyes.None is ugly and passive.Sex is selling and you are purchasing it to enjoy.Your attitude and behavior requires a change.After lusting mother's sister,your next target may be your mother or sister.If it is so it will be more disastrous.
answered May 13, 2017 by Motilal (8,040 points)
commented May 14, 2017 by mikef143 (355 points)
My maasi has always been very free and frank with me even if i get too close to her ... She takes me for shopping and all stuffs ... My confusion is that should i go for ultimate step of sex with her ...
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If she has no inhibitions to showcase her birthday suit then what are you waiting for, Christmas? Take off your shirt sometimes and openly flirt with her. Massage your dick in front of her and see what she does. She has given you all the green signals so gear up boy.
answered May 13, 2017 by gr8gaur (2,400 points)
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Please dont even let these things come into your mind about her, she is just like your mother.
answered May 15, 2017 by dinu7089 (130 points)
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Your getting crazy about your mom sister because she just said  you have grown up which doesn't mean she is interested in you
Your mind is not stable at present and your relationship with your masi and mom both will be in trouble if you try to do something silly on this matter
Brother becarefull she is next to your mom and Every women cannot join you on your bed
answered May 17, 2017 by pavan350 (1,355 points)
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Bro..listen. I too was in the same position some years ago. Due to this imprinted on my mom's sis, I faced some losses. Believe me it's not that hard for me to leave her, so it's easy for you too.

Is it fair to have affair with other's wife? NO. Think if it's your wife or your girl child, will you do it? Could you face the world ? (I am sorry if I am harsh). But remember good words are always harsh.

Take more think about this and make a perfect decision.

My advice: go to the gym, make a passion about something like music, arts, higher studies, business etc.

Have a good life..


answered May 18, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,330 points)
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Dear Mi,

The following points to be consider while moving forward
1. Observe her behavior and try to know about the thinking going on in her mind.
2. Talk to her frequently on various matter starting from family to personal, her like dislike, what she wants to wear etc.
3. Try to point out what attracted her towards you. Is she thinking for a replacement? Is she addicted to sex ?
4. Is she used these words as like a mature woman rather than a boy..

If she agrees to have sex then you can experiment many things that may lead to a great sex life with each other.
She is a mature and experienced woman so you will be expert after few days of practice.
answered May 23, 2017 by bubu_002 (2,760 points)

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