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Why do I get pain in my body after sex?

asked May 12, 2017 in Questions by alia (195 points)
edited May 13, 2017 by longhands1
Hi Anjali,

I wanted to ask you what should I do for the pain in my whole body. Me and my husband have been having sex twice every week. But whenever we have sex, it pains a lot all over my body.

He is rough in sex. I have told him to slow down and he has done so too. But still the pain continues. We roam in the house naked but I don't feel that's the reason. His way of having sex might be different as he sometimes wants it even when I'm not comfortable(or even in a odd place).

We have sex anywhere. Once we had sex on our terrace under the open sky (nobody could see us) and sometime even in the toilet while we take bath together. He is very sexual. He always wants my breast while sleeping and while I am cooking, everyday and every time.

But coming to the main point while having sex. My breasts feel throbbing pain and I can't even explain the pain in my lower portion below the belly.

Pls can anybody help!!!

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1 Answer

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It seems like you have forgotten some facts. In August 2016, you told us “Recently, I left my husband because of his increased sexual aggressiveness and intolerable acts like keeping me naked for 2 months, etc”.

Now, you are saying that you get pain in your body after having sex with your husband. Many of us are serious about providing good and meaningful advice and so look back at the earlier questions you had asked.

I hope you clarify my doubts before I can answer.

answered May 13, 2017 by longhands1 (78,150 points)

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