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How can I ask my girlfriend to try female domination?

asked May 5, 2017 in Questions by Tejdeo (170 points)
edited May 7, 2017 by longhands1

I am really curious about female dominance and slavery. But my girlfriend is not so much interested in it. I surely don't want to force her into anything. But I want to do something to get her interested and curious to give it a try.

I have tried talking to her about this but failed.

I need some guidance on how can I convince her.

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3 Answers

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Best answer

It sounds that she does not like this in the first place so you may never be able to make her practice what you want. There are two types of women one who love to dominate the bedroom and others have submissive nature and it seems that your girlfriend is of the second type.

However, whenever you get a chance, talk to her but do it in a healthy manner and just keep letting her know it is your wish that you want her to fulfill it for you. Give her some materials to read about female domination and ask her to see few porn videos of that category so she may start showing interest in it but if the end of the day she does not want to do it then you should drop the idea of convincing her for the femdom. 

answered May 6, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,285 points)
selected Jan 14 by Tejdeo
commented May 8, 2017 by Tejdeo (170 points)
Thanks Alpesh Kapdi... I'll surely remember what you said... I'll try to talk to her in a healthy way and make sure she doesn't feel she's being forced...
Thanks again
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If you are really interested in femdom, what are you expecting from her? What kind of femdom are you looking for?

Don't force her. You can gradually pull her into this kind of sex by showing the videos, articles, stories and make her realise by watching those you get excited and feel happy about. Make her realise you also want to try this.
answered May 7, 2017 by omkgrand (145 points)
commented May 8, 2017 by Tejdeo (170 points)
As an answer to what kind of Femdom I like, I'd say I like everything including submission, humiliation (in private), and overall a female led relationship...
It depends, to what extent she gets ready
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You can try watching female domination porn in front of her showing you extreme interest in it. Then she will understand by herself gradually and you can also get an approach to talk to her regarding this.
answered May 8, 2017 by sharmanatasha87 (805 points)
commented May 8, 2017 by Tejdeo (170 points)
I can do this
Thank you :)

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