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Did my wife have sex with her Boyfriend in my absence?

asked Apr 19, 2017 in Questions by naveen143 (215 points)

Hi.  This is the continuation to my previous question related to my wife.  

My wife had sex with her boyfriend twice before marriage. I now have two more doubts. The first one was that she told me that she had sex only twice before, however during our first night I had inserted four fingers into her pussy and it was very loose. I have penetrated her pussy with my penis very easily. She did not have any pain.  

Did she really have sex only twice before?  Will having sex twice make a women's pussy slot so loose?  

My second doubt is: Recently, I went for an interview and my parents went to my village. My wife called me multiple times asking me where are you? Did you reach the interview location or not and when will you come back?  After returning home, I checked her call logs and saw that her boyfriend had called her at the same that she contacted me.  

On that same night before having sex, she told me that I want to wash my pussy which she never did before sex earlier.  After she went to the wash room, I had smelled her panty which was wet (I didn't have any foreplay) and that smell was of sperms.  

So, did she have sex with her boyfriend on that day or not. Please clear my doubts.


I just now saw your last question. It has nothing to do with your wife but is a question about fucking your Mom. You should check what story you wrote last time? This happens when you operate multiple User Names and are not so smart enough to remember where you had posted what. Am awaiting your explanation.


commented Jun 22, 2017 by longhands1 (82,450 points)

Do you understand English?

You have not selected Best Answer for this question. You cannot ask a new question till you do so.

You have also not replied to my Comment to you in this question.

Your question is rejected.

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commented Jun 23, 2017 by naveen143 (215 points)
There is no link between my first and second question. I had to edit the question related to my wife. That is the reason I have stated that this question is related to my wife.

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7 Answers

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Best answer

First of all it was her past and you should not ask her about that. She was not committed to you at that time so what she did is none of your business and you don't have right to ask her such questions in a negative manner. Yes if you want you can ask her friendly but that should not effect your relationship atleast on this point.

Now talking about if she is cheating you or not then yes their are chances of that but you need to clear things off with her on a strict note as now it's your right to ask her if you feel she is doing something wrong or you can catch her red handed by planning some fake visit and instead you follow her.

If she is cheating then it's up to you what you want to so. If you think she loves you a lot genuinely and she is doing this because sexually she is not satisfied then you can forgive her and help her and if you think she doesn't even love you and this marriage is running just for the sake of relation then you have a dark future my friend.

Decision is all your at the end of the day.

First confirm the things and then give it a deep thought to it then give yourself options and choices and choose the best one for you after scrutinizing the situation.

All the best.

answered Apr 19, 2017 by sharmanatasha87 (905 points)
selected Jun 23, 2017 by naveen143
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" 'After returning home, I checked her call logs and saw that her BF called at the same time she contacted me', 'before having sex she told me, I want to wash my pussy', 'Panty smelled of sperms' ".

YES SIR! If what you mentioned here is true, she has CHEATED on you. As much as I want to think its all a coincidence, my instinct say its not.

Of course! Confronting her is like banging your head on a wall cause she'll never admit it, no woman ever does. So now the question is:

1. Are you going to confront her ?
2. If you're able to expose the truth then whats gonna be your next step, FORGIVE or SEPERATE ?

If you want to know the truth then directly confront her BF without ketting her know.
answered Apr 19, 2017 by gr8gaur (2,035 points)
commented Jul 17, 2017 by naveen143 (215 points)
I asked her if she had sex with her bf in my absence and she said no. I told her not to speak to him which she had agreed to and i had also warned her bf by texting not to contact my wife. He blocked her number now.
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Human instincts are the best however they may not be correct all the time as the biase towards something distorts the outcome.

What I suggest is you lay a surveillance system which will detect unknown persons coming and going out of the house.

Once you have proof then discuss this with your wife.

Or the other way out is just have a one to one discussion and let your wife that this is bothering you .

Best regards
answered Apr 20, 2017 by Tangent (475 points)
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This is not continuation of your previous question.That question related to your  mother,whom you want to fuck.

This question is related  to your wife,who has already lost her virginity before your marriage.She can't be trusted...two times or hundred  time is not important.Either forgive her or seek for separation.You may tell her,if she admits her fucking with that boyfriend in detail,you will excuse her.I am 100% sure that she was fucked by her boy friend.

I couldn't understand,why you inserted four fingers in her vagina,in place of 1 or 2 on first night.
answered Apr 20, 2017 by Motilal (7,520 points)
commented Jul 17, 2017 by naveen143 (215 points)
I told that i was able to insert three to four fingers in her pussy as it was that much loose.
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I would suggest you to directly sit and discuss all your doubts with your wife and give her clear warning that if you ever found her bf's any presence In her life than she have to face the circumstances. Let her know that if she's up for cheating she have to pay a cost for that .. and remember once a cheater Always a cheater
answered Apr 21, 2017 by rockstar536 (870 points)
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I do not think that two times having sex makes vagina too loose but at the same time it is impossible to tell that the vagina is loose just because she had sex twice. There are many factors makes vagina loose like some women have natural loose vagina and she might be one of them so do not doubt that she had sex with her boyfriend more than two times.

I would say since you do not have any evidence about her past just believe her words and be happy with her. Moreover, you should not judge your wife based on her past and it is a really good thing that she told you about her past herself so respect her past and be happy with her as that is what you have.  

As far as your second doubt is concerned, there are strong suspicious that she had sex with her boyfriend in your absence but again you do not have any solid proof so it would be foolish to hold her accuse without any evidence so the benefit of the doubt goes to her but I would say one thing that you should keep your third eye open and try to find out the more evidences to conform that she cheated on you where you are out of the town for the interview with her boyfriend.

One thing you should ask her why she did call her boyfriend in your absence and see her responses because her responses would tell you the most the story about her activities but only accuse her of cheating when you found out solid reason as it is a really sensitive issue. 

answered Apr 25, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (25,510 points)
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Dear N,

Before discussing your question please tell us what is the real time relationship with your wife. Whether she has good sex with you and you have great familiar life or there is disturbance in your life.

As per your words it is reflecting that you have doubts about her from the day of marriage. There are number of factors that depending upon the loosen of the vagina. May be refer from previous post of AA. Now a days it is common that boys and girls have had sex before marriage. You have to accept the truth if it is true.

To know the relationship with the boyfriend and doings in your absence you have to meet both of them independently to know their responses in indirect way. The guilty has a different look and reply.

You have to give her chance to share her problem and you have to resolve patiently.
answered May 16, 2017 by bubu_002 (2,760 points)

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