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Kamasutra Corner: Men on Top - Part I

asked Apr 13, 2017 in Articles by longhands1 (82,280 points)

Hi Members,

I am starting a new Corner called Kamasutra Corner. This will feature the various Sex Positions and the Pros and Cons of each Position. The Pictures given are for Illustration purposes and not for............(yeah, you guessed correctly). You will love this Feature. It will be featured once a Week. 

You can give us your Comments.


The Basic Man On Top Sex Technique

If you're sexually experienced, then you probably already know how man on top sex works.

But what you may not know is that this represents one of the easiest ways to give a woman an orgasm and satisfy her emotionally into the bargain. Truth is, with man on top sex, actually it is easy to pleasure a woman in bed. The reason? Because everyone loves man on top - it's intimate, there's lots of body contact, the man can thrust deeply, and the woman often feels safe and fulfilled.

But for the benefit of those who aren't familiar with how it works, the man positions himself over the woman with his weight more or less supported on his arms, knees and legs, while she lies on her back with her partner's legs inside or outside hers.

There are many techniques to use in this basic position, all of which give a different experience to the man and the woman - for example, if she has her legs outside his, her vagina won't be as tight as it would be if she had her legs inside his.

You can see how man on top sex works in the pictures below.

A lot of people think that in this sexual position the woman's movements are restricted by the weight of her partner, but that's not entirely true - a woman does have the freedom to thrust or rock her pelvis to some extent.

In fact, she can add greatly to the enjoyment of sex for both partners if she moves her hips to meet his thrusting with some energy of her own.

But why stick with the basic man on top sexual position?

Try, for example, having sex with the CAT. That's the "coital alignment technique", of course.

We all know that a woman's clitoris may not get a lot of stimulation during sex in the basic man on top position - for one thing, neither partner can reach it that easily.

But surely, you might say, it can be stimulated by the man's body pressing on it? And, yes, you'd be right, but to stimulate it in a way that helps her reach orgasm isn't as straightforward as you might think.

Basically, the partners need to rock their bodies against each other in such a way that her clitoris is gently pressed against his body.

This means no rampant thrusting: instead, after he has entered her, he moves his whole body upwards (in relation to hers) so that the base of his penis makes contact with the general area of her clitoris. Then they rock in a coordinated way, so that every time he moves up, she moves down.

The idea is to produce a series of small bumps between her clitoris and the general area of the base of his penis, so that she gradually builds towards orgasm.

So what happens when she puts her legs in the air?

The main difference between sexual positions comes down to two things. The first is the angle of penetration - the angle at which his penis enters her vagina.

Any change in the orientation of the two partners' bodies can change the angle at which his penis thrusts into her vagina, and of course this will change the sensations that both partners feel.

The other major difference, needless to say, is the tightness of her vagina - anything that tightens her vagina will tend to make sex feel better for him (provided there is still enough lubrication to ensure that the friction does not become unpleasant) and possibly for her.

Unfortunately many women find that even a slight change of angle of entry can cause unpleasant friction in the vagina; this is especially true if his penis begins to rub too hard on her sensitive spots such as her G spot.

Having said that, an interesting technique which makes man on top sex feel better for both partners is the one in which she raises her legs progressively further up his body.

The most common variation is when she places her feet on his calves, or wraps her legs around his thighs - see the pictures

She clasps him with her legs and pulls him into her

As a general rule, the higher she raises her legs, the deeper his penis will go into her.

What's more, she can pull him deeper into her, which is delicious for both partners, especially if she's into deep penetration.

This sexual technique can be very fulfilling for the man, since men often crave deep penetration - it's something instinctual, no doubt, about ejaculating as near their partner's cervix as possible.

But when we have sex for fun, such ancient genetic impulses can be used to enhance our pleasure - and if she's flexible enough to raise her legs as shown in the picture below, then both partners' enjoyment may increase greatly.

If she's even more flexible, this sexual position may offer great sex

As you might expect, when she gets her legs right back - see the picture below - the man can get his cock as deeply into her as he's ever likely to do. This can be very exciting, make him come quickly, and allow him to thrust deeply and powerfully.

Hopefully he's not going to thrust too deeply, though, for if he does he might hit her cervix with the end of his penis, which is sometimes very painful for a woman.

It's essential that both partners are able to tell the other what they want and don't want, so as to ensure sex is a great experience for both of them.


TO BE CONTINUED.....Next week.


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