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I love my husband but I don't have interest to have sex with him.

asked Apr 9, 2017 in Questions by SumathiAshok (120 points)
edited Apr 9, 2017 by longhands1

I am 37 years old and a home maker. My husband is 42 years old, working in a private firm. We have two childeren, one daughter who is 16 years and a son, who is 13 years. Both are students.

My problem is: that I have a sexual relationship with my neighbour boy. He is a student and is 18 years old. He used to visit my house many times. Seven months ago, one day I was alone at home and one thing led to another and we ended up having a sexual relation.

After being fucked by him, I got interested in sex with him and his sexual activities provides good pleasure for me. But this relationship has caused loss of interest in sex with my husband.

I love my husband a lot, but I get no pleasure in sex with him. What can I do to improve the situation?

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11 Answers

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I don’t  think you are being fair to your husband and children. Sooner or later, your Family will be aware of your dalliance with a boy, young enough to be your son. What then?

Since this boy is young, you have him under your control and he will also be anxious to please you, which will heighten your sexcitement. Somewhere your husband is to blame, for not paying attention to your sexual needs, but it is for you to rectify the situation. Since your young partner is supplying the carnal needs, you are not making an attempt to seek pleasure with your husband.

You will need to take a harsh decision and cut off all ties with this boy. I agree it will not be easy. The more sex you get the more sex you will want. There will be an emotional outburst from this lad. He will even be in tears, but you need to tell him that you are doing it for his own good.

You will always feel guilty when you look into your husband’s eyes. This clandestine relationship will end but the but the marriage bond with your husband will always be there.

Think wisely and at accordingly.

answered Apr 9, 2017 by longhands1 (80,975 points)
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Hi Sumathi,

I think you are asking this question here just to enjoy revealing your sexual relation with an eighteen year old boy. You are not serious about your family relationship. You know the cause of losing interest to get fucked by your hubby, and that is you have got the taste of 18 year old's hard dick with new innovation to re-explore your assets,

The only way to regain interest in your hubby and save the relationship is to stop the relationship with that boy and completely forget about the sexual satisfaction you have got, or else forget about family, enjoy sex as you wish, such as group sex etc.

answered Apr 9, 2017 by sexlovingboy (440 points)
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Hello SumathiAshok,

Seems you have a healthy and young  family.  Your husband works in a private firm and he takes care of you and your teen aged kids too. I can understand the struggle he takes to give wellness to  your family and to support you all well.

Your problem is that you made an unethical relation with a neighbor boy who is 18 years. It happened when no one was there at your home and he or you took advantage of the situation. Hope this boy is a regular visitor of you. And you both made a good comfort level at home among your kids and other family members. So he can get access anywhere in your family freely because of the comfort zone  and freedom that he is enjoying now. Please take a note of that you are keeping fire and explosive together. Since your daughter is 16 years and she got enough teen age looks he will have an eye on your daughterr too. Dont forget the boy could spread your legs in the bed, he can do it to your daughter too. Of course it's human nature.  

Yes, you are right as you said, "After being fucked by him, I got interested in sex with him and his sexual activities provide good pleasure for me. But this relationship has caused loss of interest in sex with my husband."

Obviously this will happen, because you already fulfilled your desire and enjoyed, when husband is back home to have sex with you, you do not have the inclination. You were fucking unethically, while poor husband is giving bread and butter to you and your kids.

You saying that you are loving your husband. It is a lie. Just think and  understand that you are cheating on him, Please don't do that .Please refrain from the unhealthy relations with that boy. Don't spoil your kids future since you have a daughter. You need to think very strongly about her and all your family members. Dont hurt your poor husband. We give great value to the family in our Indian culture.

Q: What can I do to improve the situation?

Ans: Avoid that boy with immediate effect, and refrain sex from your husband also for a short period. After a break both you and your husband can feel the pleasure and enjoyable moments.
You definitely will feel a change and you can start a new life with your loving husband.


answered Apr 9, 2017 by Boby123 (185 points)
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Dear Sumathi,

That was an apt answer given by Longhands. As long as your husband is not so modern like a cuckold or free enough for swapping and all, it is better to gradually bring down and stop the relation with the boy.

Other wise, your married life will get affected. The more you are tempted to have sex with that guy, the more you are getting addicted to him. That guy also needs to get married and needs to have a life of his own. Hope, you are doing it just for sex and nothing related to love.

Think of your kids. I know some cases same like this, where the wives later found it very difficult to stop their relation with the guys outside marriage. They lost interest in husbands. It took long time for them to recover. So, its time for you to think and act. Talk to that neighbor guy also about the difficulties and problems.

Hope, our reply helps. Wishing you all the best.



answered Apr 10, 2017 by Ajayeaso (295 points)
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Analyze why you are not getting pleasure from your husband’s dick. Is he boring and using only one position to have sex with you? Does not he do what you like in the bed? It might be possible that he is boring after spending a lot time with you he becomes used to such kind of situation and sex with you is a routine process for him so he may not put a lot of effort to please while the boy who is 18 years old is inexperienced one and puts a lot of effort to please you so you enjoy with him more that with your husband.

If you want to get the lost spark with your husband then you need to have discussion with him and express your desire and what you want from him as far as sex is concerned. Use many positions, use fantasy and try a new place to have sex with him and most important thing is that you should stop comparing him to that young boy as both are in different situations.

You should not forget that the boy has only one motive and that is too bang you as much as possible. Your question is not clear like what you want to do, do you want to improve your sex life with your husband while keep having sex with that boy or do you want to stop having sex with that boy if your husband provides enough pleasure? 

answered Apr 10, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (24,510 points)
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This is not good.You got a chance and utitilized it.Enjoyed him better than your husband.It is fine.It is unethical to deprive your husband,whom you love.Good relation with student of 18 year should not end in sexual intercourse.Come out of this and trust the capability of your husband.Doctor may be consulted to overcome his deficiencies.
answered Apr 10, 2017 by Motilal (7,165 points)
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Hi Sumathiashok,
Well, I understand your situation because I have been through the same condition and still fighting with the odds.
Both of us have kids a nice husband and I am with in laws aswell. I understand when you are married have a family it gets sometimes difficult for ladies like us to get satisfied but to sort it out extra marital is not always the situation. You have to keep calm and talk to your husband.
It's absolutely unethical that you stop believing in your husband just through the accident happened with you.
You can ask your husband to perform those things or what things satisfies you. Talk to your husband and then give him sometime. Show him some porns what you want from him.
Just have a thought on it if your husband does the same thing with you and how you would have reacted. Your son is getting mature now and he understands now what is happening around him.
Get some alone time ask yourself what are you doing and what consequences you may face if it gets revealed. You may loose precious relationships if you get caught.
Talk to your husband that you are not at all satisfied and you have complete right to get satisfied. Ask him to explore new things. Use different mathods, use sex toys or whatever,JUST TALK TO YOUR HUSBAND WHAT YOU WANT.
answered Apr 10, 2017 by sharmanatasha87 (900 points)
commented Apr 10, 2017 by konchamchilipiga (145 points)
good one dear.
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Dear S A,


There are situations in which male or female taking decision to have sex with other male or female other than their partners. Sex life not only links to the physical sex but beyond this. If you don’t have good communication with him and you both are maintaining distance due to various issues like familiar or issues of ego. There are also cases in which partners are much more concern about others than their partners and other partners doesnot support it.

When there is quarrel with other both trying to maintain distance. This is the best period in which another male or female entered into the life and become more priority element as compared to the permanent partner. You may not accept that the young boy will leave you after few years when he would get another opportunity. In this case you will desire sex from that category and it you will not get it then it will bring psychological issue for you.  The young boy will not marry. In case he agrees to make you his permanent partner then he will force you to leave your husband which would create serious situation. This type of situation happened to a nearby aunty in our locality.

Take a bold decision and talk to your husband about your dislike. Give him chance for revival for sex. Be friendly and don’t compare the size and pleasure to each other. There are also therapy to cure it but once it come to notice of your husband and children then you will be in terrible trouble. So take stuck of the situation and do something that will resolve the problem.

Please share what you decide to do and what you can’t inspite of our comments.

answered Apr 22, 2017 by bubu_002 (2,760 points)
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Sumathi, You are compairing wheat with that of a maize or two different grains! How a man in his forties can expected to compete with a man  in his eighteens? First of all ensure whether this new found lover of yours is of legal age or not! Else you could land in big trouble . Even under POCSO. Just assume he is of legal age for the sake of answering your Q. 

          You are in mid thirties and understandablly you need sex at this age. And what have happened between you and hubby does happens with 95% (Assumed figure)  of  couples of this subcontinent (Again Assumed). But as you have stated in your Question is true , you being in love with your husband then you need to stop this affair at once. Try to seduce your hubby. You might have discovered new techniques with your lover. Try to use them with hubby. He too have  right to enjoy them with you. Do not deprive him of his legitimate pleasures. But do not do it all of a sudden. Hubby might get suspious thinking how come you learned them after so many years. Try to tell him subtly your  more frequent need of sex! 

But first concentrate on seducing hubby. From all those years yiu have spent together you must  be having fair idea about what makes hubby go roaring. Wear transperent cloths for him . Wear make up . If  you are not using High Heald try them . There are many things you can do. But first of all say Good bye to lover without any delay. It might destroy not only yours but many other innocent  lives too! Remember cheaters are always caught . Best of luck. 

answered Apr 22, 2017 by prashant69 (7,045 points)
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Hi Sumati

Your state reminds me of my childhood days.18 years ago.

I had a lady in the neighbourhood who used to live right on top of our house. Her husband used to stay out most of the time and he was in the government services. Our family knew each other very well and still does.after evening games I used to go to her place just to say hello and see what her kids used to do. We developed a very nice friendly relationship  and I started visiting her more often. Then one day she started to share her emotions and she started to cry and we hugged each other. I always felt some heat for her my cocktail wanted to just enter her. We ended having sex in the afternoon when no one was at home. After that incident I was tempted to go to her place when ever possible and I saw she also wanted the same. Her life improved as she was happy and same here. Just that in my family people were slowly getting suspicious of why I am spending so much time with her. After a year my parents shifted the city due to job transfer and I lost touch.

But what I mean to say if all are happy then continue but be careful as such things do not go under noticed. So take measures and precautions. This kid might also tell his friends as he would like to Bost about him self or even get his friend along to have three some or more. So be ready for it also.

Best regards
answered Apr 23, 2017 by Tangent (455 points)
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Hi Sumathi,

You love your husband and your emotionally not cheating on your husband. And you should make sure that you are loyal to your husband emotionally

Sex is like a medicine, your body and mind both needs it, to rejuvenate and keep your mind and soul at peace.

Whether you get it with one or multiple, that depends on your body n mind. You live once, you can enjoy sex only upto particular age. Look at me, i have a beautiful and sexy wife, but post 5 years of marriage, i have multiple sex partner. Each one is different and get different level of satisfaction from each of them. But it do not mean that i do not love my wife or do not take care of her need, whether being emotional or physical. I am always there.

So just relax and enjoy the bliss. Get fucked by both as variety is the spies of life... Have a great sex life.
answered May 1, 2017 by M_ann16 (415 points)

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