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How to be a Sex slave for my wife and her boyfriend on Goa trip?

asked Apr 8, 2017 in Questions by Hubbythegreat (120 points)
edited Apr 10, 2017 by longhands1

Hi everyone,

I am from Bangalore and newly married. My age is 24 and my wife is also 24.  She is very pretty and looking very hot. She has a boyfriend and she is madly in love with him.

Suddenly, she asked me to arrange a trip with her boyfriend for a week. And she wants me to be a slave of her boyfriend. She said you are my slave and my master's slave too. So do whatever we say. Respect your master's  commands. She calls her boyfriend as Master.

I have a good nature and nice penis size of 7 inches. But she needs that 8 inches cock with his rough approach. I will accept my wife's decision. I would really love to become a slave for both of them.

I need suggestions on how to worship my Mistress and my Master for a week in Goa.

Pleasse help me to become an obedient and dutiful sex slave.

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4 Answers

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It is not a hard job to become a good slave but you have to keep your self-respect aside and follow everything they say during the trip whether you like it or not. Good slave never opposes any order from its master so you have to follow whatever the order they give you and you will become a good slave as there is no need to make any plan or training.

For example if your master asks you to lick his asshole, you should do it without any hesitation, if your mistress asks you to put your master dick in her vagina after licking it some time, you should do it. 

answered Apr 9, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (27,435 points)
commented Apr 9, 2017 by Hubbythegreat (120 points)
Thank u for ur response... i accept your point... what ever they say i will do.. and i love to be humilated by them in public.. wat can i do for it
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You have a great thing going. You are just married. You love your wife, she is madly in love with her Boyfriend, who is the Master. You love being the slave to both your wife and her Lover. Great.

Actually there seems to be no problems and you hardly need our advice. I am just curious to know whether you knew about your wife’s boyfriend earlier or got to know now, when she wants you to arrange a holiday trip?

You fit into the classic mould of a cuckold and I am sure there will be many Male Members here, who will want your advice. If you have been reading my Articles in Bull Corner (You can type Bull Corner in the Search Box on the right), you will get many TIPS on what you need to do.   

Your “good nature” will come in handy, as you will be required to clean up all the cum left in your wife’s pussy, by her Master. You can do this by licking it all up with your tongue. Of course, your wife may or may not allow you to cum yourself, with your 7 inches cock, as this is not going to satisfy her as you are aware.

You can worship your Mistress (wife) by shaving her pussy and then dressing her up in her favourite lingerie and be ready for the Master to ravage her in front of you. For added pleasure, she can use a cock cage to put your dick in and lock it so that you do not get an erection. She can even bind your hands and make you helpless, but this is after you untie the Master’s shoe laces and lick his feet. She can use hot wax on your dick, to give you excruciating pain.

Use your imagination. There are so many ways you can be humiliated. Do share your experiences when you return from Goa.        

answered Apr 10, 2017 by longhands1 (84,390 points)
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There are loads of ways and treatments that could be done to a slave by their master.

I don't have the same experience as you are going to have with your wife. But I used to be treated like a slave by my bf. I have been in 3 yrs of live in relationship with him (though was not married to him). He used to put me on leash and make me nude when I used to be at home with him.

In fact when both of us were at home on holidays and offs, I was not allowed to roam around and was tied to the window grill with that leash. Though during that period he was still unable to penetrate me from front but he used other parts to the extreme or to his or to our best.

His orders used to be my command. He humiliated me in many ways like spitting on me, calling me a cheap public ****, writing on my body that I am nothing but a cheap cum whore. The thing is I submitted myself to him completely. We never declared our relationship by words like we are in master-slave was just we were experimenting things in sex and we were consumed in it.

Though due to some psychological problem we couldn't succeeded in front penetration (for which I still realise if I would have done it) but my ass was used completely by him and I submitted it to him. There are many things that he had done to me but I won't go into that her, as it is too long..

Cut short, just a suggestion that if you are a slave then you don't need to do anything except one thing...just submit yourself completely and do what they order you.

You guys are really lucky that you have such understanding and now you are going to run on that path. So play carefully and enjoy the relationship.

All the best!!

answered Apr 10, 2017 by sharmanatasha87 (925 points)
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You have some great potential here!

I have no experience as a slave, but I do have experience as a master. As a slave it is easy: just do what your master says. Of course, your master has to know your limits and not make you do anything that you don't want to. You are not a prisoner... I suggest you all have an honest discussion about this before you go.

Let me tell you a story. About a half a year ago my mistress (my ex girlfriend) moved in with us (my wife and me). I posted a question here about this last year. In the beginning my wife really treated her as a servant, and my mistress took it. But very quickly my mistress enjoyed being the slave of my wife and did not want to change her role. Up to the point that my wife wanted to change the roles, to find out. They changed roles, and very quickly my wife wanted to stay slave also. Now it is great, I have two slaves just for me. I am their master and they will do anything I say. More, they both do their best to be my best slave.

Of course I know them both very well, and I know how far I can go. But it is great to have two slaves, and they love it.

So you could have something great going on. Make sure all three of you know how far you can go, and it should be awesome.

Good luck!
answered Apr 11, 2017 by pthomas85 (215 points)

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