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Is the time ripe to approach her for sex?

asked Apr 8, 2017 in Questions by lifeisjoke (125 points)
edited Apr 9, 2017 by longhands1

I am in contact with one of my close friends and she is married. We have already talked about sex talk over a chat.

This happened quite some time ago. But it has been quite some time since I a word or chat on the same topic with her. Some days back, I had an occasion to visit herr on her son’s birthday and I gave her a compliment that she is looking stunning.

I am not sure whether I should approach her for a sex or not. There is one more problem. Her husband is known to me and he is very aggressive and possessive about her. He always abuses her for small things and she is not happy with him for his personal behavior.

I am just expecting sex with her and in return, I also want to help her emotionally. Please help to identify the positive signs given by her that she is ready to have sex with me.

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4 Answers

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If it has been days since you talk to her about sex and thereafter never chat on the same matter then you should not stick to the old matter or commitment as there are fully chances that she has changed her thinking to have sex with you so you have to give her indirect hint when you meet her for her son’s birthday and if she gives positive vibes in return then you have a chance otherwise you should forget what happened in the past.

If she does not share the good terms with her husband and she has a lack of emotional support from her married life then you have a good chance to pull her close to you by using emotional swindle. Give her emotional support without asking anything in return, make her feel that you care for her and you can do anything to make her happy. I am sure if you show a patience and affection towards her then she will spread her legs for you and you can make your penis to roam into her vagina as much as you want.

I have an affair with one married lady whose husband is a doctor but being a doctor he cannot give her full time but he loves her and she knows that but still just by giving her a lot of time and taking care of her I was able to make her to lose the grip of her legs for me. She is a beautiful like hell and I am enjoying her vagina at least one time a week since last two years. 

answered Apr 9, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
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You are aged 29 now,how you dare to talk about sex with a married close you want to snatch her from her husband and destroy their conjugal relationship? Abstain from doing so and get married.Come out from the world of fantasy.You compliment to her on son's birthday,may not ignite her passion.Don't bother about her husbands behaviour,who is your friend.Mind your own business.
answered Apr 10, 2017 by Motilal (7,020 points)
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'You're just expecting sex', well then be careful cause if her husband gets to know about all this then you can expect just one thing from him. Remember, in future you too will be married and who knows you then find yourself in his (her husband) shoes.
answered Apr 10, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,950 points)
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The days you used to talk about sex with her are gone. She is married now so you should not interfere in her life and let her deal with it. It's her personal problem and she should deal with it in a family.
Yes she can share with you about her situation as a friend but that doesn't mean you use her.
It's her life let her fight. Don't make the situation worst for her.
answered Apr 10, 2017 by sharmanatasha87 (850 points)

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