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Does my step-mom know about me having sex with bhabi?

asked Apr 4, 2017 in Questions by abdul89 (175 points)
As I had told you in my earlier post, my bhabhi is pregnant now and so we dd not have sex daily. I love her body which is changing daily because of her pregnancy. Her boobs and her hips are becoming big and round.

Recently something happened that I want to tell you about. Since my bhabhi is pregnant, my step-mom arrived 3 week back. She is about 32 tears old and this is her second marriage, when she got married to my dad 2 years ago. She is very beautiful and has a hot figure. Her bra size is 38D and waist size is 32. She has a big bum.

This happened last week. I came from outside and went to the kitchen. It was my step-mom doing some work, but I thought it is my pregnant bhabhi as the room was a bit dark. I hugged her from behind and put my hands on her boobs pressing them, then I rubbed my dick on her hips. I was doing this for almost 5 minutes.

Suddenly my bhabhi called my name from her bedroom. My mom turned around and I was shocked. She was just smiling as if nothing hass happened. I ran away from there.
Now my doubts are:

Why didn't she shout when I was pressing her boobs all most 5 minutes?
Is there any chance that mom knows about my sexual relationship with her bhabhi relationship?
She didn't tell bhabhi anything about that day as bhabi did not ask me anything.

These days she is becoming more friendly with me. What should be my attitude?

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5 Answers

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Best answer
What I can make it out from your questions is that, men in your family are married with filthy females who can spread there legs to others too be it your sister in law or your step mom. Good for you but not so good for men who married to them.
You are little confused about your step mom knowing the fact about the relation between you and your SIL. What I think this is a different case, she may be interested in you not knowing that you and your SIL are already in steady relationship. Its just you and your SIL shares the secret. On that eventful evening when you hugged your step mom she may have thought that you wanted to seduce her, why should be thinking that you and your SIL are already having sex?
dont mix up things and enjoy the opportunities you are getting. I think you are lucky and are in safer position because both the women are married and both of them wanted to cheat there husbands and you are the lucky guy who got the double opportunity.

Being honest,
Mr. Honest!!!
answered Apr 5, 2017 by Mr.Honest (425 points)
selected Apr 5, 2017 by abdul89
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I think your step mom is interested in you and she is aware about relationship with your bhabhi
answered Apr 4, 2017 by Kumar198423 (115 points)
commented Apr 4, 2017 by abdul89 (175 points)
I will love to fuck her. Let's see. Today, she did which I did not expect. She came from the bathroom in towel. I was in the Hall watching TV and bhabhi was in the bedroom.

She looked at me, smiled and dropped the towel at the door and went inside. I saw her big ass.
commented Apr 4, 2017 by longhands1 (78,025 points)


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Abdul, Obviously your mom would have guessed that due to mistaken identity you did what you did. What if she would have thought that you on purpose have grabbed and touched her?You even can not clarify yourself telling that you thought  she being your bhabhi? 

It will be a complete giveaway! So do not panic and try to take advantage of the situation. From your juicy narration its quite clear that you like her, watch her, think her sexual way. So pretend that you did it on purpose. Next time praise her. See her reaction and you might get her. But be as discreet as possible because your bhabhi may not like it being jelous! And do not make her pregnant like you made her bhabhi. Situation would go out of control ?Take informed decision. And be ready to face the consequences of your actions. 

answered Apr 4, 2017 by prashant69 (7,010 points)
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Why You may fuck now you all female members in your family, please respect them.
answered Apr 5, 2017 by Brown Crow (265 points)
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Abdul your stepmother looks interested towards you because a men catches a lady from behind and presses   her boobs for 5 minutes and then that lady keeps quite and smile at you means she is coming towards you
Your stepmother knows that you are relationship with your bhabhi
Your stepmother wants you to spread her leg one day and it's very near for you
You may have threesome very soon too
Good luck bhai
answered Apr 5, 2017 by pavan350 (1,075 points)

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