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My son has given me 3 days to decide about having sex with him. Help!

asked Apr 1, 2017 in Questions by frustratedmom (120 points)
edited Apr 2, 2017 by longhands1

I am a 46 year old woman and divorced since 5 years. I have one child, my son who is 25 years and we are living together. From past 6 months, his behaviour towards me has totally changed.

He has begun to hug me often, kisses me on my cheeks, and hugs me from behind, when I am working in the kitchen. Last time, he poked his erect dick in my ass for the 1st time and played with my navel for a few seconds. He then kissed me and left the room.

That night, I peeped in his room through the keyhole, and saw that he was smelling my panty and bra and then masturbated in my panty. I know he wants to have sex with me. I thought of talking to him about this but I do not have the courage. Next day he hugged me from the front, kissed me on my cheeks and placed his hands on my ass and gently pressed it.

I pushed him and slapped him and asked what are you doing? I am your mother. Last night, I saw you smelling and masturbating in my panties and bra. He keep listening to me and told me that he is deeply in love with me and he is mad for my pussy and ass. I was totally blank after hearing this.

From that day, we only had normal types of talk. He stopped hugging me and kissing me. After one week, yesterday he was watching TV and I was in the shower. After finishing, I was moving towards my room only in petticoat without panty or bra. He quickly rushed towards me and grabbed me from behind. Then he put his hand on my boobs. I tried to push him away, but he was too strong for me.

He pushed me on my bed and opened my petticoat. I was totally nude in front of my son. I could not shout as he was my son. I was crying and begging to leave me. He then removed his boxer shorts anfd Tee shirt and kissed me on my lips. I tried to resist. He kept kissing and fondling my boobs. Then he licked my pussy and ass and fingered it.

Finally, he had sex with me. He told me: Mummy, I love you a lot. I know this is wrong but can’t help myself. I know you haven’t had sex for years. Please accept me as your lover. I will give 3 days to think about our relationship. I am not going to fuck you without your permission. Then he kissed me on my whole face and left my room. I kept crying even when he left.

I thought of police complaint but he my son and there is no one else in my life. I love him very much. I cannot lose him. I haven’t had sex for past 7 years, only masturbation. His dick was bigger than his father’s.

Should I accept him as a lover? Should I have incest sex with my son? I am in a dilemma. What should I do? I need someone to satisfy my needs also. I cannot have a new lover outside the home.

What is your advice?

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11 Answers

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Your description instigates me to say that you want his penis to satisfy your needs and in that case you can accept his proposal so you both can fulfill your physical needs. He is in search of the vagina and you need a real penis so you both have your own reason to start an incest relationship.

However, if you have a guilt nature then I would say do not say yes to him and make it clear to him that you do not want any kind of relationship and firmly say no, if he forces you then you need to warn him that you would complain to the police and ultimately you need to report to the police if he keeps having sex with you without your permission.

There are certain things wrong and immoral in the eyes of the society but that does not mean that this should be wrong for you and for your son too. However, before having sex with him make sure that this is the thing you want and you know what you are doing.

There is no need to justify your act to anyone if you know what you are doing. However, you both need to take care that no one would get suspicious about your act otherwise you would not be able to face the society’s criticize but the good thing is that you both are living together and he is your son so no one can doubt on it so you have an opportunity to fulfill your sexual desire but again take any decision after keeping all the aspects in your mind. 

answered Apr 2, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,820 points)
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Well, I am not judging you but I am feeling that you are too attracted towards this sexual proposal and enjoy sex with your son. Well if you need sex, there is no harm in having sex with your son. I am too enjoying in incest with my sister and mom both. See  you may feel a bit guilty in starting but if you can handle the guilt its good. You son too loves you and want to have sexual relationship with you. He is forcing you but so it is not a good sign. Try to talk to you son about it and make him understand what all you think about this relationship.

If you can maintain an incest relationship successfully there is nothing like it. Your son will love you like never before. Do take a sensible decision. Tc
answered Apr 2, 2017 by robotboy1 (695 points)
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Your son wants to be your husband sexually and he wants enjoy you
You too have not done sexual activity since 7 years
Your son wants badly and you too want him badly
It's better accept his offer it good for both
He will get lover nd you will get sexual husband
answered Apr 2, 2017 by pavan350 (1,130 points)
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Enjoy till he gets a girlfriend then, don't you have any affairs going on since you divorced ? Why did you divorce your hubby if I may just ask ?
answered Apr 2, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,940 points)
commented Apr 3, 2017 by frustratedmom (120 points)
ya we started enjyoing.He has an external affair.
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Kik on her ass to get out from home , or send him jail ,
As a mother you should teach him a good lesson.
and this is the best for him.
answered Apr 2, 2017 by Brown Crow (265 points)
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You should give consent immediately to your son.He is determined to fuck you and you also want fucking from him.His dick is bigger than his father.What about thickness and staying power? How many times he fucked you that day....I am curious to know.He practically raped you.Did he used condom...did you enjoyed. Every son loves her mother and daughter loves her father,and mother loves her son and father loves her daughter.....not for doing sexual intercourse.You have enjoyed incest with your son.Ask him to make you pregnant.
answered Apr 2, 2017 by Motilal (6,970 points)
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Hello mom,

We understood your  question and worries.

At first I do understand that you are least interested with your kid's activity and for his approach for sex.

As a mother your aptitude is right, being an Indian our culture and society is not allowing this type of relation ship

and there is no legal support in this matter. As a mother keep that divinity and make him understand your point of view and the pain that you suffered by him.

Ask him to give the freedom of your life and tell him you don't want to live like this. find out a good girl for him quickly and make his world change in to colourful.

You can see some moms doing this nasty relations with own kids and now they want to exit that relations and put questions in this forum how to exit.

 If you need a Man Pls go for legally and get married ,Let both of you start new life with new partners instead of incest relation ship.
All the best
answered Apr 2, 2017 by Boby123 (180 points)
commented Apr 3, 2017 by frustratedmom (120 points)
we already started i cannot be far from my son!I think am enjoying each and every moment.
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Hello..I think it's better to proceed if you too enjoy it. As you both already had sex and as you said you were away from sex from past 7 years better enjoy your incest relationship. but mother and son relationship is a divine one. But you said you got divorced from your husband.

If you think it's wrong just talk to him about this. Try to convince him for marriage. Get a good wife for him and good daughter in law for you. Hope my answer is useful to you..
answered Apr 3, 2017 by Cherry24 (150 points)
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I think its safe and comfortable for you.

You both need each other.
answered Apr 13, 2017 by nehakpr (140 points)
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They way your son started was genuinely affectionate. The way you responded connotes that you too wanted to have sex with him, your son --- you were coming from batch in petticoat, without underwear, which was surprising. You usage of words is suspicious though - sounds like written by a man. A mother looking for a genuine advice would not use such words as dick. They would say penis.
answered Apr 18, 2017 by nil_r1 (115 points)
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I think you should accept it.This is morally wrong but if you crave for sex then there is nothing wrong in getting it from your son. Just make sure that you don't get pregnant.

Another thing is to take care and act like a normal mother-son in front of strangers. Behind the door you can do whatever you want.

I am saying this from personal experience. Me and my mom are in sexual relationship for a year. I was the initiator of the act. But I never forced my mom. I tried to seduce her. Initially she resisted but gave up soon and now she doesn't mind me fucking her in any hole. We enjoy anal, oral and all possible positions. But make sure it's behind the doors.


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answered May 17, 2017 by Mayur_borse (145 points)

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