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My friend Shakshi has some more doubts. Please help.

asked Mar 29, 2017 in Questions by Aartikumar (155 points)
edited Mar 30, 2017 by longhands1

Dear Readers,

I am Aarti again. I am asking this question on behalf of my friend Shakshi, who is uneducated. Please refer to my earlier question for background.

My friend Shakshi, had a conversation with her lover and he is coming on April-10th. He has booked a salon for her makeover like waxing her body including private parts as well as the total change in her looks. He has also ordered a dress for her. Mini skirt, top high heeled sandals, padded bra and panty which she does not have the habit of wearing.

He has booked hotel apartment for 5 days where he will stay with her and he told her to enjoy with full passion and love.

He has asked her to swallow his semen this time as well and to lick his ass hole and he will do the same with her. He wants to have sex with her ass hole by using condom. He wants to have vaginal sex without the condom and he advised her to take tablets to avoid pregnancy. Yesterday, she said while having phone sex too much thick liquid released like spray from her vagina and when she asked him about it he said that it is normal.

These are her doubts:

She got many answers from you all telling her to make her vagina wet, so she wants to know if she should use OIL or GEL or CREAM? She wants to know whether if these things go inside her vagina will she get any infection?

Is it safe for her to swallow his semen and for him to swallow her juices coming from each other’s private part? Is it safe to lick each other’s ass hole?

Will it be painful to have sex in ass hole? Will there be any risks?

She also wants to know whether whole body waxing is painful? And are there any risks?

I am waiting for your Answers to convey to her. 

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2 Answers

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Artificial lubricants are always good to have smooth and painless sex so it is a good idea to use those lubes but no one can predict whether it gives her infections or not as that is the thing she can only come to know after using those items. If she gets infections with those artificial lubes then she should stop using it and needs to rely on the natural lube which she would produce after having enough foreplay.

Therefore, she can use it if she wants to use it as there is nothing harmful and most of the couples do use it these days as she would not be alone.

She can swallow his semen if she likes it as that is harmless and he can do the same with her but if she does not like it and feels it dirty then she should not do it just because he wants her to swallow his semen. She can lick his ass hole if she feels good to do it but again if she is not ready then she has a right to say no as she is under no obligation to lick his ass hole.

However, there are many couples who do it with their partner and it is called rim job and the most intensive thing to do while having sex so it is a good option to explore and have some new things in the bed but it should not be forceful act. If she never had anal sex then first time might give her pain but if she uses enough lube there and make herself ready to have anal sex then she can have it but she needs to be ready for the possible pain.

If she selects professional salon for the waxing job then I do not think that waxing would give her any pain so there is no need to be worried about the waxing at all. Overall, they both can have anal sex, can done the rim job and so many other kinky stuff provided she must be ready for it.  

answered Mar 30, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,320 points)
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It is better to feel wetness in vagina on sex arousal.If dryness persists,KY Gel....water based lubricant or coconut or olive oil may be used.These will not create any vaginal infection.There is no harm in licking,sucking semen stained cock and in swallowing semen.I am against licking of ass holes.Waxing of whole body doesn't required.Tell Shakshi your own opinion also.Discuss the matter mutually.
answered Mar 30, 2017 by Motilal (6,710 points)

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