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I am obsessed with South Indian women. How to stop this obsessive behaviour?

asked Mar 19, 2017 in Questions by $Rahul$ (235 points)
reshown Oct 20, 2017 by longhands1

I was sleeping with my office receptionist for last few months. I am 29 and she is 56. I recently changed jobs and for a few weeks was off sex with her. She actually called me up to tell me she was really craving for sex won't take any other guy/uncle's cock except mine.

At first I didn't feel like going because I wanted to stop all this and focus on career but my obsession with South Indian women / aunties took over my mind. Also the fact that she is a complete classic south Indian aunty from Karnataka made me want to just go mercilessly wild with her. I went to her house and we had really extremely hot rough sex in almost all common positions. I ejaculated inside her pussy 2 times.

I am not South Indian. I don't know why but I think I am unable to let go of her because she is a South Indian and I am really really obsessed with South Indian women. When I was 14 I use to jerk off everyday to South Indian Actresses.

Its like I become like a wild animal and get so horny and turned on by south Indian aunties and women.

Once while preparing for sex this office aunty (with whom I am having sexual relations since last 5 months) was removing her saree to get nude and the moment her panties came down I just got up  from bed and grabbed her ass and started fondling her and fingered her pussy violently. She got completely shocked and asked me why was I getting so wild and hyper. Even after I  ejaculated, I still wasn't removing my tool from inside her pussy and still fucking her and she got really astounded and shouted "ENOUGH" in a firm tone as if she was talking to me like my mom. Only then I got off.

Also I have a habit of just randomly fondling her e.g.Like grabbing her ass or pressing her boobs even when we are not having sex. She got angry many times but I just can't stop.

How do I let go of this obsessive nature towards hot south Indian women?

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2 Answers

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Hi Rahul,

The point is why do you want to let go off this obsession??
Everyone has some or the other obsession I am obsessed with big asses so do I stop looking or craving for them ?No is the answer
If there is no danger in terms of her husband or lover keep doing it !One thing you need to be careful is visiting her place because the moment you both get caught she will blame you for sexual assault,Rape,breaking into her house and god know what.
It's better you invite her to your place or find a good hotel and keep doing what you are doing right now and enjoying it.In terms of you being restless I suggest you jerk off before intercourse that way you are more calm and won't jump on her.
One more thing is you haven't mentioned you used a condom you should reconsider that and start using one.
answered Mar 21, 2017 by pritesh007 (680 points)
selected Mar 26, 2017 by $Rahul$
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It sounds that it is your preferences in women and that is normal. You cannot stop your obsession for south Indian women but you can have power over it with self-control. When I was in a college there was a south Indian girl and I was obsessed behind her even though I had a girlfriend as I could stop fantasizing her. I fucked her and cheated on my girlfriend just because I was fond of south Indian girls like you.

It’s like some like coffee over tea and south Indian aunty is a coffee for you so enjoy it. As long as this particular lady is concerned, I would say keep having sex with her as not everyone is lucky enough to bang the aunties and that too an office colleague so keep having sex with her and allow your penis to roam into her pussy, what is the problem in it, why you want to stop it.

If you have any complains then talk to her and mutually resolved it. You are normal and no need to do anything to change your behavior just be careful that no one would come to know about it. 

answered Mar 20, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (25,205 points)
edited Mar 20, 2017 by longhands1

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