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My Bhabi is pregnant. Can I continue having sex with her?

asked Mar 16, 2017 in Questions by abdul89 (175 points)
Hi to all,

This is Abdul once again. You may have read my last post. I had told you that my bhabhi is pregnant with my baby. My question is: can we have sex when she is pregnant? Will it have effect on my baby?

My  bhabhi wants me to continue having sex and she said she can't live without me. But due to her pregnancy, I am hesitant to have sex with her.

Please suggest: should I stop having sex with bhabhi as she pregnant now?

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5 Answers

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Best answer
I don't doubt that she will have already spoken to her gynaecologist about sex during pregnancy. In most circumstances, this is perfectly safe, as long as certain considerations are taken. In the latter stages of pregnancy, the missionary position is not really appropriate. Neither is very forceful sex. Apart from that, there is no reason why you shouldn't continue to enjoy an enthusiastic sexual relationship. Even at the very late stages of pregnancy, she could perform oral sex upon you, or if the two of you enjoy it, you could continue with things like anal sex. Many women find that their breasts become more tender as the pregnancy advances, so you may have two desist from any kind of breastplate, but then again, some women find it extremely exciting when their breasts become more tender, so let her be your guide in this regard. The reality is, she will in all likelihood guide you in what she wants to enjoy, and what feels uncomfortable to her. So let her take charge, and enjoy it.

Some women go completely off sex during pregnancy, while others find themselves even more sexually excited, and it seems like your sister-in-law is one of those women who finds their libido has increased. Whether or not you should be having sex with your sister-in-law is not for me to say. A person's morals of their own business, and we each have to decide what we find acceptable, and what we don't. But from a biological point of view, unless her gynaecologist is said otherwise, there's no reason why you shouldn't continue enjoying a full and very satisfactory sex life together.

If either of you have any doubts about this, talk to her gynaecologist, and follow the advice given.

answered Mar 17, 2017 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
selected Mar 17, 2017 by abdul89
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Ask her to consult a gynaec or search online. Definitely you can enjoy sex during pregnancy provided you're careful and respect the restrictions that you may encounter. I guess anal sex is safe if not vaginal. But don't get too excited and be gentle.
answered Mar 16, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,905 points)
commented Mar 16, 2017 by abdul89 (175 points)
My bhabhi like Reverse cowgirl ride is that will be good..
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Hello whats her lmp and edd.upto 3 months you should not and 8 9 months also you shoud not have between  you can have..but...during act u should not put prrssure on her abdomen.for this women on top is best..and blow jobs and hand jobs are good idea
answered Mar 17, 2017 by dr kalyan (380 points)
commented Mar 17, 2017 by abdul89 (175 points)
She do blow job n all this is for me what about her she also need to satisfied yaar
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Lay on your back and make your dick hard Now tell your Nympho Bhabhi ji to sit on your dick and then You Should start Pump to her Sweet Pussy to up side,
or on same your bottom Lay condition Your Sexy Bhabhi Ji may move slowly horizontally to eat your BBC on your thighs when your Dick is in her Sexy Yummy Pussy.
Please share more Adult story.
answered Mar 17, 2017 by Brown Crow (265 points)
commented Mar 17, 2017 by abdul89 (175 points)
We do this is she sit on me but my questin this is safe for us good for baby
commented Mar 19, 2017 by Brown Crow (265 points)
Above Position is safe for both Her and her Baby,
Because in this Position Your Sexy Bhabhi can Control how much she have to take your Dick in her Sexy Wet Pussy.
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Where is your brother? Why and how you made your Bhabhi pregnant is not clear to he all of a sudden become impotent?He should not have left his wife alone with a human beast like you.Sex can be done with caution,avoiding deeper penetration and heavy stroking,1-2 times per month.Give no pressure on abdomen.Your Bhabhi can't live without you,seems to be incorrect and reflects her dubious character.Beware of such unchaste women.
answered Mar 17, 2017 by Motilal (6,690 points)
commented Mar 17, 2017 by abdul89 (175 points)
To know how I made my bhabhi pregnant please ready my 1St question and my brother is around but my brother having business which need to look I m free n I love u my bhabhi that why I m there all the time
commented Mar 17, 2017 by Motilal (6,690 points)
The same lessons may be repeated by your would be wife after your marriage.....your children's,if any may be due to others seed.
commented Mar 17, 2017 by abdul89 (175 points)
It's all depends in time my brother is cheater n I know I did not tel my bhabhi his
About affair outside due to my bhabhi I know satisfied women Beacuse my bhabhi is to open with me she share everything with me for her I m more better them my brother

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