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My mom's secret. Should I keep it that way?

asked Mar 16 in Questions by dungeon_master (120 points)


This incident happened 3 years ago but it has really affected me and I think about it a lot even today. I was 16 years old then and my mom was 42 and dad 44. Both of my parents were working. I am the only child.

We had to shift to Mumbai from a small city because of my mom's promotion. My dad was still working in the other City and it was taking him sometime to get transferred to Mumbai. So that my studies will not be affected, mom and me shifted to Mumbai while dad was waiting for his transfer orders. Since my grandparents were not keeping well, dad finally decided that he will ask for the transfer after 6 months once their health improves.

During this 6 months, mom and me were alone in this big city. Mom did not know much about the people and office culture etc and was having a difficult time managing everything since dad wasnt here either. After sometime, she made some friends in the society and in office and then things got to be comfortable.

One of her friends was Nisha aunty. Nisha was a very smart lady. She dressed up for every occassion and was a head turner. I could see her having an influence on mom's thought process. Mom had also started to carry herself nicely. Also, she had started to flirt with some office colleagues in a friendly way just for fun. Nisha used to support her with this and both Nisha and mom were very open when they discussed these things at home. They even talked to me many times about getting a girlfriend and going on dates. I never had previously thought of my mom being so open about such things as she was quite conservative.

After around 5 months, one day my mom was very angry. She told me that dad had mentioned that it will take him another 6 months to get his transfer to Mumbai. I was also disappointed. Mom said this is because his boss was not ready to relieve him citing lack of replacement.

When mom told this to Nisha, she didn't say anything at that time. Later, I overheard her whispering to mom if this was really the case. Mom asked her what she meant. Nisha said, that since both you and your son are here, your husband must be having fun. He would be having a mistress and wants to continue having her for some more time. Her thoughts really started influencing my mom. She got quite angry, Nisha said there is a way to get back at him. She asked mom to come to her apartment at night when I was asleep.

I pretended to sleep but followed mom when she went to Nisha's apartment. I went in after her as luckily she had not locked the door behind her and hid myself behind the living room curtain. Mom had gone inside to the bedroom whose door was closed. Rest of the apartment was dark. After about 30 minutes, I wanted to leave because I was scared so I tip toed to the door. Suddenly I heard laughing sounds coming from the bedroom, curiousity took the better of me and I went close to the door and peeped in the keyhole. What I saw blew my mind.

Mom, Nisha and her husband were having a threesome! Mom was completely nude and on her fours on the bed while Nisha's husband was pounding her from behind. Mom was moaning and Nisha was standing close to her kissing her intermittently. They tried many positions and also at one time, mom and Nisha even sucked his cock. I got very horny on seeing the blowjob and immediately  went to my apartment to relieve myself and slept. That is the day I learnt of my mom's secret.

I am not sure what I should do now. I feel it was wrong that mom cheated on dad but at the same time I feel that we make a very big deal out of sex. So what if she gave her pussy to another man for some fun. Definitely she didnt feel a man for so many months and was hungry for sex. Is a casual sexual encounter wrong? Even now both my parents have a good relationship and Nisha was moved out of the city one year back.

I sometimes fantasise about mom with her boss also. Is this wrong? What if she really had sex with her boss? Imagining her having sex with another man turns me on. Is it ok for me to continue with this fantasy?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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7 Answers

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I can see your situation. You are citing an old incident and you did not tell what is happening now with your mother. Anyways, fantasies are too common. You saw your mom getting fucked and it was tremendous pleasure for you, I have seen that too and It makes you very horny my personal experience too. You wrote big deal out of sex ? See your mother does not have any shortage of sex. She is getting enough sex from your her hubby. If you are thinking of having sex with her drop that idea. You did not tell about the kind of relationship you are having with your mom. Is she open about things with you ? . Enjoy your fantasies but do not think of turning them in reality as you may have a bad time.
If you are thinking of telling this incident of dad ,no need to tell. At this point this may break their marriage so do not try any such thing.
answered Mar 16 by robotboy1 (605 points)
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You should write stories for bollywood. You are too good at it. I enjoyed reading your story. The narration was very good for a boy of your age.

I tried giving you benefit of doubt, but I got some more doubts about your story. If this happened 3 years ago, why are you telling it now? You must be mentally disturbed during that time and should have seek answer during that time. What happened to you suddenly that you are affected by your mom's secret affair?
answered Mar 16 by msms11 (130 points)
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Your mom goes to neighbor's house to have some fun and you're able to follow her and watch the entire episode without getting caught ? WOW! Normally people are very careful specially women when it comes to committing adultery but your mom is very careless in that regard.

Coming back to my thoughts on this entire saga, first you need to clear you head about what do you think. Whether this is right or wrong? In the second last para of your question, at one point you say that your mom did wrong cause she cheated, then the very next line you say that 'so what if she gave her pussy to another man'. So you have accused your mom and also given her clean chit at the same time. You need to make up your mind whether what happened was right or wrong.

Lastly, if your mom took this step just because her friend filled her ears saying imaginary stuff about her husband then pardon me for saying this but your mom is still a kid even at 42. She can be easily influenced and manipulated by others. Also, may I ask if any outsider talks bullshit about your father, won't you defend him or tell your mother to correct that person? What kind of son you're? He's your father, working hard to provide for both of you and all you can do is listen to whatever crap people have to say about him?
answered Mar 16 by gr8gaur (930 points)
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I think there is some problem with your browser and you messed up things. You actually might have opened two websites an adult story and this one and accidentally you wrote your story in AA.
Dude its hard to buy your story so better luck next time.

Being honest,
Mr. Honest!!!
answered Mar 16 by Mr.Honest (350 points)
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The only thing wrong here is that you stalked your mom’s moves and try to intervene in her personal life as it is not your business to look after your mom’s personal business so stay away from her and stop judging her situation and her moral activity. Yes, it is wrong to cheat on the husband but you are not in a positing to intervene here so you should not think about it.

You can fantasy your mom as long as you are able to control yourself and you are sure that you would not make any move towards your mom. Morally it might not be the right to fantasy about your mom but since it does not harm anyone I would say you can continue. I would say consider her adult enough to understand her deeds and the consequences of it. If she fails to play the role of responsible mom then you can let her know that you are not happy with her new behavior otherwise just focus on your stuff. 

answered Mar 17 by alpesh kapdi (18,385 points)
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Hi mate
Your story is really interesting but few things are really absurd.
First of all how could one leave the main door unlocked and proceed inside to have​ sex.
You mentioned that inside door was locked and you had to use key hole for peeping in. Again that lady forgot to close main door but closed door of the room...This is beyond my understanding.
Any way as your mother has been fucked by them and that couple has moved away, just take care they don't get into contact with your mother again.
answered Mar 18 by chinmay and chinmay (460 points)
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I have to admit you are quite the writer!
I am responding hoping that whatever you said was true it is best interest of you to inform your dad about this as he has every reason to know as a husband of your mom and as your father.
What you shouldn't do is discuss this issue with your mom because she has been brainwashed by her friend try to tell that one of your friends mom cheated on her father and later on got divorced some story like that.
answered Mar 21 by pritesh007 (655 points)

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