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My Experience with Incest and Some of your Questions answered.

asked Feb 21, 2017 in Questions by robotboy1 (695 points)
edited Feb 22, 2017 by longhands1

Hi people,

Thanks for your response on my earlier post about incest and thanks to moderator also. I thought I should write more on it. So I am going to present in the form of my Experience and what have learnt from it.

Q.1 Tell me about yourself .
A. I am telling this for the people reading for the first time. I am 23 old guy, with 25 year old sister and 47 year old mom. I am in sexual relation with both the ladies. I have been in relation with my sister for nearly 3 years and with mother for 8 month. It is all consensual sex. I live with my sister where I do my job. My mother visits us on weekend so we have privacy that time. I hope this is enough background of me.

Q.2 Why did you do incest?
A. Frankly I did not have any of thought with sister till my 20. I never imagined her in that way. When I moved to live alone with her in other city. My feelings started developing for her. I was sexually attracted towards her. I approached her and she was in the same situation thus it happened. My mom was already in affair with my uncle and my sister knew it but she never told me. One day our mom caught us that time my sister confronted her. Things were silent between all of us. We decided to let each other do what we want which later turned into mutual relationship and foursome too.

Q.3 Do you feel guilt ?
A. Initially yeah guilt was there. Being a boy it was easy for me to overcome the guilt but for ladies it is not easy. My sister cried many times and I somehow consoled her. After so many years now things are good. My mother is very strong emotionally. She did not feel much when we did our first intercourse, even she helped me to overcome guilt.

Q.4 What are emotional side of incest ? Is it purely physical ?
A. Initially incest are purely physical. there are no feelings involved. You get up from the bed and yeah you are back to normal. But slowly you will realize that you are falling in love with your own sister or mother. This will create problems. You will feel jealousy when she is being approached by other males. These feelings are complex and they only come after certain amount of time. The important aspect of incest is that it will take over you completely. physically and emotionally too.

Q.5 What did you do to overcome this ?
A. It is not as simple as it seems. It is tough to believe that it will give you lot of stress. You would like to ask your ladies don't connect to other guys, but they are not your ladies remember. Also feeling of seeing them as wife will also cause problem. I did only one thing. I imagined that they are women first and my relation after. Slowly slowly I removed this feeling from our incest now its going healthy.

Q.6 What are the perks of incest?
A. Yeah you read it right. Incest has its own perks. FIrst the bonding between your and your ladies would strengthen. Trust me you can't imagine this thing. You would obey your mom like anything and this is going to make her very happy. :D Yeah it sounds funny but now you won't feel like irritated by her orders. You would rather enjoy them. Adding to some physical details from my personal life. Earlier it was not easy for me to hang all the cloths on wire as it had my mom's bra and panties. Now I love that thing. i have even washed her underclothes. After bathing she come naked outside and roam in house as per her need. My presence does not bother her. Same is with me and my sister.

I started working on my body as I felt that i need some shape. While getting intimate none of us closes the door. Even when uncle visits for mom our presence is ok for them. When it comes to hygiene its a plus point.I love shaving my mom's pussy. As its a feeling of doing services for her and it gives best kind of foreplay to have a rocking intercourse. So incest are not that bad after all.

Q.7 Do fantasies really work?
A. It is another question which I read many times. I would love to see my sister/mother getting fucked by friend/uncle. These kind of fantasy are common. I am in incest so I would like to tell that these are not so enjoyable as they seems. First thing is that forget that your mom or sister would do anything because you are open to them. They are not your sex slaves. Such kind of people make incest a hell by blackmailing or forcing others.

Other thing watching your mom sister with others may seem enjoyable but after some time, it will give you a lot of jealousy and guilt. When I saw my mom first time with uncle. Uncle kissed her striped her and loved her in front of us only (my sister and me sitting there). Saying that we both know everything. I was trying to move my eyes. Her legs were open and when I saw her pussy. My dick was never that hard in life. So that time I enjoyed it so much. After the time passed I started feeling jealousy in that intercourse. So this idea is not that great. Yeah fantasies are working great even in incest.

You need to experiment and reinvent new ways of having fun. We do roleplay and try various costumes to excite and pleasure each other. So it is addictive.

Q.8 Do incest have any future?
A. Incest does not have a future of 5 minutes. You get caught and face the wrath of society or your family so never ever plan too long in incest. It is a temporary thing to be enjoyed and after that you come back to normal world. We have not decided what will happen after my sister's marriage or my marriage. We are enjoying so we are enjoying. I am young and I treat my mom like young. She can wear skirts, hot pants, sexy lingerie or dress whatever she want in front of me and she gets my attention. She herself told me that she feel so young after all of this. So this is kind of good thing. She is always happy.

Q.9 Do you use condoms ?
A. Initially I used condoms with my sister but when mom also joined in she suggested for pills. As it is not easy for my sister to go to clinic and ask for DMPA, my mother made easy for her, She and my sister both use DMPA for pregnancy and we can easily have sex without condoms.

Thats all for today. Thank you for reading this post.

PS: Physical details were provided to make you comprehend better.

featued question
commented Feb 21, 2017 by longhands1 (78,045 points)


This Piece is beautifully written. For a 23 year old, you write very well. I did check if this was a copy paste, but did not find any evidence. I have made this a Featured Question to show my appreciation.

You had posted this as an Article. But Articles can only be posted by the Editors. So was forced to change it.

If you keep writing like this, shall be forced to offer you an Editor's Post.

Keep writing.


commented Feb 21, 2017 by robotboy1 (695 points)
Thank you very much sir ! It is not a fantasy. I wrote what happened with me. I would be greatful to contribute to this website. If in future more incest question will come , I will contribute
commented Feb 22, 2017 by Motilal (6,655 points)
Incest is getting wide publicity here,the stories are non acceptable but delicious.It will break the backbone of human society,it will become cripple.Mother and sister have become an object of sex for you,you are calling them ladies.What a disgraceful....

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3 Answers

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I have critically gone through your adventures in incest and related answer of self made question.All through you have encouraged to do incest.We are not saints.It may happen accidentally with distant relatives,but in no case between father and daughter,mother and son,brother and sister.

You have polluted the pious relationship.Doing sex with mother is highly condemnable. Your mother kept you in her womb for nine months,you are irrigating her soil with semen.Behave like a human being.

answered Feb 21, 2017 by Motilal (6,655 points)
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Thank you for this. Your post is one of the best written that I have seen about incest and the realities of it. It certainly answers quite a few of the questions that we often see asks on this forum.

However, I have to point out to other readers that this is your experience, and the experiences of other people can be very different.

One of the really interesting aspects of your account is that your mum and (I presume) her brother have also been in an incestuous relationship, but you haven't stated how long this has continued. Were they incestuously involved during their adolescence? The only star after her marriage ended? And I can't remember reading the reason why your mum lives on her own. Is she went out, or divorced?

This leads me to wonder another thing: were you born with a predilection towards incest? I have read quite a lot about genetics, purely from an interest point of view, I'm not any kind of scientist. One of the things that I read a couple of years ago was that genetic experts now believe her person's sexuality is part of their genetic inheritance. My mum is bisexual, and I have always known I'm bisexual, right from when I was a little girl. It makes me wonder whether someone who enjoys incest does so because it is part of their sexuality? Did you and your sister inherit a predilection towards incest from your mum? I certainly don't know the answer, but is an interesting question.

As to where incest relationships go, your own feelings are that it will continue for as long as you feel comfortable with it. But you seem to think that once you and your sister are married, that's the end of story. This is not necessarily so for everybody

I receive a fair number of private messages and emails from people wishing to discuss incest. I guess they see my responses to questions on this forum, and the question I raised recently, and realise that I have a sympathetic view of such relationships. Why have to dismiss quite a number of the posts and emails I receive as nothing more than fantasies, there are still a number of correspondence who I find quite credible. As well as this, I am acquainted with several incestuous couples, and to families where multiple incestuous relationships carrying on.Two of the couples that I know, and who are friends of mine (though they don't know each other) brothers and sisters who live together as if they were married. One of those couples does so in the full knowledge of their parents, while the other couple ran away from to live together. One couple has two beautiful and perfectly normal daughters, while the other couple recently had a baby boy, and he is also perfectly normal, as far as can be taught. So, while robot boy seems to think that his relationship with his sister will end when he gets married, or when she gets married, this does not necessarily have to be the situation. I don't know how big a family he and his sister come from, but certainly his mother not only knows of their relationship, but is actively involved with both of them, as is her brother. He and his sister could live together as man and wife, and nobody outside his most intimate circle would know any different. The longer their relationship went on, the safer it would actually become. It is a sad fact that our older relatives die over course of our own lifetimes, and in most cases, by the time we reach our middle age, our older relatives are either dead already, or probably too old to be bothered what we are doing. Robot boy hasn't mentioned any other brothers or sisters, so there are few people, as far as we can tell, would even be affected by their relationship with each other, or with their mum. It's easy to imagine that if they moved to another city, they could set up home together as husband and wife, and it's quite natural from mum to live with her son or daughter. But that surely is up to them, and maybe all of them only see incest is a very pleasant but finite interlude before settling down to marriage. On the other hand, robot boy admits that he finds the love that he has his sister and his arm are much more intense and he might have imagined when he first started incestuous relations with. One has to wonder whether his sister and his mum feel the same way? If they do, then it doesn't really make sense for any of them to marry other people, when the real happiness would be to stay together.

I daresay robot boys post may cause some more outrage, or at least some adverse comment. Personally, I applaud him for having the courage to speak openly about his relationship with his mum and his sister. This isn't the usual prurient tile of sleazy sexual evolutions, merely some straightforward statements of how incest affects him and his family, and how they all feel about it. Most people know that I'm not really bothered about people's morals. Each of us has to decide what is right for us, and live with the consequences of our actions, if indeed there are any consequences. I always say if the things you do in life cause no harm to others, and there's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy them. As robot boy, his mum, and his sister, are doing no harm, and they are all happy together, who are we to judge?

I for one wish them a happy and loving relationship together.

answered Feb 21, 2017 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
commented Feb 21, 2017 by robotboy1 (695 points)
Thank you very much for your appreciation. Actually uncle here is brother of my father. We are only 2 kids.
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Hi friends.....
I am highly overwhelmed by reading R0BERTBOY'S article about incest. The most important thing is that he is well experienced in incest and mature in maintaining this relationship. As Longhand says l appriciate it. He should deserve the post of editor in future. He nicely elaborates n handdles not only his incest relation but can  give valuable advice to other being a well experienced guy. I am also surprised being in a so young age 23 he nicely manage n handle this relation. My best wishes to Robertboy fully as he keep it in this forom.

In fact, in every society, in every generation incest is present. Either we avoided it or not accepted due to guilty feeling about our relationship or social prestige or the issue of conception due to sex.  As the time changes a lot, we should think about it positively.  In our family, we all share our food, share our thoughts, eat together. So why not sex ? When both parties agree and there is no problem of hurting others, no jealously, no physical problem relating to STD, Child conception, etc. As Robertboy says his mother feels always young and his sister involving with him never search sex from outside. It means she never face any problem from other relating to love or sex. In proper time, she will marry to a good man which her family choose. And in future, she may keep relation or not, it depends on them.

Today, even all people fantacise about incest or EMA. But due to fear or guilty feeling or any other issue they do not do this and supress their feeling. For instance, l tell about my hubby who is 45 years old. He has so much interest in incest and wifeswapping and extramarital affair. So many times he does 4plays, romance with his own n related bhabies,  girl collegues and doing masturbates thinking them, when l asked him that why not you do sex with them n fulfill ur inner sexual interest. He said due to guilty feeling n fear and what may happen in future, thinking these he do not sex but think n masturbate.   But l am not like that before marriage l involved with my jijajee and after marriage with a internet friend of mine and a collegue of my hubby. My hubby knows all these. He even allow me to sex other but when l tell him to sex other, he fears.  But wastes time thinking about incentious things but do not materialise it.

What Robertboy says, we all are woman n men first then other relation. It is true. Sex is our basic need n we should fulfill it considering the sitution.
answered Feb 23, 2017 by nneha (325 points)
commented Mar 8, 2017 by robotboy1 (695 points)
Thank you mam for your valuable response. These are some beliefs that our upbringing has brought in us. It has been told us that do not think about our relative in sexual way. When these beliefs get broken down, you feel a new energy and freedom. I am sure you still have an active sex life and you enjoy with others too. As your husband is also ok with it. It is a win win situation for both of you.

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