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Can anal sex lead to pregnancy?

asked Feb 17, 2017 in Questions by vicky achillies (120 points)
edited Feb 20, 2017 by longhands1

I want to have anal sex but some people say that it leads to pregnacy. How to cum inside the ass without the semen reaching the vagina?

Is there any way to do like that?

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4 Answers

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You have just crossed teenage.Learn something about male and female anatomy,acquire sex knowledge.Anal sex is done in ass or anus,real sex in vagina.Both anus and vagina is not interlinked.Semen can't enter vagina,if you do anal sex.There is no risk to discharge semen inside ass.
answered Feb 18, 2017 by Motilal (6,710 points)
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People who are saying that anal sex leads to pregnancy are wrong. Pregnancy during sex can only be achieved only if you shoot your semen in the vagina of woman. Even if woman drink your semen she will not get pregnant.

Don't get half a knowledge about sex.It is dangerous. You can read articles,books on sex or even browse information about it on internet but it should be genuine.

You can cum inside anus or ass if you insert your penis fully or half into it. But take precaution that your semen entered correctly into ass only. If you shoot your semen over asshole then possibilty maybe there that some drops of it may enter into vagina unknowingly.

The best way to have anal sex is using condom. Because anal hole is not that much hygenic as stool comes out from there. It may lead to infection onto your penis. So my advice is when you do anal sex use good quality condom.

I hope I cleared your doubt.
answered Feb 18, 2017 by Raj Handsome (1,200 points)
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I can't believe we're still answering this question, time after time after time!!!

Girls anus and her vagina do not have any connection. If you ejaculate your semen in her anus, unless she makes a really determined effort to scoop it out and insert it into her vagina, in which case, she deserves everything that happens, you cannot get her pregnant from anal sex.

If the two of you have enjoyed anal sex, when you withdraw your penis from her, don't allow your semen to run out, down across the perineum, and across the lips of a vulva. I assume you are having sex in the doggy position, with her kneeling on her hands and knees. As soon as you withdraw, just tell her to turn over and lay on her back. That way there is not even the remotest chance, which would be incredibly small anyway, of your semen impregnating her.

Even if your semen did run down and trickle across the lips of a vulva, a rundown to clitoris, it takes considerable effort for any of that semen to make it to the top end of her vagina, where it could enter her worm through the neck of her cervix. Believe me, most couples can try for weeks and weeks or months, sometimes even years, making a determined effort to get the girl pregnant, without any positive result, so the chances that one random sperm could make it from the outer lips of the labia, all the way up her vagina, through the neck of a cervix, into her worm, then up one of the fallopian tubes to fertilise her eggs, while there is the remotest possibility, but it is so infinitesimally small, that you really don't have to worry. If you come in her vagina on the other hand, your semen will be deposited right at the entrance to her cervix, and you increase the chances by an order of magnitude, so if you want vaginal sex, where a condom, every time!!!

If the two of you are having sex regularly, you should really be discussing proper contraceptive measures. She could have a contraceptive implant, she could have an intrauterine device fitted, or she could take the daily mini pill. These days, men can also have a contraceptive implant which means that they cannot make a girl pregnant. It would make a change to see some of you guys taking responsibility, but it's not usually the case. You usually wait for us to do the sensible things in life, while you want to have your fun. Still, some guys do have a sense of responsibility, and I applaud them.

Now, having answered this question for the millionth time, I live in forlorn hope that we won't see asked again.

answered Feb 18, 2017 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
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No anal sex will not lead to pregnancy.
But you and your partner should follow proper hygiene for anal sex.
What me and my aunty do is
First my aunty use the toilet to clear out any stool left in her ass.
Then she cleans her asshole with soap water.
Then she lubricates her asshole.
Then we do anal sex.
I think you should do the same.
answered Feb 19, 2017 by dangerboy5 (450 points)

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