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Can I trust this Lady or am I being made a "bakra"?

asked Feb 12, 2017 in Questions by ranj (125 points)
edited Feb 13, 2017 by longhands1

Two months ago, I came across a lady, who was going with a male on the bike. She must be of 30+ years of age. I do not know whether the male who was accompanying her was her husband or not. I was driving my car slowly on the State highway. A few passengers had asked me for lift and this lady might have noticed this. She indicated that she wanted a lift. The man who was driving the bike asked me to stop. The lady got down from the bike and took a 100 rupee note from the guy and approached the rear door of my car. I instructed her to sit in the front seat. She was beautiful but looked depressed.

She had a number of mobile numbers written on a paper but did not have a mobile. I asked her where she was going? She said her husband (they were married for 17 years), is cheating on her since last one year and she thought that he was meeting her at the next bus stop, so she wanted to catch him red handed.

I advised her to relax, take some water, make any call she wants to make to any of her friend or relative for any sort of assistance. She took my mobile and rang her BIL and asked about her husband. I asked her if she needs some money. She kept quiet.

She got down at the next stop and gave her mobile number and took my number. After one week she gave me a call and asked for some Money. Again I went to her place, picked her up in my car and gave her some money. We spent almost two hours in my car. She was crying and cursing her husband.
I consoled her and asked her to be friend with me.

I came back and after some ten days again she told me to meet her and asked for some more money. I travelled to her place and gave her some money again. This time we spent four hours together. I do not about her but I have developed a bonding with her and within the span of two months we have met around five times. I would pick her up from the place she would suggest. We would travel here and there by my car and would have some snacks together.

Our interaction blossomed. She would give me a missed call and I would call her back. Though I am married, this was a romantic feeling for me. During the last three meets, she says she has forgotten her husband and now she has started developing feelings for me.

She would ask me to support her emotionally. She would say I don't want money, I just want your love. A few times her husband caught her talking to somebody on the phone and he scolded her. He was physically abusive  in one/ two occasions. (one time he had threatened me on the phone).

As far as intimacy with that lady is concerned, we have smooched. That lady never wants to be physical. More or less when we meet, I would present her some gifts. She says let us love each other emotionally not physically. Whenever she gets some free time she talks with me.( keeping a safe eye from her kids and family members).

Yesterday her husband was out of town. I requested her to meet me. She said she is busy in making some valentine gift for me and cannot come. I guess there is some storm in the kettle and need some suggestion to believe her.

Reason :- Earlier she would bluff her husband to meet me. But this time her husband was out of station, still she did not show any interest to meet me.

In her family, she has two kid (13 year old girl and a 7 year old boy) and her younger brother besides her husband.

My doubts:-
Does she really loves me? Is she speaking truth? Is she using me? How can a lady forget her 17 years bond with her husband for a person whom she knows only for two months?  Is she extremely sharp to use me for her purpose? Will that lady remain loyal to me?
When her husband was out of station in last two months for the first-time, why she did not spare sometime to meet me. Was there something more important to her on that day  other than me?

Please clear my doubts.

featued question
commented Feb 13, 2017 by longhands1 (80,190 points)

Please put ON your PM in your Profile or I will close this question in 24 hours.


commented Feb 13, 2017 by ranj (125 points)
Yeh Buddy ! I also believe I was beating a drum around a bush.I hope that was last patch of rain passed across.
Thanking you all.
commented Feb 16, 2017 by ranj (125 points)
The real dilemma starts here;as I told I has another sim,where from I would give her call as a  stranger on 13 th feb;
Initially she did not pick, subsequently after 2/3 calls I gave her a massage that I got your number after a number of efforts; I like you very much. Please do not tell to your husband. I shall help you financially, whatever amount you want. I you have faith on me please give a miscall; If not do not tell to anybody, I shall not call you anymore.
Then I called her 10 times by the new sim. After 3 hours I gave another massage asking her to give a miscall.
After one hour she gave me a miscall. Then I reciprocated her miscall by another massage thank you.
After One hour I gave her another massage you are the most beautiful lady in the world. Anybody can go mad to to get you. I had seen you at Shiva temple. You are awesome. Do not believe my word,go and have look of yourself at mirror. If you liked my appreciation then give one more miscall.
After one hour she gave me one the same instant I replied her back by another massage ‘thank you’.
These all thing I was doing with the dummy sim as a stranger to her.
After one hour she gave me a call and asked about myself. She was talking very slowly and perhaps was having a safe eye from other family members ( her husband was not around-I guess).I bluffed her by some dummy name with job as a civil contractor. We talked for two minutes. Then she discontinued saying my husband has come.
After two minutes again I gave her a call, which she did not pick up but after two minutes she gave me a miscall.
After 5 minutes I gave her call, she picked up and we talked for one minute.
At night on 14 th feb,I wished her valentine wishes at around 4 am.Again ,I wished her in the morning 6 am.( all these by dummy sim as a stranger)
Then there was call from her side .I picked up the phone ,it was her husband who scolded me like anything. He threatened not to call her in future or shall dire consequences.
At around 11 pm on 14 th feb,I visited her place not letting her know,went to the place where usually goes and followed her from a safe distance and asked Can we meet once as it was valentine day.( with the sim she knows as mine in original tone)
She refused saying she is with a lady. Also she said she is suffering from fever and she is going somebody’s home with that lady.
At the same time I would call her by the dummy Sim as the stranger. I asked her why did you let know your husband know all this?
She replied why you are making calls when he is at home.
I would continue conversations by both the sims in two different tone.
Whenever there would be call by the dummy sim, she would cut my call in the original sim and  would  continue with the disguised stranger (alas me only) ;she would not differentiate because I would change my tone drastically.
In the process she asked to meet her once, I said No it is not safe as I have not found faith on you, see your husband scolded me in the morning.
She said she has not fixed any game; I may reach her the place she would suggest.
After a round of negotiation I finally arranged a boy, explained him the plot and situation, offered him some money and he was ready to visit the lady place.
According to plan, I again gave her a call as the stranger and described about the guys get up as me and send that fellow in the name of the Stanger.
What that fellow said was interesting. She was waiting on the road adjacent to her home. When the guy went there in the name of the Stanger, their eyes met. They looked each other for ten seconds. The guy shook his head and she reciprocated by her gripping her fingers.
Next day Again Went to her place and inquired from her where she is. She said she is going to school. Then she cut my call.
Then I did call her by the dummy sim with change in tone and asked her where was she.
She said she is going to school.
By this time I put down the call and reached at school by my bike and having a cap on my head.
She was coming back and seeing her I just tilted my head so that she does not identify it. I was thinking of following her.
But she perhaps marked me made a U-turn and escaped away through the Gali near that school.
I noticed her escaping away and made a call” where are you” from my original sim in my own tone.
She said she is going back her home. I asked I am around and can we meet. She said she is having lots of jobs tasks to finish at home and cannot meet.
I put down my original sim and again called her by the dummy sim as a stranger and asked her where is she.
She replied she is going to the community hall and if I want I can meet her there. She told she wants to see me only and she will not talk.
I rushed near the community hall before her and again gave her a call. She said she is in front of community hall and I can proceed to meet her.
I said “come to the nearest park”, she said she cannot, and then she said if you want to meet, come near the community hall.
Obviously I should have not gone there, so she went back and after 10 minutes again I gave her a call and she said she cannot talk as her husband will come from office.
That was the climax and I shouted at her saying You *****; I am with the same person you were talking simultaneously; You are are making double cross; You had fooled me.
She said No; I asked why she lied saying I am going to home and proceeded to Community hall.
She said’ I was planning teach a lesson to the person who is giving unnecessary calls round the clock.
Then I scolded her like back and blue. In the evening her husband again called me in my dummy sim and scolded me heavily.
I know everything is over but she could not be proved illegal in her hubby’s eye that is my sorrow.

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6 Answers

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Best answer


Yours is a classic example of how men are fleeced when they think with their dicks instead of with their heads. You seem to be an educated man and yet you have fallen for an emotional trick (tears and sympathy) for a woman is obviously out to get her claws into your purse strings and heart strings.

Your first statement that she had a bunch of mobile numbers and no mobile should have rung bells in your head. She is a professional con-woman and I would not be surprised if she is a prostitute supported by a gang. You have been dancing to her nimble fingers. Have you noticed that she dictates where and when you will meet.

 I am curious to note how much money you have spent so far, just for a few mooches. And what about the gifts you have given her this far? Has she even given you a glimpse of her boobs? Wake up, man. The longer you persist in this affair, the deeper you will find yourself in the quagmire. Expect blackmail to follow. You must be now so emotionally involved that I see difficulty in breaking up and a bout of depression for you.

Have you been to the place she lives? Or at least seen the place? Do you have the address? Do you have a photograph of hers? Tell me why would she refuse to let you take a snap of hers?

The final straw seems to be her reluctance to get physical with you. She will drain you of your money and you will have nothing to show for it. Not even dipping your candy in her love hole to quote it with some juicy honey. Read some of the experiences of other Readers who have spent a fortune on the woman they thought they loved but finally got a cold shoulder from them.

About your doubts:

Does she really love me? Only time will tell.

Is she speaking the truth? No.

Is she using me? Yes , Big time.

Is she sharp to use me for her purpose? Yes, No doubt about it. When you have wool over your eyes, you see the world with blinkered eyes.

Will she remain loyal to me? Not for long. Once she unclothes you of your wealth, she will walk away.

Do post your Comments after a year , if I was wrong.      

answered Feb 13, 2017 by longhands1 (80,190 points)
selected Feb 13, 2017 by ranj
commented Feb 14, 2017 by longhands1 (80,190 points)


Thanks for being of help. We hope you have a peaceful sleep and be wiser in the future.

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You have not done proper thing by giving lift to unknown women.It is very risky,never trust these anonymous ladies.What they want or what they would do is even not known to God.
Dump her from your mind and remain happy.
answered Feb 13, 2017 by Motilal (6,970 points)
commented Feb 13, 2017 by ranj (125 points)
Today I have dumped her after crosschecking her intention.
commented Feb 13, 2017 by Motilal (6,970 points)
I appreciate the move.
commented Feb 13, 2017 by Raj Handsome (1,215 points)
Good decision and be loyal to your wife life happily.....
commented Feb 14, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,940 points)
And what exactly were the intentions, what did you find out if I may ask ?
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What a generous man you are!

Few things I would like to point out here:

A lady on a bike with a man asks for lift, why? Didn't you thought that the man could have dropped her all the way?

Then she tells you about her personal problems in the very first meeting, to an absolute STRANGER!!!
Who does that?

Her husband scolds her for talking to another man, if what she said is true... do you think her husband can afford to be a hypocrite??? Why won't she shout back at her husband and call him out on his own deeds?

You are giving her money and is there any guarantee that she'll return it? Do you plan to keep giving her more ?

'will that lady remain loyal to me'? ROFL ! A man who is cheating on his wife wants her mistress who is cheating on her husband to remain loyal to you? What are you planning to do? You want to divorce your wife?

If your wife do the same, would you be concerned ?
answered Feb 13, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,940 points)
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Only one thing from your whole narration I want to ask you man.....

How old are you ?  
Are you kid or what ?   

You seem to be a educated person and still fall in such stupid man !!!

I must say you are thinking by your head...ohh....don't be misunderstood....not top head...but bottom head..(Penis head)

Unknown lady was going on bike with a male and still she asked you for a lift....Have you ever thought why she did this ?.....Ohh...I forgot...she is beautiful so that made you blind and at that time you never thought about it....She succeded in her planning.....You being made a bakra....

As soon as she joins you in car, she told about her family problems to you immediately...Who does that in first meet with stranger ?.....ohh...again you never got her intentions towards you...Again she succeded...You being made a bakra....

Then she gave you her mobile number in that short car meet itself....who does that ?.......Ohh.....but you never noticed her trap then also...again ....she succeded....You being made a bakra....

After one week she called you and asked for went to her home and gave some she succeded in her planning.....You being made a bakra....

After 10 days again she called you for money and you gave her this time also.....again she succeded......You being made a bakra....

She never allowed you to be physical except smooching.....she said let's be connected emotionally not physically.....again you felt in her trap and she succeded...You being made a bakra....

Now her husband is out of town and you asked her to meet.....she now tells you that she is busy making gift for valentine for you....come on she any artist or what who prepares gifts by her hand ? This all she did to avoid you...she told you that she is making her valentine gift for you so that you will fall in her emotional trap....and this time also she succeded.....You being made a bakra....

I must say you man.......You are not evenbeing made bakra once......But many a times by this lady.......

Now you are asking us will she be loyal to you are not.....Who are you to ask us all this ?.....You are not even loyal to your wife and you are asking and talking about loyalty....

That woman will be loyal to you till you provide her money and when money flow from you stops the very next day she will leave you....Possibility may be there that she may have captured some pics between you and her when you met her in past.....she might blackmail you based on that......

Don't forget to comment after some months about you really being made bakra or not.....But I am damm sure that your answer will be yes......
answered Feb 13, 2017 by Raj Handsome (1,215 points)
commented Feb 13, 2017 by Raj Handsome (1,215 points)
You was not allowing yourself to trust her but unintentionally helping her with money and all.....That shows you trusted her buddy...
Leave it....coming to your query......Have you promised her to meet in that community hall ?.....

If yes then you can call her or message her saying that you have to go urgently to another town for some work purposes. Then later on if she ever calls you on your new sim card then tell her that you have changed your mind of meeting her.

If no then there is nothing to worry about whether she will come to know about   your crosschecking by another sim card....Believe me she will not do all the investigation and all..So chill....
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Stop contacting her. She is fooling you. Never waste money which is otherwise a saving for your family.
answered Feb 13, 2017 by kunjumon57 (430 points)
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dear friend,

you are assessing the right way, you have made bakra  and what happen till now is all the trailer

picture is still pending , she will fix u with big amount.

get out of her and stop meeting and talking her

all the best
answered Feb 13, 2017 by kapilh (1,030 points)

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