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My bhabi is hot and I have the hots for her. How to proceed?

asked Feb 7, 2017 in Questions by arush (120 points)

I am 19 years old and my bhabhi is 22 years old. I love her so much. I want to have sex with her. She is damn hot.  

We talk about everything and about sex. I am not able to confess to my bhabhi that I want to have sex with her.

 One day she just came and hugged me very tightly. I was shocked and I also hugged her tightly. But am not able to confess to her that bhabhi I love you.

Please someone help me. She drives me crazy .

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4 Answers

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You can take courage to openly tell her your wish. She is not going to slap you. Maximum she will say NO, but very unlikely
answered Feb 8, 2017 by kunjumon57 (505 points)
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Do you get proper erection at this age of 19,to stay longer in sex.Never lust for your Bhabhi and concentrate your mind in studies.You may kiss and hug her as a mark of respect.How do you know,she is hot.....I don't believe she is talking about sex....never go for sex.
answered Feb 8, 2017 by Motilal (8,035 points)
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You bhabhi may think you as her good friend and she feel good to speak to you and hug you as her friend that doesn't mean she want to have sex with you
You can try on her she may fall also but be careful she may feel bad if she was not interested in you
You bhabhi may spread her legs you have seriously work on it about what's her problems she facing in daily life and how you can solve those
You have to be close to your bhabhi if you want seduce her
answered Feb 9, 2017 by pavan350 (1,350 points)
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dear arush
in our indian society , Bhabhi is a peculiar  relation , she plays the role of  good friend , mother , sister or girlfriend for her devar (i.e you)

she  left all her friends, girls or boys and comes to husband's house , and Here  devar is the closest friend in the husbands house , so she will play with you , hug with you and asks help from you and even she may talk about sex with you , since in this place you are the only friend to her ,  

So don't think that she wants sex with you , she want love of a good friend.

Be friendly with her and give lots of love so that she may forget her mother's house.
answered Feb 10, 2017 by kapilh (1,205 points)

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