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Can my doubts about our Neighhbour Mom and her Son be true?

asked Jan 30, 2017 in Questions by mukul_rusty (480 points)
edited Jan 30, 2017 by longhands1


Me and my wife recently moved to a new flat. Next to our flat, lives a family comprising of 5 members (a son, his mom-dad and his grand parents). The boy's age is around 20. His dad is a physically disabled person from the lower part of his body and always on wheel-chair. He does not do any job also. His grand-parents take care of his dad.

Now, on the one hand his dad and his grand parents are leading a very simple and dull life (like no fancy dressing / grooming, and I have never seen them smiling much etc.), and on the other hand the son and his mom lead a very fashionable and happy going life. His mom is the only working member in their family.

I suspect that there is some thing fishy going on between the Mom and son, because of the following reasons:

i). They both go for Parties or functions together and return late at night. I have never seen any other member of their family going with them.

ii). The most suspicious thing which I have seen 2-3 times from my balcony is the son closing the curtains of the room in the night where his mom is sitting on the bed watching TV and after that lights get switched off but TV still remains on till midnight generally.

Friends, this is just a situation which I have observed but not discussed with anyone and so I am putting this here because of my curiosity to know if there is any sort of fishy relationship between this boy and his mom which is very hard to digest.

Your opinions are appreciated.

Thank you.

Have a great day !!!

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12 Answers

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Best answer
Dear Fellow users,

I would start with quotes of Albert Einstein: "Imagination is more important than knowledge". The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

This is enough to understand the questioner and he is receiving only harsh reply against curiosity. Does asking make him guilty? Has he made any offense which deserves such response (s)? Problems will arise only when he would had also tried to advance with them by taking advantage of their situation which is not obvious from his question.

Dear Mukul,

Whether your doubt is true or not that need to be established by simple but vigilant observations towards them. If you would have got a chance to socializes and spend time with them, it will become easily known to you. Situation are like that its possible (may be not) to have such relationships in this circumstances.
answered Jan 31, 2017 by whyiloveher2 (420 points)
selected Feb 10, 2017 by mukul_rusty
commented Jan 31, 2017 by mukul_rusty (480 points)
Thanks for the answer. I totally understood your point.
commented Feb 10, 2017 by whyiloveher2 (420 points)
Thnaks for chosing respone as the best.....
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Your description instigates me to say that yes there is something fussy rather I would say they are in a sexual relationship with each other. Sometimes I do not find the incest relationship odd if the situations justify it and I would say here is the situation I would say they are doing right things if they are having sex with each other.

There are many people who are into the incest sexual relationship and we should not judge them. What they are doing is their right and they can have fun with each other if the situation allows them to do it.  If the certain things are wrong and indecent as per the society then it does not mean that it is wrong for them.

I would say do not judge them and do not get involved in their life. Stop spicing on them and assuming things for them. You should focus on your life and on your goals. There are many things which are wrong and we should not do but still people are doing it as the world is crueler than we think.

So many odd things, out of context and many more but still the life is beautiful if we stick to your own business and our goal so focus on your life and let them do what they want to do. The opinion is the most dangerous thing in the world one can ever have as that does not require any effort and investigate.

It sounds that they have found the way to be happy with each other. Howevr, it might be wrong for many but that does not mean that they cannot go for it as they are responsiibel for their deeds.

answered Jan 30, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (25,535 points)
commented Jan 31, 2017 by mukul_rusty (480 points)
Dear Alpesh,
Thanks for the answer. I will definitely keep your suggestions in my mind.
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Oh how and nosy neighbours love to gossip and dream up prurient thoughts whenever they see something that sets their tongues wagging.

In the first place, what your neighbours are doing or not doing is none of your business, unless they choose to invite you into their confidence. Look to your own affairs, and the things going on in your own house, rather than spying on other people. What's more, whatever thoughts you might have, keep them to yourself and don't engaging gossip with others.

What do you know about this family circumstances? Beyond the fact that the lady's husband is in a wheelchair, and her husband is looked after by his parents when she is out at work, putting food on the table and taking care of the rest of them. You don't know how her husband came to be in a wheelchair, and it could be for any reason. It also doesn't mean that he is incapable of sex, just because his legs don't work. Paralysis affects those afflicted by it in different ways. As the lady has a son, her husband must've been able to perform satisfactorily at least at some point in the marriage. If his parents look fed up, it is probably because looking after a man who has to exist in a wheelchair is no fun for anyone. It's hard work, and depending on his particular problems, he may be unable to bathe himself use the toilet without assistance, or take care of most of his personal hygiene issues, leaving his parents to do all of that for him. While his wife is out at work, they have to feed him, clothe him, bathe him, take him to the toilet, and probably even have to wipe his arse for him. If this is the case, why are you surprised if they don't look very happy?

Given that everyone in the house has a life that revolves around a disabled man, when his wife and his son have an opportunity to get a little enjoyment in their lives, why should you automatically assume that they are doing something which you disapprove of?

Just because you have seen the lady's son closing the curtains in the bedroom at night, don't assume anything more than a son helping his mum. Perhaps he is closing the curtains while she is helping her husband prepare for bed. And what's wrong with them watching TV in bed?

Even if the mother was having an incestuous relationship with her son, is none of your business is it!!! Given that their family life is not exactly a bed of roses, or a bundle of laughs, would you deny the lady any chance of a morsel of pleasure in her existence?

As I say, is none of your business, you have no justification for your critical thoughts. Your neighbours, if they can't exist on friendly terms with you, at least deserve to be left in peace to get on with their lives.

answered Jan 30, 2017 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
commented Jan 31, 2017 by mukul_rusty (480 points)
Dear Sexysalma,
Thanks for replying.
First things first, You being a moderator please read my question again with a neutral mind. I can feel negative emotion in your answer without analyzing my question properly. I have just written my observation and shared with you people coz this website provides a platform to share one's views and opinion too.
Now answering to your one continuous used statement "Mind your own business". If this thing happens, then society will diminish. One should also not talk about film-stars, politicians and even to their relatives because that is none of their business and even here also one should not answer to any question coz that is also none of one's business.
Secondly, in my question I have not used any type of negativity for my neighbors. Do I wrote anything offensive to them? Have I wrote that they are doing some crime, some sin or some shameless thing?
Another point, you were mentioning about their family circumstances. No one can deny what you have wrote and its certainly true. I respect him and always keep this thing in my mind.
Mind is a free soul and can have any type of thoughts. No one can stop the mind to react unless you want to shut down your mind. But, I cannot always keep my eyes and ears closed whenever I feel to visit my own balcony or whenever my neighbors meet me.
Lastly, I am definitely not spying each of their activity.
commented Feb 1, 2017 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
I have no problem with you being curious about your neighbours, and what they may or may not be doing it is natural to be curious about things which may be a mystery to you. However, the fact that you are posting your questions on an open forum shows that you are doing more than wondering in your own mind. You are drawing attention to somebody else's lifestyle and their circumstances. If your neighbours happen to read the posts on this forum, you imagine that they would not guess that you were talking about them? Furthermore, any of your other neighbours in your vicinity were quite likely guess that you are talking about this family. This is how nasty little rumours spread around, and can often finish up making life intolerable for people who do not deserve to be put in that position. Whatever they may or may not be doing, if they're doing no harm to anyone else, then they should be left in peace to enjoy life the best way they can. They don't need people crying into their private affairs.

Because celebrities and politicians feel it necessary to tell the world about the things they are doing, usually through carefully planned press releases, "anonymous" comments on the Internet, and making sure that the paparazzi can photograph them in order to increase their notoriety, doesn't mean that the rest of the world should either pay any attention to their nonsense, nor should the rest of the world try to imitate them. So your argument doesn't hold water. Celebrities and the like deliberately expose themselves one way or another, as there is an old saying all publicity is good publicity, no matter how notorious it might make you. For someone who lives with the sole aim of basking in public adoration and attention, to be left in the shadows is like being dead stop in this days of instant celebrity culture, far too many famous, simply for being famous, not for actually doing anything noteworthy, or achieving anything worthy of remark. Today's newspapers and TV news bulletins bandy around the word "celebrity" or "hero" far too easily. As far as I'm concerned, the hero isn't someone who scored a test century, or scored three goals in the FA Cup final, the hero is someone who puts his own life at risk running into a burning building and saving other people's lives. A celebrity is someone who has done something genuinely worthy of praise. Not somebody who has given people a glimpse of her boobs, or spent his time boasting how many women he slept with. These are the type of people who crave the sort of attention that you are giving to this family.

If you don't like what I had to say, that is your right. I'm not replying to comments or posts on this forum, simply to curry favour. However, I suggest you analyse your own reasons for posting the original letter, and question yourself as to whether it was a good thing to do or otherwise. If you're neighbours wanted the world to know what they were doing, I'm sure they would have shouted it from the rooftops. But instead, they're just an ordinary group of people who are stuck with some unfortunate circumstances, and the way they deal with you their family life is no one else's business but theirs.

commented Feb 2, 2017 by gr8gaur (2,035 points)
edited Feb 2, 2017 by gr8gaur
Dear SexySalma,

With all due respect and no offence to you of course but this logic of yours 'if your neighbors happen to read on this forum...' in you words 'doesn't hold water'. What if all the husbands read on this forum about their wives wrongdoings and vice-versa? What if a mother/father gets to know that their child knows about their dark secrets? Why do people post their randezvous with their mothers, aunts, daughters and sons? This platform I thought provides an opportunity for people to put forward their queries which they can't express openly, if they can't do so then why are we here? And as for being nosy, sorry to say but its all human nature, haven't you ever read a letter or diary that wasn't yours?
commented Feb 3, 2017 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
This is my last comment in reply to you.

I have no problem with people writing in to tell forum readers about their own situations. If a person chooses to confess that they are doing something which may be of interest to others, or doing something that would make them notorious, that is up to them. My objection is purely because you are talking about somebody else. If you wished to admit that you were doing something worthy of attention, then all power to you. However, you are reporting about someone else's details. If they wanted the world to know about them, they would tell us themselves.

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Your thinking about them is unwarranted.It may or may not be true.Why are you bothering about your neighbouring members.Remain busy with your own affairs and take care of your wife.You are not a social reformer,can you change them.Stop spying their activities.
answered Jan 30, 2017 by Motilal (7,540 points)
commented Jan 31, 2017 by mukul_rusty (480 points)
I am intentionally not spying on them, thats what I can say.
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You please do just one thing - keep your mind in your own business.
answered Jan 30, 2017 by SamRin (765 points)
commented Jan 31, 2017 by mukul_rusty (480 points)
You probably can also do this by not answering to my question.
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Curiosity kills the cat and you're no different. Whenever one see something different or out of ordinary, they want to quench their inquisitive thirst. The only way to know is get friendly with them and observe them closely without making it obvious. And don't ask any questions to them or others, keep your curiosity hidden and try to pacify it by observation.
answered Jan 30, 2017 by gr8gaur (2,035 points)
commented Jan 31, 2017 by mukul_rusty (480 points)
Thanks for the answer Mr. Gaur. I liked they way you kept your suggestions towards me in your answer.
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I totally agree with what Salma said. I was about to tell all that what she said.But I read her comment first, then thought she explained it properly and in well manner.
It's none of your business what your neighbours do in their personal life. Would you like her son being spying into your bedroom looking for some intimate seens between you and your wife? No, Right ?
I think this explains you more than enough.

answered Jan 30, 2017 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
commented Jan 31, 2017 by mukul_rusty (480 points)
Dear Raj,
First, I am intentionally not spying on them. These observations I have made during my routine day to day life and I cannot always keep my eyes and ears closed whenever i go out of my house.
And also, what is the point of saying that if I do something then he will also do the same thing. Tell me one thing, If I stop observing them and always ignore them, can You give me a written guarantee that he will also not observe me or spy me in the future. No one can give.
commented Feb 3, 2017 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
You are not understanding my point mate. I am not saying that you are spying on them. It can be unintentional too. I am also not saying that just because you are watching them then to take revenge he will do the same....I just wanna say that even if you see them intentionally or unintentionally, don't indulge in their personal life. Afterall who are we to discuss their personal issues. They are having their own personal life. I advice you not to waste your your time thinking all this. Instead you can do fruitful things in life..Life is too short..
Good Luck...
commented Feb 3, 2017 by mukul_rusty (480 points)
Dear Raj,
Thanks for reply. I understood your point of view now and i will take of course.
commented Feb 3, 2017 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
Thanks mate....Good Luck....
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I may be right or wrong but as you mentioned in above questions about a mother and son relationship its look they are living a incest life but it's hard to believe how could it happen its a such relationships which cannot be done this way
How can qwomen cheat his husband to have sexual life with her own child it looks disgusting
I pray to myself your doubt about their sexual life may not be true
I hope they don't spoil mother nd son relationship
answered Feb 2, 2017 by pavan350 (1,215 points)
commented Feb 3, 2017 by mukul_rusty (480 points)
Thanks for your response Mr. Pawan.
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The worst that can happen is mom- son incest which is no crime as per Indian law, if done consensually. It does no harm to anyone. Why should you be bothered of it? Only they two have active life in the family. Let them do whatever they feel good and not an injury to others. As you imagine, there need not necessarily be any incest. Pls don't spread any gossip.
answered Feb 2, 2017 by kunjumon57 (505 points)
commented Feb 3, 2017 by mukul_rusty (480 points)
Yes true. I agree with you.
Thanks for the response.
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Yes, your doubts could very well be true. It could be that the mother is not able to satisfy with her husband and thus chose to have an incest relationship with her son. And the husband could not say anything as she is the only earning person right now. The woman's in laws might not be aware of this relationship at all.

Another possibility is that the the woman, her husband and her son sleep in the same room. You must have seen the woman but could have missed out her husband. Her son was pulling the curtains for privacy. You never know.

Whatever is the case, you must keep this to yourself away from spreading any rumours and gossips in the society. It can be harmful for the family's image. You never know what circumstances they are going through.
answered Feb 2, 2017 by Anonymous101 (430 points)
commented Feb 3, 2017 by mukul_rusty (480 points)
Thanks for the response.
I understood your views and in agreement with the same. I will not spread any rumors for sure.
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1) does it at least any way related to you business?
2) you are simply rotten
3) please don't lust her and you are afraid of her grown son
   if u have feelings for her its up to you how to seduce her bt don't try to bet on doubts or malign their relation
answered Jul 17, 2017 by akkountwast (115 points)
commented Dec 5, 2017 by mukul_rusty (480 points)
1). They are my neighbours. Or else I will go out  of my house blind-folded everytime.
2). Baseless comment. Simply ignored.
3). Thanks for suggestion, but not accepted.
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Hi mukul rusti,

I think you want to increase your knowledge. And want to know the world. Right?

1) Reason for not having Incest relation b/t mother-son.
Because she is his mother. Moral values! Husband is still alive! Don't want to destroy her son's future!

2) Reasons for Incest relation.
A. You said her husband is physically disabled.
B. Mom and Son are very close to each other.
C. Son's age is 20. So he is quite mature!

I think they are involved in mother-son incest relationship. Now question arises what will you do if you know they have incest relations? Will you be happy if she found another man other than her son?

If you think having sex with son will destroy her son, this will not always happen. Even having affair with another man can destroy mother-son relationship ( please at that time don't tell that boy " this is none of your business, your mother is adult, she knows least she is happy and she is getting something your father could not provide ... And Blah blah blah")...having sex with anyone other than spouse is immoral.

So having sex with another man is not better than having sex with son as long as it is consensual. We should not use " moral value" as a double standard.

And you should be happy for that family and they are not disturbing others. May be his father knows the relation ( 1% chance). And they are trying to find some happiness in difficult situations.
answered Dec 6, 2017 by Kitkatray (355 points)
commented Dec 12, 2017 by mukul_rusty (480 points)
Dear Kitkatray,
I too think the same way. Thanks for your answer.

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