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Can I get intimate with my best friend without having intercourse?

asked Jan 22, 2017 in Questions by ash777888 (120 points)
edited Jan 22, 2017 by longhands1

I am a male, aged 22. I have a best friend of the same age. We were having sex chat many times. Now, now we have planned to be intimate with each other, which means we will be doing everything apart from intercourse.

There are lots of questions in my mind. Is it OK to do this? Will our friendship last? Should I have oral sex with her? I have no plans for intercourse but what if she loses control?

Please help me in this situation. Reply urgently as we are planning on getting intimate today night only.

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6 Answers

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Why dont u want to penetrate her? Is there any problem with u or u r scared something like pregnancy or STDS may happen. If so you can always use protection.

I think since both of you are willing to get intimate then why not . Its not that you are forcing urself on her. At least thats what i understood from your question. Just enjoy good time with her,. There is no harm in doing oral sex provided that both of u are healthy and clean.

About friendship it will get more intimate if u both enjoy the moment u spend together.

answered Jan 22, 2017 by Diwash (795 points)
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You may enjoy any women or girl without doing sexual intercourse.Oral sex,69,hugging,kissing,embracing,fondling of breast/ penis and licking /sucking of entire male/female body,will give you infinite pleasure to both partners.Try this,it will pay you dividends and life time pleasure.
answered Jan 22, 2017 by Motilal (6,745 points)
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Since you both have been indulging in Sex chats, the next logical step would be to progress to sexual foreplay.

The funny part about Sex is that it is vey difficult to draw the line, where you are going to stop. It always progresses to the next level. Sex generally ends when one of the partners or both reach an orgasm and there need not be penetration for that to happen.

Yes, no harm in indulging in foreplay and kissing. You have not told us whether you have marriage in mind. Since you both desire this, go ahead. Why do you think she will lose control? It can happen to you too in the heat of the moment. If you have fears about making her pregnant, then use condoms. In any case it is better to keep condoms ready….just in case ….  

answered Jan 22, 2017 by longhands1 (78,360 points)
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It is called friends with benefit and you are not alone who wants to do FWB. You can have an intimate relationship with her if this is what you both want but make everything clear before having an intimate relationship with her and let her know what are the boundaries you both should keep. If you both have agreed to terms and conditions then you both can go ahead and can have fun together.

There are chances that she will lose her control once you both are into the act so you should keep the condom in your pocket as a safety. If you both wish then there is nothing wrong in having safe sex that means intercourse. It would be better if you both discuss all the possibilities before engaging in the act. There is no need to take too much tension. Enjoy each other’s body since you people are not doing anything wrong. 

answered Jan 22, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,335 points)
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Hey bro, you are lucky that you got such a friend who like to be intimate with you.

It is ok to do this act, no harm in it.

This act will not harm your friedship as you both are going to do it with each others consents.

You can have oral pleasure with her like kissing body parts , sucking, blowjob, 69, french kissing, sucking her nipples and breasts, fingering her pussy and lot more.

You asked if she loose control, what to do. Bro,there is also a possibility that even you can also loose control and would penetrate your penis in her vagina. So, don't forget to keep condom in your pocket at every time you plan to be intimate with each other. In sex, there is no any law to be followed that you should do one thing after another. All the acts are natural and comes in heat of that moment. So never predict anything when you both intimate each other. Just carry on what your body wants. That's it..

Best of luck for today night...Happy session....

answered Jan 22, 2017 by Raj Handsome (1,200 points)
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I am not going to explain much in this as it has a simple answer.
Both of you guys are adult and know what you guys want to do. Their should be a mutual consent whatever you want to do and go ahead. Just keep condom with you weather you want to do intercourse or not. If situation goes to intercourse then you will be relieved that you have protection with you.
answered Jan 23, 2017 by sharmanatasha87 (805 points)

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