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My husband's friend touches and presses my ass. How to handle this?

asked Jan 12, 2017 in Questions by Namrata rani (120 points)
edited Jan 13, 2017 by longhands1


I am Namrata. My husband’s friend name is Sunil. He lives side to our house. His window is opposite our bedroom window. One day I was changing my clothes in the bedroom and was fully nude. He was at his window and saw me fully nude.

Since then he is coming to his window and is fully naked. I have even seen his cock and erection. When he comes to our house and my husband is not looking, he presses my ass.

I cant tell my husband this as he will get angry and may do anything. He is hot tempered person.

Please give me your suggestions. How to handle this matter?

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commented Jan 12, 2017 by Motilal (7,420 points)
When he press your ass,about turn and grip his penis,see what happens next....

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5 Answers

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This is something where you should bring your husband into the matter to get it resolved. However, you may do one thing, let him clearly know that what he has been doing is immoral and you do not appreciate his efforts in any way. You need to be very loud and clear to him that if he does not stop touching you inappropriately then you will let your husband know about it and be firm on your decision if he touches you after clear warnings from your side.

You should not let your window open as your open window might send him wrong signal that you are interested in him. Always keep your window close and be careful when you change your cloth as he might get the impression that you showed him your naked body calculatedly so he has been taking advantage of you.

You should not allow him to be in your house when you are alone so he could not take the advantage of you. If after doing all the stuff if he still finds the way to touch your body then you should tell you husband no matter what as you cannot allow him to touch your body inappropriately. 

answered Jan 12, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (25,205 points)
commented Jan 12, 2017 by gr8gaur (2,035 points)
Shout at him or warn him in a straightforward tone.
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If you are enjoying his acts than its ok. but if you think that he is wrong and he is crossing his limits then you should immediately raise an alarm against him.Your husband's friend is thinking that you will not say anything that's why he is doing this kind of act.Inform your husband at once without thinking of his anger.may be he can handle the situation more intelligently.But just beware of that man because he is trying to have a relation with you.
answered Jan 13, 2017 by rockybaba21 (330 points)
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Hello Namrata,

I don't believe you have a choice, you have to tell your husband. Your neighbours behaviour is totally unacceptable. Him seeing you naked was totally an accident, though I must admit, if I was in your shoes, I would have closed my curtains before stripping off. You have to be aware that some people cannot behave with decency and honour. You also have to consider that, the first time he saw you, it was probably accidental. If he had been any kind of gentleman, he would have turned away, instead of standing there ogling you, but this guy is no kind of gentleman at all!!!

You say that your husband is hot tempered. Hopefully that does not mean that he hits you. A man who loses his temper and lashes out is an unpredictable and loose cannon. If he makes a habit of lashing out at you, then I would suggest you should carefully consider whether you wish to remain married to him!!! However, if you have married a decent man, albeit one with a bit of a temper, he should take your side, and if he punches your neighbour for his disgraceful behaviour, then it's nothing less than he deserves!!!

Next time your neighbour touches you in any indecent way, slap his face as hard as you can, and shout at him to stop behaving like a disgusting perv. If your husband is there, he may well hit your neighbour, but even if he isn't, your neighbour needs to know that he cannot get away with groping you and behaving like some kind of creep!!!

It is a shame that you didn't say something the first time this happened as I'm sure that it would have ceased immediately after telling your husband. Even at the risk of him going round to his neighbour's house and, using a typical Londoners expression "ironing him out!!!"

As a woman, you should be able to walk around in your own house the way you want to. And you should not be subjected to molestation of any kind, either in your own home, or anywhere in public. The sickening perverts that grope women on trains and buses, and in crowded places, should be exposed for the sick creeps that they are. I am a great advocate of sexual freedom, but that does not include the right to grope or molest women who are not inviting such activities. Any men reading this, please please please, behave like a gentleman, not like some sicko!!!

answered Jan 13, 2017 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
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If you do not like his advances, slap him on the face. If you like his actions, grab his cock and invite him for some more actions for enjoyment .....
answered Jan 15, 2017 by zena69 (1,850 points)
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As a woman, i am sure this is not the first time you are fending of unwanted attention.

He is taking liberties with you , because you obviously gave him a lot of  non-verbal signals , so much so he is totally confident of what he is doing.

Its pretty easy for a lady to signal someone that she is  not interested. If this person is persisting in-spite of your repeated signals that you are not interested, a safe approach would be

1) close all windows looking out towards his house
2) inform him that you are not comfortable with his presence
3) inform hubby that you are uncomfortable with his presence, and explicitly stop all invitations to come to your house

Saying your hubby is short-tempered, is just an excuse for you, to justify your actions to yourself.
answered Jan 15, 2017 by blind_man (160 points)

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