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Article: Some weird KISSING facts 99% of people don’t know

asked Jan 11, 2017 in Articles by longhands1 (80,265 points)

Some weird KISSING facts 99% of people don’t know

A kiss can mean different things depending on the culture and context – it can express respect, greeting, friendship, sexual attraction, love, passion, romance, sexual activity, sexual arousal, among many others....

A kiss is the touch or pressing of one's lips against another person or an object.

It means different things to different people, depending on the culture and context – a kiss can express various sentiments like respect, greeting, friendship, sexual attraction, love, passion, romance, sexual activity, sexual arousal, affection, peace and good luck, among many others.

Also, in some situations a kiss is a ritual, formal or symbolic gesture indicating devotion, respect, or sacrament.

We all kiss for one or more of the above reasons.

But how much do we know about kissing?

Here are 11 things most people do not know:

  1. The scientific word for the study of kissing is “philematology” while the scientific term for French kissing is “cataglottism.”
  2. A variety of studies show that couples that kiss regularly tend to live longer.
  3. The word “kiss” comes from the Old English “cyssan,” which in turn comes from the proto-Germanic “kussijinan” or “kuss.” It is believed that the words come from the sound of kissing.
  4. An average of about 2 calories is burnt for every minute of kissing and a passionate make out can burn up to 6 calories a minute.
  5. About 10 million to 1 billion bacteria is exchanged in one kiss. Still, kissing a sick person is less likely to give get you ill than shaking their hands.
  6. The average person does enough kissing to fill up two weeks of his or her life.
  7. A full-on French kiss involves up to 34 facial muscles. Many muscles, are involved in kissing and the most important of all is the orbicularis oris which allows the lips to pucker.
  8. Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat of Thailand set the current world record of kissing on February 14th, 2013 with a 58 hour, 35 minute, 58 second long kiss.
  9. The Romans divided kisses into three categories: a kiss on the cheek or “Osculum”, a kiss on the lips or “Basium”, and the deep kiss or “Savolium”.
  10. In ancient Rome kisses were used to complete and sign personal contracts.
  11. When you kiss someone for the first time, the neurotransmitter dopamine is released. Neurotransmitter dopamine is a feel-good hormone that makes you crave more, but can also make you lose your appetite and make it very difficult for you to fall asleep.

Now, sincerely speaking, how many of these facts did you know before now?

Have fun by asking your friends…

commented Jan 11, 2017 by Raj Handsome (1,215 points)
Thanks for the article Longhands. I didn't know any of such facts before this. Haha !!

Pics were erotic too...


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