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How can I get my aunt back?

asked Jan 10 in Questions by Coolcracker420 (225 points)
edited Jan 11 by longhands1

I used to read sex stories a lot. One day I got feelings for  my mom's sister. So, to become close to her, I acted that I have a pain in my cock. I told her that doctor  said you should masturbate.

I asked my mom's sister to teach me to how to masturbate. We used to talk about it alot. I used to tell more hot stories. One day I said to her can you be on the line when I masturbate. She said ok. But I dont know about that so I cant teach you that.

She is married, but has no children.  I even sent my nude pics to her.Then she said what is this? I said it's by mistake.She asked me why you keep those pics in mob. I said it's jst for fun.

One day I proposed in msg that I love her. I also said that I saw her nude and I think of her 3 years. I also said that I used to search her bra and panties. I sent a lot of text that I want a kiss from you. If you love me you can give it on phone. After a lot of msgs She called to my landline.She said that I'm ur pinni.

I will tell your parents. She also said that if I am near you I might slap on your cheek. Then after some time we again used to talk casually. I said sorry to her. I used to send her hot videos. She used to say why are you sending these. She said I will not talk with you. We are not close like before. I can't understand her opinion on me. I recently cummed in her panties, but I noticed an angry look on her but she did not ask me at all. I dnt know her opinion on me.

Please help me.

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2 Answers

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Best answer
You seem to be just another Pervert. Please understand that woman don't get turned on by your stupid texts and dirty pics of your useless body. Stop harassing her and be happy that she has not informed your parents or police. Although I wish she filed a complaint against you at cyber police.
answered Feb 26 by maya75n (545 points)
selected Feb 26 by Coolcracker420
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What is your age 15 hours ago,when you asked this question.Your doctor advised you to masturbate for pain in the cock.You tell a lie to mother's sister.It appears that before talking to mom's sister,you have no idea about masturbation.She will taught you.Everything appears to be a concocted.
answered Jan 10 by Motilal (4,735 points)
commented Jan 10 by Coolcracker420 (225 points)
My age is 22 .I made fake situation to make her know that I wanted her
commented Jan 11 by Coolcracker420 (225 points)
Please help me Anjali aunty.i want to know whether she was interested in me or not. if you want I can tell you some more incidents
commented Feb 26 by Coolcracker420 (225 points)
Hello, iam not a pervert. I loved her a lot. But as I think she doesn't like me and I dnt want to force her because there is no love in that. How can you call me pervert without knowing all the incidents

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