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My best friend is always looking at my breasts and ass. Are his intentions bad?

asked Jan 7, 2017 in Questions by Sweety pie (125 points)
edited Jan 9, 2017 by longhands1

My best friend is male. His eyes are always on my breasts and ass. Although he never has made any bad move, still I am afraid.

What should I do to make him aware of my fears?

featued question

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7 Answers

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If a man keeps looking at your breast or ass after 2-3 minutes , then yes, his intentions are bad. But if his it happens rarely, like once a day, then i am not sure. If you catch him looking at your parts when you are not looking at him, then definitely his intentions are bad.
answered Jan 9, 2017 by Subaruyagami (330 points)
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There are possibilities that he has a bad eye on you or he might be doing it unintentionally. However, since he did not do anything that makes you doubt on his integrity I would like to suggest you to let him know that the way he looks at you, you feel uncomfortable as it is your right to let him know that you are uncomfortable with certain things he does even though if he does not have bad intention towards you as it is the matter of comfortable.

If he gets upset then let him be as you cannot do anything to make him happy if you are not comfortable with his gesture then you should let him know ASAP. If he is a mature friend then he would understand your issue and will improve himself. Communication is required rather than speculating what his intentions might be. You are saying that he is your best friend then why are you not able to talk to him about your feelings. 

answered Jan 9, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (24,535 points)
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What you have just noticed in your male friend is not something new. Most women have this complaint about their male friends.

Scientists have found evidence which suggests that that the first thing a man notices about a woman is her chest or her waist rather than the eyes or face. They concluded that the reason for this was that the male inspects potential mates for child bearing.

Since we see this behavior on media and television, in daily life too, man begins to follow what he sees.

The researchers arrived at the conclusion after attaching eye-tracking devices to 36 men that measured how long they looked at something. The experiment was not just limited to men, 29 females were also tested.

The participants were shown pictures of ten women with three body shapes:  curvy, thin or medium build.

The researchers found that men gazed longer at women's bodies than their faces, particularly those with larger breasts, narrower waists and bigger hips. Also, women looked at other women's breasts and hips more than their faces.

So, you should not be worried. It could be just a reflexive action. There may be nothing in the mind of your admirer. If you really don’t like his stare, you can tell him about it or turn away every time he looks He will get the hint. 

answered Jan 9, 2017 by longhands1 (80,975 points)
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be cool and dress properly . he is a man and he is supposed to stare. u can tell him to look @ ur face while talking
answered Jan 10, 2017 by spillaimailbox (110 points)
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I think it may be bad intention or he likes to have sex with you if ur willing and ready to have sex with him try it or avoid him.
answered Jan 15, 2017 by rkmr003 (105 points)
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I think he had got bad intentions as you have mentioned he always looks to your breasts and ass but if it happens once in a while then it is fine.


Alford, Please turn ON your PM if you want to ask a Question.

answered Jan 19, 2017 by Alford king 21 (105 points)
edited Jan 19, 2017 by longhands1
commented Jan 20, 2017 by longhands1 (80,975 points)

Alford King,

You dont seem to understand English. I have told you earlier that you cannot assk a question, unless you turn ON your PM (Personal Messenger). 

Your question is rejected.


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I don't think his intentions are bad, he just appreciates and admires your boobs and ass. I don't think there's anything bad in it. If you have Good boobs and good ass and if your friend appreciates it. I personally won't mind it
answered Feb 15, 2017 by lovely2019 (120 points)