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Are Lesbian Massage parlours available these days ?

asked Jan 5, 2017 in Questions by zeens (425 points)
edited Jan 6, 2017 by sexysalma
Hey Friends I'm Zeens 20years old female from Bangalore and I really wanna thank you friends for taking your precious time to answer my questions.
My question is many times I have seen questions regarding "Sex in Massage parlors or blowjob in Massage parlor "etc. I just wanna ask you is these a reality or just fantasy that guys are posting here, because many times I have visited massage parlor but I never got feeling like these girls are prostitutes, they are so beautiful and professionals .?

If yes then answer me are they ready for "Lesbian sex also” have any female user done any oral sex with masseuse.

And how to approach them?

Thank you

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5 Answers

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Such massage parlors exist in reality. However, these parlors work secretly so no one can easily get access to such massage parlors. The parlors you visited might be a professional one so you had not got the feelings like that and those parlors never do such things. If you want to have a lesbian sex then there are parlors but you need high contact to get access to such parlors. I would say being a girl you cannot get access to such parlors easily. Stay safe and be extra careful as such parlors are not safe one since those are against the law. 

answered Jan 6, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (22,860 points)
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Hello Zeens,

This is one occasion where I can't be much help to you. I know nothing of the sex scene in Bangalore, or anywhere else in India for that matter. I can tell you that massage parlours in London cater for both men and women, and many of the girls who work in such establishments are equally happy to pleasure a girl as they are a man, and ofttimes they are more keen to pleasure a girl, as there is less risk to themselves, either from violence by the customer, or the possibility of catching an STI.

If you want to have a sexy massage, I suggest you phone up the massage parlour in advance, and ask them if they cater for women, and whether they offer special services to women, but make sure that you specify that you want a woman to massage and pleasure you, not the guy. I'm sure that some of the massage parlours will be only too pleased to help. Alternatively, you could try calling escort services, and ask if any of the escort girls see female clients? I don't know what costs would be incurred in either a massage parlour or with an escort girl, but perhaps other people on this forum could advise you on that.


answered Jan 6, 2017 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
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It is true that such massage parlors does exist. But they function very discreetly as it is against the law. It is not necessary for males to to have " High access" to go there. One can find many advertisements on many sites where one can get the contact number and visit there but they do lots of cross checks before letting there customers in as they are afraid of getting caught by police.
It is highly advisable not to search for such parlors if you are a girl, because those girls working there are not professional messieurs they are basically pros... and you know this business is conducted through not so good people. So I suggest you to please keep away from them.
If you really want to get a partner you have to find it through some other way like any dating sites etc but it all depends on your luck to get a genuine lessi for you.
One thing what you can do is seek a help from any male friend of yours who visits such parlor, what he can do is he can ask the girl if she is willing to give some lesbian fun ( ofcourse she will be charging ) and if you are ok for paying her.
Thank you.
answered Jan 6, 2017 by Mr.Honest (425 points)
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Dear Zeens
Recently police raided a massage parlour in mantri mall where happy endings and sex for money was practised. Which means massage parlour run sex racket even in Bangalore.
Never look for lesbian sex in this type of places as the risk is you may be trapped or blackmailed which can end up you be forced to have sex with their clients.
Look for partners with in your known group to avoid any risks in future.
answered Jan 7, 2017 by dev0112 (245 points)
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Hi Zeens,
   Even though I do not know of female parlors which provide extras, but I am 100% sure that many parlors in bangalore provide 'extras'. In fact unless its a professional spa(highly professional brands) 90% of other lower grade unisex parlors provide some sort of 'illegal' service which varies based on the personal relationship which you have with the masseur. Coming to your actual query, I am sorry I cannot help you in that regards.
answered Jan 7, 2017 by gurubhai (130 points)

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