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Would you split or swallow the semen of your partner?

asked Jan 5, 2017 in Questions by aman sharma (140 points)
Girls what you like spilt or swallow semen? I want only girls to answer to this question please. What you do with your boyfriend or hubby?

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2 Answers

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Personally, I always swallow. I love the taste, I love the feel, and I even love the smell of semen. I love to feel its sticky slimy consistency on my tongue, and I love the look of adoration in my husband's eyes when he sees me swallow it with a smile on my face.

To any other girls reading this, let me give you a piece of advice. If you love your man, never spit his semen out, unless it is because he has asked you to let it trickle down your chin and over your boobs, or something like that. What you have to understand is that a man considers that his semen is the very essence of his being, and when he shoots into your mouth, it is like he is giving you his most precious gift. He feels as if he's giving you part of himself, and if you spit it out, or show any sign of distaste, you will trigger deep subconscious thoughts in his head is being rejected. If you don't care about your man, then spitting out his semen tells him that, ultimately, you are rejecting him. In swallowing his semen, you are telling him that you love him, and you accept his gift to you.

Sounds crazy? Think about it for a moment, and perhaps you will realise that I am right. Put yourself in his position, and think how you would feel if he is between your thighs, licking your vagina, and some of your juices into his mouth. If he turned to the side and spat them out, how would it make you feel? Not very nice is it!!!

There is absolutely nothing in a healthy man semen that can do you the slightest bit of harm. A quick search on the Internet will tell you what semen contains, and there is nothing in it that can harm you at all. If you want to change the taste of his semen, get him to eat plenty of fresh pineapple, as I am told it makes his semen taste sweeter. I have never worried about this myself, as I really love the flavour of it as it is. But if you find the saltiness of it a little unpleasant, then the pineapple trick might well improve things.

And to any of you guys reading this: if you want us to suck you off, and swallow your load, then at least do us the courtesy of returning the favour by going down on us stop a quick swipe of your tongue over the lips of a girls vulva is not sufficient. You need to take your time, and learn how to excite her completely. Sticking your tongue into her vagina is not nearly as effective as licking her clitoris. If you don't know where her clitoris is, and look on the Internet. You will find plenty of websites that give diagrams of the girls sexual anatomy. Learn to understand all of her body parts, and stimulate them with your lips and your tongue stop just like your semen, there is nothing in the girls vaginal discharges that can do you the slightest bit of harm. Just like your semen, her vaginal juices are mainly water, with various enzymes, proteins, hormones, sugars, electrolytes, and so on. If she is healthy, you can swallow as much of her vaginal discharges you want, and just like you want to swallow your semen, you should do the same for her.

When it comes to performing oral sex with each other, if you're both healthy, there are no bodily fluids that either of you produce that will do any harm to each other. Your semen and her vaginal fluids, your sweat, and even your urine is perfectly safe to drink, as long, as I say, as you are both in good health. Whether you want to do this or not is really down to the individual, but the more open you are to the things that your partner enjoys, the more likely he or she is to do the things you want.

answered Jan 6, 2017 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
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This type of restriction to males is not desirable in an open forum like Ask Anjali.Almost all females initially show reluctance to take penis in mouth and swallow semen.Later on they concede to give pleasure to husband or male partner.My spouse takes penis in mouth and sucks,licks Precum.Never go beyond that.Never swallowed semen.In extramarital sex,most of the partners swallowed semen.
answered Jan 6, 2017 by Motilal (8,040 points)
commented Jan 7, 2017 by wassekaran (780 points)
Is Semen swallowing is injurious to heath?When i masturbate sometimes i swallow it and i feel the taste is very disgusting.When i look the semen swallowing in porn i feel very nice.
commented Jan 7, 2017 by Motilal (8,040 points)
Swallowing of semen of healthy male is not injurious.Taste of semen varies and depends upon nature of food consumed.
commented Jan 8, 2017 by wassekaran (780 points)
Thank you for clearing my doubt.