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My girlfriend has a doubt regarding sex.

asked Jan 5, 2017 in Questions by Rockey143 (120 points)

Hey Hi 

Actually, I want to have sex with my Girlfriend but she is afraid and she is telling me like for the first time give me any kind of dose then have the sex, from second time, the afraid will not be there in my feelings.

Therefore, if you don’t mind please suggest me any kind of dose. The influence of the dose should be only for one hour. She asked me that if we have sex by taking the dose, can I remember it. Please answer me.

Thank You

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5 Answers

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You should not do any stupid thing by giving her a dose to have sex with her. If she is afraid and she is not ready for sex then wait until she becomes ready for the sex. The dose would make her health deteriorate and that would leave a negative impact on her regarding sex so it is not recommended.

No one here is a medical expert so you should not ask regarding dose’s name. It appears to me from your question that you both are not ready for the sex so stay away from it. You both need to read a few articles about first time sex and how to have it successfully with minimum pain. You can Google it and convey the same thing to your girlfriend. 

answered Jan 6, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (22,870 points)
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You are grown up adult(25).Your girl friend is major or minor is not clear from the description given here.Use of any energy booster or sleeping pill is not at all suitable.How fear will vanish when you will do sex for the second time...both of you are immature,no idea about fundamentals of sex.
answered Jan 6, 2017 by Motilal (6,460 points)
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If you have cooked from your brain to give her some dose so that she may be comfortable and you can bang her remember that falls in raping her so beware.
And if your girl friend is asking for such instead of going for any drug better you go for alcohol/drinks.
answered Jan 6, 2017 by Mr.Honest (425 points)
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Don't do the foolish act by taking dose or drugs and doing the sex. If she is not ready for sex now, then wait for some days. Start doing foreplaying or kissing at start. By this her fear for sex will reduce little bit.

Use condom for first time sex as as a starter human make mistakes in sex and I think you will also don't want to see your girl in problems in future about preganancy. After some experience you can go for condom less sex but take care of not ejaculating in her pussy.

Tell her that if she run from such instances by taking doses or drugs what is gurantee that she will not fear in next session.

Take care

answered Jan 7, 2017 by Raj Handsome (1,120 points)
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Hello Rockey,

You should mention the age of you and your girlfriend. But going by your question I'm guessing you both are still not mentally prepared to have sex.

1. She's not ready coz she's asking you to give her pills and fuck.

2. You are not ready coz you still want to fuck her without her being conscious.

Wait for 1-2 years till she mentally prepares herself for sex. I don't know about remaining times, but I'm sure that every girl will remember her first time all her life irrespective of whether it was good or bad. If you really love her, you must wait for her to mentally be ready for sex. And also you wouldn't enjoy fucking an unconscious girl.

Remember to use a condom.

Sadiq Khan
answered Jan 8, 2017 by sadiq_khan (1,015 points)

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