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What is stopping my aunt to have sex with me finally ?

asked Jan 3, 2017 in Questions by Shuvam (205 points)
Hello everyone,

I had previously posted my two questions and I received your valuable response for which I am very grateful.

Now I want to narrate my present condition with my 39 years old divorced aunt. For the last month my aunt would allow me to touch and press her boobs, insert my hand inside her nighty and even sit on my lap. At times she would even allow me to hug her from back and press and rub her ass over her nighty.

A few times after some requests and cuddling she would open her front buttons of nighty and allow me to lick and suck her boobs . Last week while I was alone with her she was sitting beside me. I could notice a restlessness in her nature . After some talk she suddenly opened her nighty and showed me her pussy . I was shocked by her bold move. Then as I was going to open my pant she stopped me and asked me to finger her pussy. I kept on fingering her pussy and sucking her boobs.

When she let out some water, I saw a sense of shame on her face and she behaved angrily with me. Two days later while she was sleeping i tried to open her nighty. At first she resisted but later opened her front buttons of nighty and allowed me to suck her boobs. She even adjusted her boobs so that I could suck better. When I went down and inserted my finger in her pussy she didnot resist me

While I was fingering her, I asked her to allow me to fuck her once. She looked angrily at me and pushed me away.  I again asked her for sex she did not say anything but allowed me to fingerfuck her .

Today evening when she came back home, I was waiting in her room. When she came she saw me and went casually removing her saree. I was talking normally with her and during the conversation she removed all clothes except her panty and wore a nighty . I touched her and kissed her. She did not mind anything .

The problem is she never agrees for sex and intercourse and never let's me touch my dick inside her pussy. I don't know is she shy or thinking not to cross the limit.

Please answer me

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5 Answers

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Dear S,

I think you have narrated a good story. If its true then you should know that the game is already started and you are in a leading position. This is a very crucial time in which you have to discuss with her in a pleasant way, what her fear is and why she is not proceeding further. Its better to have a cup of coffee or tea outside which would break the ice in between. You should know that unlike young girls the married or middle aged women take all aspects while selecting their unregistered sex partner. The aspects they looking for are:

1. Emotional attachment;

2. Feel them young and attractive;

3. Avoid to speak about other girls;

4. Don’t forget to give her gifts according to her choice;

5. Maintain secrecy and don’t pass to your friends or other person;

6. Play like a substitute for her life;

7. Don’t ask for sex after excitement and just do it by force. If you start she will help you;

I am giving an example for better understanding. Do you know the procedure to cut a coconut and eat it? If yes then its all about sex with a partner who don’t cooperate with you in the beginning. Formulate your hypothesis for your target and prove that you have the potential to crack the hole. Everything should be focused to her so that she will feel empowered and dominating. Don’t leave her in between because she has higher interest than you but due to biological potential she can able to suppress her desire. 

answered Jan 8, 2017 by bubu_002 (2,735 points)
selected Jul 15, 2017 by Shuvam
commented Jul 15, 2017 by Shuvam (205 points)
I am very much indebted to you people for giving me good advice and guidence. Through all of your suggestion and guidence i have achieved my road to success. Mature women are best in the world. They can give a treasure-trove of love and pleasure to a young man like me.  Thank you all .
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She is melting gradually,may fulfill your desire soon.You are desperate to fuck your 39 year old widowed aunt at the age of 19.You penis must be sufficiently grown now,must be getting full erection to satisfy the aunt,then go ahead.Embrace her tightly,kiss and suck breast and clitoris....lift her and throw her on bed then insert your pole in her hole.
answered Jan 4, 2017 by Motilal (6,480 points)
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I don't know what the heck is happening between the two of you.

Firstly a 39 year old divorced aunt won't feel much of such hesitation if she is exposing herself the way you have mentioned.

Secondly ladies in this part of the world even if she is a divorcee won't make such a move openly due to societal restriction and embarassement .

Thirdly you have mentioned that she let you finger her but looked at you angrily when asked to fuck her, in reality any women won't be able to stop the man if the he gets into the mood of fucking because already you have inserted your finger inside her pussy so no use of looking angrily at you. Again how much respect you  are showing to her won't work at such conditions.

I think it's cooked up fantasy course of events from you.

And yes, reality sucks.

answered Jan 4, 2017 by xpktv2000 (3,295 points)
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Widow are emotionaly different than other married woman.i married my widowed sister in law 6 months ago.she  also alows me to touch her ass,kissing on navel ,lips.During her shower even she alows me licks her ass hole.but having sexual intercourse they never spread their legs easily.Talk with them try to sensitise,But their vaginas are too loose our penis easily go inside.i fucked her fastly she starts crying.But they are excellent on beds.But you have to marry her then enjoy her every night.A good hearted one can marry widowed woman.
answered Jan 5, 2017 by Lifeofmadhan (230 points)
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Your auntie has already handed over all body to you, but she is only avoiding intercourse.  Might be she is afraid of getting pregnant.  Why do  you not put on  a condom and show is to her that your dick is already covered ,take her in confidence and then start playing with her body. I understand that you  are quite young and less experienced  , but once an experienced  male start playing  with the body of a female and start arousing her sexually, ultimately it ends  up with fucking  if both of them  are in privacy of a room or even at a lonely place. I have fucked my wife and other females at lonely sea beaches and in jungle, even in a compartment of train . You situation is similar, I do not see any reason  why she is not allowing you to fuck her, except fear of getting pregnant.
So try with a condom, if again she does not allow you, mail me and I can advise you how to arouse her sexually i , if you follow them  I am sure she will never leave you before getting fucked. Best of Luck.
answered Jan 5, 2017 by jprhottie (245 points)

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