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Why is my aunt is not taking the initiative?

asked Jan 3, 2017 in Questions by DNAIWSN (295 points)
Guys, to understand my question , go through my first question, "What should I make of my aunts behavior?"

This happened yesterday. I met my aunt in family function, while leaving she asked me whether I will be able to come to her house ? I said I will try. This was overheard by my mom, she asked her what we were talking, for which my aunty replied that, she was just asking when my college will start? Means... She didn't tell the truth......

Next day she called me, asked whether I was free, I said yes, she told she needed some help, I said OK, she told she is going to come in the evening.....

I was waithing her to come, I was very much excited because I can touch her body, but since my parents were in home, I thought of an idea, when she came, I told her that in the terrace the network is good, so I asked her to come up, she agreed. She gave her phone and asked me to download some songs, I said OK, I told that you come up so that you also learn to download songs.

My actual intension was that I wanted to touch her, feel her body, she was standing close to me, touching each others thighs, I told her to come even closer, she came even closer. I never touched her boobs directly till now. I touched her boobs several times while tickling her, this time I took some courage and touched her boobs over her salvar kameez, she didn't say anything.

This continued for another one hour, I also ran my hand over her hair, her jewelry in her neck region, ....later when it was bit dark, she said that its getting late and she wanted to go to home, so i said ok....later she said thank u....

1-My question is why did my aunty didnt say truth when my mom asked?

2- She didnt do anything when I touched her boobs, but when I squeezed her ass, she moved away?

3- I made my move, touched her boobs, ass, she knows that I'm ready for sex, why I'm not getting any kind of such actions from her ( touch my pennis over my pant) something like that....

4- she allows me touch her body, doesn't allow her to see her naked, when ever she goes out somewhere she takes me also when I'm in her house,  i get ready fast, and I go to her room, watching her get ready, but when it comes to changing dress she asks me to go out....

5- is she waiting for me to make the final move?? If it is how can I do that, how to approach....

6 - I didn't have any sex talk with her , I'm planing to do can I start sex talk, from which topic should I start, without making her uncomfortable....

7- if I consider her actions, downloading songs is not a rocket science, even if she didn't get it, she could have asked someone from her neighborhood, she came till my house, isn't it bit odd.....???

( Note: She doesn't give to total freedom to touch her boobs, when I touch her boobs, I keep squeezing her boobs for 30,seconds, then she moves her hands away, or folds her hands, during that time I have to remove my hands from her boob... I want to know why is not just surrendering her boobs to me???)

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2 Answers

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This is a generalised answer seeing your aunts behaviour.

Given the facts you mentioned above and in your previous questions, it's obvious that she's interested in you and your touches. She definitely wants to feel you too. But some women are shy. They'll not take the first step or they'll act like just your aunt is acting out of shyness. Unless she says a NO or strongly indicates in her face expressions or actions, I don't think you need to stop. Get into privacy with her and take further step. Be careful, such women if caught, may blame you and say they were resisting. Sometime down the line, arouse her and get her consent or make her speak out her desires.

Sadiq Khan
answered Jan 3, 2017 by sadiq_khan (1,015 points)
selected Jan 6, 2017 by DNAIWSN
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The only thing I can tell you is, she wants sex and being a woman she did what she could do to provoke you so now being a man it is your duty to do the rest work. It might be possible that she does not allow you to touch her boobs up to a certain level because she is not in a position to go further as the terrace is not a good place and there is a risk of being caught which she understands so she controls you. Go to her house when she is alone and make a big move like kiss her lips even though she opposes you as I am sure that after initial refusal she will surrender herself.

Make her assure that this will be secret between you both and let her know that you will not blackmail her and discuss with her she has a right to stop everything and you will not pressurize her to continue the relationship when she starts feeling uncomfortable.

I think you should not start talking about sex with her but you need to take a step to have sex with her as sex talking might be awkward between you both at this stage so better to take actions. If you would not be able to have sex with her after all of this then there is a problem with you and not with her. If I were in your place then I would have fucked her many times in so many positions. You are just one step away to get into her pants so take it. 

answered Jan 4, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (22,910 points)

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