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How does your Site earn Revenue without Advertisements?

asked Dec 31, 2016 in Questions by sathya751 (220 points)
Dear Ask Anjali,

This question is not related to sex or other Sexual Advice. How does your website contine running without any advertisements?

Does youe Website have any Sponsors?

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1 Answer

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You have asked a pertinent Question. Normally we do not post such questions as you should send a PM to the Moderator or Editors who will answer you. However since this Question, may also be the doubt of other Users, I am answering it here.

You are right. This Site does not make money and was started as a Service by the Owners. The Owners own other Porn/Semi Porn/Story Sites and those earn them Revenue. Since all the Sites are linked to each other, Users who browse the Internet are led to other Sites too.

We run the Site on behalf of the Owners, who have been kind enough to support our efforts. What we expect in return is that each one of you, brings in at least one new Member and inform your Friends about the Site so that in time this Site becomes popular and well known.

You will agree that we do not feature any vulgarity on the Site and do not intend breaking any of the Laws of the Land. Our main Motto is to spread Knowledge on Sex and remove traditional dogmas and wrong beliefs.   

We give freedom to our Users to express themselves, either through their questions or their Answers. We do not have any paid Advisors and depend on you to make time in your own way to answer the doubts expressed by others or give Advice that you think is right. Remember, your Advice may save the Life of a User who is in distress.     

answered Dec 31, 2016 by longhands1 (80,430 points)

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