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What do I make of my Aunty's behaviour?

asked Dec 26, 2016 in Questions by DNAIWSN (295 points)
edited Dec 27, 2016 by longhands1

I am going to narrate the series of events that had happened between me and my aunty( Uncles wife). I am 23 years old and my aunty is around 31, her husband stays abroad and they have a girl child. Aunty and child stays together along with my granny.

Every Summer holidays I visit their house. My aunty is a bit conservative about her dressing. She never wears dresses which reveals her assets. She never displays her body, even while bending during household work she makes sure that no one can see her cleavage. This is about my aunty.

Event 1: This happend when I was in 10th standard. I used to visit my aunt's house during vacation. During that time one more aunty used to stay there, her age is 29, but now she has moved to some other place. I liked visiting because I could see my aunties. My younger aunty is a bit open, she never bothers about her dress, she usually likes to display her body, not like my elder aunty. My younger aunty tucks her nighty above knee length and used to display her thighs, which I loved. She also displayed her cleavage, she never used to cover her cleavage even while bending, she caught me several times but never said anything. But she moved to some other place.

I stopped visiting my aunt's house. Later my elder aunt called me home to help her in household work. I helped her during that time she used to stand close to me touching her boobs to my back, she used to hold my shoulder etc. Later my mom, dad and my sister visited there, while leaving she asked my mom to let me stay for more days. I felt that she was interested in me.

I tried to seduce her, I displayed my dick several times, she just glances at it and says nothing. I was sitting in hall and I heard her coming to hall from kitchen so I started masturbating , she saw me and I tried to hide my dick, she just acted normal. Later I said sorry, to that she said she dont have any problem, she acted normal.

This continued for few days, I intentionally masturbated in front of her. She just glances and does her work. I had a place and time where i used to masturbate and she used to take a glance everyday. One day I was masturbating in bathroom, she didn't find me in my usual place masturbating. She called for me, I don't know why? ( please tell me what my aunty was thinking, whether she wanted to watch my dick or what??).

Event 2: This happened when I was in 2 nd year PUC. My uncle bought a car, and aunty learnt driving by going to driving class, after that when ever she used to go to city she used to call me to accompany her, because she was not that comfortable driving alone, I was in house for revision holidays, while driving I used to touch her thighs, arms, she didn't say anything, so this continued for few times, but once while coming back from city she saw her relative and before stopping to speak with her she told me to remove my hand from her thighs, I understood that she didn't wanted her relative to see me touching her.

After my exam I went to my aunt' house, nothing happened, but till evening, while I was bathing tap broke and I called aunty for help, but I didn't cover my self, my dick was erect. She entered bathroom once and saw me naked and again closed the door, I called her inside she came and closed the tap and moved out. Later she was crying in her room, I was scared I told her sorry, she said OK, later on I didn't do any stupid things.

I stopped masturbating in front of her, but I touched her body whenever I meet her. ( I wanted to know why did she cry, she saw me masturbating several times, she saw my dick daily, what made her to cry??)

Event 3: This happened few weeks back. I was on vacation, so I visited my aunts house. I really want my aunt in bed, once we were watching TV together, I was running my hand all over her thighs, belly, she didn't say anything, I asked her directly if she is feeling irritated. She said no, next day when she was in kitchen I was holding her belly and I asked her whether she is getting irriated by me touching her, she ignored. I asked her again. She said nothing. She asked me, Do u feel happy touching me? I said yes.

For next few days, I was touching her ass, thighs, but I didn't touch her boobs directly. I touched her boobs in the process of tickling her, she said nothing, next day again we were watching TV together, I started touching her thighs. She didnt allow me and resisited, not directly but i could sense her uneasiness.

Next day onwards I didnt touch her, I didnt want to make herr uncomfortable. After few days she called me to her room. She told me that her child (age 10)  is angry on her and she is trying to convince her. In the process she made me sit beside her, she was running her hand all over my body, thighs, shoulder, stomach, face, and she also slept on my shoulder telling her child as I'm her child. From that time on wards I started touching her again, she didn't resist thereafter. One thing I noticed that whenever I touch her belly while talking she doesn't do anything, but when  i go to grab her boobs she just moves away laughing, or saying some thing else.

(I wanted to know why she resisted while I was touching her? Does she want me to keep touching her? Why she just moves away smiling when I go to touch her boobs? I'm thinking of start doing mastrubation in front of her, is that a good idea? How does a married woman away from husband feel when she sees other mans dick?)

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commented Dec 27, 2016 by DNAIWSN (295 points)
I understood that, I just wanted to know whether if I start masturbating in front of her. ..will be OK??

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4 Answers

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Best answer
Dear friend,

After reading your full length facts , It can be said ,  What ever you are doing , that is touching her body ...she is happy and feeling good with it,  give her all sensitive touches , if she want she will take the lead and open her legs for you,  till then continue with sensual touches.

I feel masturbating in front her is irritating her ,  she is not interested in seeing your dick .

She is disappointed with your frequently asking her are you getting irritated .

now you are very close to her  she is indirectly telling dont ask  JUST...Touch her , feel her , kiss her and so slowly put your hand from belly to inside her  panty , without asking her anything, she will not resist .

all the best
answered Dec 27, 2016 by kapilh (1,025 points)
selected Dec 28, 2016 by DNAIWSN
commented Dec 27, 2016 by DNAIWSN (295 points)
Now it makes sense, from now on wards I will continue to explore her bodies, I won't masturbate in front of her. Thanks for clearing my doubts.
commented Dec 28, 2016 by DNAIWSN (295 points)
One more thing, whenever I move my hand towards her boobs, she just moves away, smiling or while talking, or acts as if she is getting tickled, I touched her boobs several times, in the process of tickling her, even she tickles me back, is she shy? Or she don't want me to touch her boobs.
commented Dec 30, 2016 by kapilh (1,025 points)
Thanks for selecting my answer as best answer.

dont worry she is yours...but go slow and study...without hurting her
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Why she cried after watching your naked body in the bathroom is the mystery and she could only reveal so ask her, why did she cry that day. The events you described instigates me to say that she wants special attention from you but she does not want more than touching so if you are looking to get into her pants then I do not think that she would allow you to do so otherwise she would have allowed it long back.

Therefore, if you are happy with sporty touching and little bit closeness then go on with your activities with her but if your aim is to fuck her then it is not going to take place. You can do one thing and that to talk to her directly that you want to have sex with her as you are mad for that, be ready to face her fury but you should let her know that.

If she does not want to do it then stop talking to her and stop visiting her house in order to show your frustration. There are chances that she will be ready for sex but you have to show to her that you love her and you are mad after her body so you want to have fun with her. There are chances that you would not get anything from her so do not waste your time after her and come to the point of sex with her and then move on in your life. 

answered Dec 27, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (22,910 points)
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I suggest, take next step, she is ready for all, but since she is conservative, she is not opening directly. So go ahead.
answered Dec 27, 2016 by SamRin (740 points)
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Don't think too much dude. You might hear about overcooked which is not good, so do some bravery. Believe me she'll not mind, she's giving you hints from those times. She just wants you make the first move. Asking questions won't help but you might loose this golden opportunity.
answered Dec 28, 2016 by donorv (150 points)

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